Threats From The Religious Right Play Into Obama’s Re-election Bid

There are times when I can just scream…but being the gentleman I try so hard to be, I don’t.

In 2010, I went to a great TEA Party rally at the State Capitol building and heard some good speeches, Bill Whittle was the keynote speaker that year. So, I had hoped that when I went to the one on this past Saturday, naturally I had the same expectations. C.L. Bryant was the featured speaker and did not disappoint. But the crowd was a little different.

The one in 2010 was more politically resolute, more in response to the crap that was being served up in the federal government—namely the healthcare reform joke that they now call Obamacare. They had people who were there for many different reasons. Common sense and reason were the orders of the day on that afternoon. But this one on Saturday was not. It was like going to church, the “church of the poisoned mind” kind.

As I often do, I tried to engage some people in conversation. For the most part, things were okay. But some lady who sat beside Mrs. Sunset changed all that. I was speaking about how Romney was not my first choice for President, but the need to get rid of Barack Obama far outweighed anything else in this coming election…I told her that I would support him, because he was miles better than Obama. That’s when she unleashed. She just had to inform us that Romney is a Mormon (like none of us knew this) and that the Mormons have the “mark of Cain” upon them. She said she would not vote for him, because of this. That’s about the time I told her by taking her ball and going home, she was giving Obama a vote.

She went on for a little while and I finally told her to stop. I didn’t want to hear anymore, it was best that we agree to disagree and let it go. I had to repeat it one more time sternly, before she got the picture. By this time, Mrs’ Sunset wanted to move. I said, no, I wasn’t going to let some screwed up in the head religious fanatic run me out of the seats that we were sitting in, before she decided to sit down next to us. (I was a bit sorry later, as she “amened” her way through the entire program.)

So, as it turns out, one of my fears about the TEA Party may be coming to fruition. Religious zealots are taking it over and making it into a social conservative movement that will damage its effectiveness in the long term.

I have no problems with people believing however they want. I stand for religious freedom, freedom to believe or not, freedom to believe in a particular denomination or not. I stand to protect and defend those people who are mocked and ridiculed by the secular left. But I do not want anyone shoving their beliefs down my throat and I damned sure do not want to hear someone tell me they’d rather not vote for someone, because they are not the right kind of Christian. I am not hiring a pastor and neither are they..

These are usually the same people who are adamant that Obama is a Muslim. They are the ones who say he wasn’t born in this country, therefore he is not qualified to be President. I don’t say I agree or disagree with anyone on those two points, but it reeks solidly of hypocrisy when I hear these people condemn a Mormon…. for being a Mormon.

With all of this said, I still wonder what the hell brought this ignorant woman to this rally to begin with and I cannot help wondering how many more were there, thinking precisely as she does. If this is what we have to look forward to in the coming days up to the general election, then we may very well be toast again. Religious bigotry in any form will sink a nation like ours.

It was founded on the principle of freedom to worship as one chooses. The Pilgrims came to these shores to escape the King’s persecution, only to set up their own form of it. (SEE: The Salem Witch Trials)

To all of my Christian friends out there, you will have a choice this fall. You can choose to vote against the corrupt policies of Obama and his socialist puppeteers or you can stay home, and pout your way into a second term for them. You can choose to send Obama back to the private sector and live to fight another day, or you can opt to keep him in power for four more long years. If you choose the latter, don’t complain when he screws this country up so bad that you may never recognize it again. Don’t whine when the values you hold dear are completely disregarded, making this nation more of a cesspool than it already is……all because Romney was not what YOU deem the right kind of Christian. Don;t blame the godless progressives anymore, blame yourselves.


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