Time For Government To Open The Books

The GSA fiasco is nothing new. Even before all of this came to light, this has been going on for many years now. The system is set up to reward people at taxpayer expense and goes way beyond what is truly reasonable.

Budgets are figured out and planned by people who stand to gain from them. Oversight is virtually unheard of, much less practiced at any government level (but as anyone knows, it’s far more widespread at the federal level).

“How about bringing in a private outside firm to audit?”, you may ask.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Except, that firm is just as eager to get their hands on money from the taxpayer, just as much as the government agencies are.

Naturally, the audit firm wants a contract to do it next year….and then maybe the next. Maybe they want it every year, so they want to keep the people in power who can make that happen. So some of that taxpayer money comes back to the politicians in the form of campaign contributions.

If you are that firm and lucky enough to be on the government’s list of contractors, all you have to do is do a report that says the books look good…. or find some minor indiscretions and oversights, here and there, just to make it look like you are looking for something. Meanwhile, it’s back at ranch time right after all this is said and done… and business goes on.

The problem is this. It takes a media to investigate this. But what happens, if some of the media outlets do not care to report this kind of thing? What about the media that is forced to report something but downplays its importance? Many have been forced to report on the GSA and the Secret Service debacles, only because the story has become the narrative, and damage control will begin soon.

Let ma pose one to you…if a tree falls in the forest where no one can hear it, did that tree make a sound? How about two…if a report was not made, did something like this go on?

This is why someone needs to clean up the way things are done now. Yet… when we take time to think about it, we have to wonder if someone or anyone can actually clean up the government. Maybe it’s too big to clean up. Maybe no one can do it, because the corruption is so widespread. They may go with good intentions. But the allure of the perks and the threats of powerful people who stand to lose in a cleaned up government, eventually may get them.

Although it goes on at the federal level more blatantly and defiantly, it goes on everywhere up and down the chain. States and municipalities are not exempt. This is why it is imperative that the people look at every candidate… case by case..in this coming election. Go to their townhalls. If they seem like they are reasonable, get behind them. But if they lose, stay on the case of the person who does get elected and hold them accountable.

The point is, we need to open these books. We need to see where the gross mismanagement is located, we need to see just where the utter contempt exists. Then we need to have the guts to eliminate them all. We need to cut back on every single budget, maybe by gutting a good portion of many. We need a leaner, smarter government. The days of splurge, on the dime of those who are working hard to pay the bills, have to be over now. It has to stop. or we are toast.

We cannot keep borrowing money for government workers to live a hedonistic lifestyle, while people are not working. If it’s happening in one place, we know it’s happening all over. The one place we know of was the one that got caught.

ADDENDUM: Here is a fine example of the kind of stuff we are talking about.



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2 responses to “Time For Government To Open The Books

  1. McCloud

    I hate to be a pessimist but the only way to solve the problem is for a slash and burn session where the Repubs are in control of all houses. They had that for awhile and were too afraid to rattle the cages. The reason probably stems from your explanation of how the contractor relationship works. The only thing good about contracting is that the govt, if run correctly, can pit contractors against each other to improve the quality of work and lower the cost. Too often this isn’t done due to inept management who don’t care about the public trust.

    • //I hate to be a pessimist but the only way to solve the problem is for a slash and burn session where the Repubs are in control of all houses.//

      Okay, my turn to be a pessimist. (I know you know all of this, AC, but bear with me a minute while I vent.)

      I think both parties lie to their demographics to get elected.

      Dems lie to the poor people who pay nothing in taxes, tell them they will make their lives better. They tell them they will get free stuff if they can just tax the rich more. But when they get into power, they don’t.

      Republicans lie to those of us who pay the taxes, tell us they believe in smaller leaner government with lower taxes. They tell us they will stand up to the tax and spend Dems and vote down every spending bill, every debt ceiling vote, etc. But when the time comes, they don’t.

      Unless more TEA Party people (who are not being bought and paid for by social conservatives) get in control of the Congress from within the GOP, it would appear that we are all hosed.

      //The only thing good about contracting is that the govt, if run correctly, can pit contractors against each other to improve the quality of work and lower the cost. //

      I agree with this, in some aspects.

      In my fantasies of winning a lottery, I often think about how I would protect myself against getting screwed by grievous wolves. I think about pitting my attorney, CPA, financial planner, and banker all against each other so they will rat each other out when someone tries something slick. Of course, if it’s a small town and they know each other, once again I would be hosed.

      Oh to be a child again, when all we worried about was if we had enough guys for a ball game on a Sunday afternoon.

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