Al Sharpton Keeps The Trayvon Martin Case Alive For His Own Purposes

The war of words continues, but some of the rage seems to be waning now that there are some things coming to light in the Trayvon Martin shooting case. With each passing day one side or another seems to get some piece of evidence entered into the court of public opinion. Here are just a few things that have crept into the narrative since I wrote the last post:

1. ABC shows enhanced video with what appears to be injuries on George Zimmerman’s head.

Considering that ABC’s video was the one that got the Martin camp so sure that that no injuries were present on Zimmerman, we now see that this part of the story bears out. Had this been FOX News or Breitbart’s organization, it could easily be written off as a case of photoshopping.

2. NBC was outed as having edited dialogue between Zimmerman and the police dispatcher, in one of their reports.

Again, this was not FOX or Breitbart calling this one out. It was Mother Jones, one of the more progressive publications in the country. NBC either has a bunch of incompetent type editors or they were playing up to their agenda, in making Zimmerman look racist.

3. Sunday’s Miami rally was much smaller than the organizers had hoped.

One of the leading Congressional lynch mob members Frederica Wilson (D-FL), the Imelda Marcos of hats, had hoped for 75,000 or so to join the rally at a local outdoor ampitheater. The local news station reported that thousands had attended, only later to say that it was about 3,000. But if you see the aerial shot of the arena, even 3,000 seems a bit of a stretch.

4. An account that calls itself Kill Zimmerman has been established.

As a result of the incendiary words of the Black Party, it is not surprising in the least. Let’s whip up things into even more of a frenzy.

5. MSNBC host Al Sharpton is calling for civil disobedience to go to the next level, if Zimmerman is not arrested soon.

No one is quite sure what this means, what will happen or when is a mystery. But we can all safely bet that this is meant to keep Al in the mix of things as other things are coming to light, and the nation’s attention gets turned to things that are far more important. One must wonder what Al would do if a video surfaced that completely validated Zimmerman’s claims.

A post on ITHM linked to this particular story, here is my comment in its entirety:

You see, here’s the thing that most people who admire this jackass do not understand. He has cried wolf so many times and made so many baseless accusations, who can ever give him an ounce or credibility or believe him?

This is the danger of allowing a constant hypocritical race baiter to speak for a certain cause, especially one that rises out of an unfortunate event. There will come a time when the accusations may have some merit to them and no one will believe it, because this bastard attached his name and face to it.

Maybe, just maybe, if he once in awhile took up a cause that involved someone other than a black person, he’d have more credibility. Maybe, if he would wait to assess the situation a little closer and urge caution before he cried racism, he might earn some respect for his work.

But he is an attention whore. He is the kind of person that gives himself into a wide array of histrionics and narcissism so that the name and the face of the cause becomes about him, and his demands.

Just like the Rutgers case with Imus, he made it about him. MSNBC gave into him and now he feels empowered to make unreasonable demands whenever there is an injustice, real or imagined. Don’t get me wrong, Imus is an ass, always has been. He has said offensive things about lots of people over the years. I didn’t give a shit one way or the other what MSNBC did to him. But to give in to someone who perpetrated the Tuwanna Brawley fraud in spite of the evidence that eventually showed it to be so, was an injustice within itself.

MSNBC must like being light years behind FOX in the ratings, because not only did they let this guy dictate HR policy….they gave him a job to export and promote his race baiting agenda on TV. The beast is created, now someone needs to stop him from inciting more anger, rage, and violence. They need to replace him with some other dumbass who has yet to cause major embarrassment to the network, like he does every night he looks into the camera and promotes his own brand of hatred.

I would add to this commentary:

As other stories begin to get time and attention, we can expect Sharpton to once again make every effort to turn it back to him and this case. To not keep it alive will mean that something else like Obama’s poor performance as a President will take center stage, along with the media’s efforts to indict, convict, and punish Goerge Zimmerman long before the facts are out.

The point is, all of the facts are not out yet, we still have many more to be discovered. There are many that may be known, but the media has not been made privy to them. But it is already assured that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and many other unjust seeker of vengeance will make every attempt to keep this going until they get Zimmerman arrested or they start race riots, if he is not. They have come to far with this.

And once all is said and done, the parents of this kid will go back to their daily lives….with the race baiting media whores having gone onto to the next photo-op.


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