Colts’ Release Of Manning Signals The End Of An Era

They say all things must pass, and they must. Time waits for no one, but we wait on time. Sometimes, time is not kind to us. But we all must adjust ourselves to the things that just cannot be changed and Indianapolis Colts fans must do this, from this day forward.

Watching the press conference with Manning and Irsay was sad, as a fan and as a person. Manning has meant a lot to the Indianapolis Colts as a team and this entire community as a whole, for years.

He has been a good role model for kids and young adults alike. No rape charges like another QB, we all know of…and no murder charges like a famous LB we all know. He hasn’t been involved in gun battles like the Pacer thugs used to participate in. He’s never been implicated in anything unethical either, just guilty of wanting to do his best every time he plays and giving the fans of this city a good product to watch and enjoy.

He has given a lot of money this community. We have the Peyback Classic for HS football teams and the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent, just to name a couple.

He was a model teammate for those who played with him. When he was praised for a performance, he always mentioned his teammates who made his job much easier. He knew it was more than him out there making it happen and was never comfortable taking credit for the team’s success. Likewise, when things went bad, he sheltered those same teammates and made the poor play his fault alone. Hard to find men like that, in these days of me-me-I-I.

There are others like him, but their numbers are dwindling as the generations move on. The number of professional athletes who I can call men is getting smaller by the year.

I know there are some people who haven’t been his biggest fan in his career. But I suspect it’s because he may have burned their team in a big game, once or twice. I also know that those same people would jump at the chance to have him on their team, now that he is available. Rex Ryan might.

Whoever gets Manning will be getting a gem of a person and hopefully, still a good football player. They will get a committed and dedicated professional who has one of the best work ethics in any profession. And please know this, no matter who he plays for throughout the rest of his career, I will always be a huge fan of Peyton Manning.

Thanks Peyton and when you are done with your playing days, I hope you will someday come back to Indy and coach for the Colts.



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4 responses to “Colts’ Release Of Manning Signals The End Of An Era

  1. I can’t believe he has been at it for 14 years. I will say that while I have never followed the Colts a lot, long time Lions sufferer, he does seem to be a classy guy.

  2. McCloud

    What’s the other half?

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