When Obama Is Re-Elected….

Yes, I said when… not because I believe he has the support to get re-elected at this point. I certainly do not believe that the amount of people who bought his message of hope and change, the first time around, are going to fall for it again.

There will be some, some who will be duped into believing that the Republicans alone should be blamed for the mess we find ourselves in. He will certainly use that argument, among many others, when trying to use political diversions to make people look at other things besides his failed leadership and policies. The GOP bears their fair share of the blame, for sure, but certainly not all that they will want us believe.

Obama and his gang of agitators have to know that they are not being received as the champions of equality and prosperity, they have to know his re-election is not assured at this point in time.

Or is it?

I am not one given over to conspiracy theories without some evidence, nor am I a huge fan of Michael Savage. But I do think this bit of audio should be listened to and some thought be given to what he is saying, especially now that we have heard the hot mic of Obama to the Russian president say “When I get re-elected…..:

Did you hear this?

How about this quote attributed to one of the most brutal dictators in modern history?

You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.

Quoted in “The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary” (1992) by Boris Bazhanov.

It sounds like the progressives were so incensed and convinced in their own minds that Bush stole that 2000 election, they have come up with a way to steal elections for many years to come. One more step in the process of debasing the American nation may be under way, while we allow ourselves to be distracted.



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2 responses to “When Obama Is Re-Elected….

  1. McCloud

    Interesting. Personally I’m gonna need a few more details before getting concerned but I do know this– if Bush did this in 2004 and the company was CEO’d by a guy who donated the maximum allowable, the elite press would be all over it (along with Michael Moore and the usual suspects).

    • Yeah, like you, I say exercise some caution. But I am not beyond believing this bunch is capable of attempting to engineer something like this, especially if it’s a close race.

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