Trayvon Martin And George Zimmerman: Two Poor Decisions

The politics of distraction is what we can realistically call the Obama Administration and their irresponsible methods. The people who are part of it are the quintessential opportunists and never fail to jump at a chance to throw out a smoke screen, and the media that protects them never fails to show its own irresponsibility .

As we all know, Obama is in trouble politically. His approval ratings on how he handles almost anything are way down. The war of words is slipping away from his campaign. Strategies like the Sandra Fluke fluke are backfiring on him. The Keystone Pipeline Project is causing him some unexpected grief, after he chose to side with the wacko environmentalists over the unions who wanted those jobs.

Enter a tragic shooting in a suburb of Orlando.

Initially, Obama called the Trayvon Martin case a local matter. But once his posse saw the national attention it was getting after more allegations have been oozing out, they figure it’s just about time for a good old fashioned racial distraction. So naturally, the Justice Department saw the need to get involved. His choir leaders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have also chimed in, and it didn’t take long either. As the crowds began to swell, they seized the opportunity to further justify their own existences by fueling the fires that were already burning. As long as this fire burns, no one will have to answer the questions about how big of a failure Obama has been.

Meanwhile, the media has played their usual role in this too. In true rush to judgment fashion (e.g. Duke lacrosse team), Zimmerman was found to be a racist white vigilante, who without provocation, shot a poor innocent black kid out for some Skittles and a soft drink. Imagine the embarrassment after they learned that Zimmerman is Hispanic and has always embraced a multicultural set of friends and acquaintances.

Now, we have daily marches in a sleepy little Orlando suburb, orchestrated by one of the biggest race baiting con artists in the world–Al Sharpton. Never forget the Tuwanna Brawley farce and do not skip past the influence Jesse Jackson is having in this either. We have the Black Panthers openly inciting violence, offering a reward for Zimmerman’s capture, dead or alive. We have Jackson denouncing that kind of thing, but in the next breath he issues a proclamation that the media jumps on almost instantly, saying that “blacks are under attack”.

Why are we not outraged at this kind of inflammatory rhetoric?

Why isn’t La Raza calling this bounty an act of racism against Hispanics?

There are plenty of wrongs to go around here. A couple instantly come to mind and would have probably ensured this incident never would have taken place.

Zimmerman should have never followed Martin. He should have backed off, stayed in his car, and waited for the police to show up. It is not a crime to walk slowly in the rain, wearing a hoodie, munching on Skittles, and talking on a cell phone. The police could have and likely would have sorted this out, once they arrived. “Stand Your Ground” is not designed to protect someone who follows another person and instigates a conflict, because he thought he was within his rights as a self-appointed neighborhood watchman. This is especially true if a police dispatcher tells you, you do not need to follow a suspect.

When asked what he was doing in this neighborhood, Martin should have told Zimmerman he was staying there temporarily. Instead of being the fine upstanding young man the media and the race baiting clergy have portrayed him, he decided to play the master thug and start fighting. If he felt threatened, he could have run to the house where he was staying, which was reportedly very close to where the incident took place. He could have made an effort to get away, instead of choosing to be a tough guy. He, then, could have called the police and reported Zimmerman for intimidating him.

Like I said, if either of these two things would not have occurred, Trayvon Martin would be alive today. A little restraint on both sides and Barack Obama’s race baiting buddies would need to find another smokescreen to use, to hide the fact that Obama is a colossal failure as President. Al could be spewing his usual vitriol and hyperbole on MSNBC…. and Jesse could be trying to father another child or looking for another way to embarrass himself and his family. Things would be normal.



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6 responses to “Trayvon Martin And George Zimmerman: Two Poor Decisions

  1. rightchuck

    Why isn’t La Raza calling this bounty an act of racism against Hispanics?

    Very good question. I have wondered this also, why aren’t the Hispanic groups raising a fuss over this? I think the simple answer is that the whole thing is manufactured by the left. One thing that may be keeping them at bay is the media calling him a “white Hispanic”. The clear implication is that what he really is is a racist white man hunting down and killing a black man.

    As to the left politicizing the issue, you have it all wrong.

    Glad I could stop by to clear this up for you.

    • I am glad you could too. It’s awfully troubling to take this to bed with me every night. Now, maybe, I can get some sleep so I can get my well-rested ass kicked tomorrow at work.

  2. Anonymous

    You wanna know how it can get worse folks?

    Zimmerman in a trial and is found not guilty.
    What happened is tragedy,however I have no use whatsoever for Al Sharpton or his sidekick Jessie Jackson
    Sharpton and his ilk are setting us up for some real trouble now.
    That being said, the ignorant ranting of the race card player, Al Sharpton is showing absolutely no class!
    His being there is really a serious injustice to Trayvon’s memory and his family.
    There is no possible way Zimmerman could even GET a fair trial IF he should be tried.

    They’ve carried this so far, there doesn’t appear to be a peaceful solution.

    Sharpton won’t be happy until he causes a race war.

    • I think you are absolutely right.

      This is the textbook version of mob rule. If he goes to trial and found not guilty, it will go south quickly. If he gets found guilty without the evidence, RaceBait Inc. will feel more empowered to raise hell every time they choose to create a racial situation. There will be no stopping them.

      Sharpton must be stopped. But it must be done by responsible members of the black community. They must ostracize him by cutting off funding to his cheap organization and starve the fat bastard out. Also, MSNBC needs to fire him for conduct detrimental to the network (despite the fact most of them are scum-sucking bottom feeders, anyway).

      It’s not going to happen because they are chicken shits. They basically created him in his present form, because they allowed him to dictate the employment status of Don Imus.

      Thanks for your input.

    • Dead on. I suspect it will difficult to convict the shooter of anything. There are many who will simply not accept this. Sharpton, the NBPP, and company have set this up for a real mess.

      I will go a step further and say that this will spread well beyond the local community down there. I could think of 3 cities just here in Michigan that would be sat afire.

      • Chuck, we’ve already had 2 marches/rallies here in Indy. I suspect that anyplace that has an active restless black population may be susceptible to riots. Rodney King happened well before social media and internet service. Had it happened in this day and age, I have a feeling it would have been hell most everywhere else in urban areas.

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