More To Come

To what readers I still have, I’d like to take a moment and thank you for sticking with me here at The Public Cause. Most of you know that this journey began at Political Yen/Yang, a little over seven years ago when blogging was beginning to walk and talk. Only a handful of you still come here from the old digs, and I want you to know that I appreciate all of those who did, as well as those of you have come since the move.

Today, blogging is now in the teen stages of its life, and the most successful bloggers have been the one who (unlike yours truly) have had lots of time to devote to running a website. Today, we find the most successful bloggers (in terms of numbers only) had a name and a background at their inception. Some made their name entirely through the process, some have invited several other contributors on board to help when real life needed to be dealt with…the times when the blog had to be ignored.

My style has evolved over time, much like one’s life seems to do. I have tried to research events and tie them to the public interest in the form of one thorough essay. I have not had the time to do the work that a professional journalist does, for this is his/her job and it is what pays their bills. It isn’t mine and probably never will be, so it has been relegated to the last thing on the list….especially after a long grueling ten hour (plus) work day.

We all know that blogs are set up for different purposes. Some are for long essays, others merely aggregates of news story links with an aside comment or two. Some are a combination of both.

Lately, I have been posting the one essay per week format. When I began PYY, I did a combination of long and short posts just to keep people interested in what I was doing. I am going to return to that format and style, as time does permit. I cannot say how much more often I will be able to post with shorter posts, but there will definitely be more postings than my once a week + one music post.

I have said it before and will state it again, because it does bear repeating. It is not about numbers of hits, numbers of posts, or numbers of any kind. I am not making any money off of this at all. It is about quality, about message, and having the ability to make others think about what is happening in our world today…and where we are headed.

So thank you all again for reading this sleepy little blog and be sure to check back more frequently, when you can. I know most who read this site have their own blogs and have busy lives of their own too. That makes it even more special when someone like this is taking a valuable moment out of their day, to see what old LA is saying.


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