Voter Fraud Evidence Grows

While Eric Holder is adamant there is no such thing as voter fraud, we still seem to find more instances surfacing. Of course, the MSM is in the tank for Obama’s re-election so we hear nothing from them on a national level. Unless it were to be a scandal that benefits the GOP, the crickets at MSNBC and the others continue to chirp.

No, folks, it is not that simple. It takes James O’Keefe demonstrating how easy it is to get Eric Holder’s ballot in his registered precinct, a conservative blog reporting such cases, or in this case… it takes a local news investigation to uncover some instances of fraud:

So in spite of the mounting evidence to the contrary, denial is still rising and is blatantly evident every time we hear a Democrat complaining that showing ID to vote is somehow disenfranchising to poor minority and elderly voters. In Indiana, the picture ID is free. But once that was covered in the legislation, the Democrats have complained that the disenfranchised voters may not be able to afford gas to get them to a license branch. Bring up the idea of city bus service and no telling what you’ll hear from them.

Somehow, we can only imagine that it is still unfair that we would require a poor person to shell out $1.75 for a ride (or in some cases where it applies a half fare of $0.85) to get a free card. But as think about it, we realize how desperate these people are to maintain their fraudulent voter base. We can only imagine that it is equally unfair to require people to take time out of their busy day, watching soaps and Maury Povich, to actually go and get an ID. What an inconvenience it must be.

Bottom line, we cannot help but wonder just how dependent the Dems have historically been on the voter fraud demographic to get elected and maintain their power. We can only surmise that it has been almost as important as the dead vote.



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2 responses to “Voter Fraud Evidence Grows

  1. Tom

    Hi LA – I’m back!

    Voter fraud has always been a problem, and even more so now with today’s mobile society. Gone are the days with small-town America knowing who everyone is, where they live, the names of their kids, etc… It only makes sense that people prove who they are. After all, you must prove who you are to drive a car, buy property, and get a job.

    Sooner or later, this will bite the political hands that feed this idiocy. Hopefully, this will happen sooner or later.

    • Hi Tom, welcome back.

      You are right. The days of sunshine and lollipops are over and an era of deception and mistrust permeates society. Maybe it’s because people get away with doing other people wrong, and the wrongdoers become more empowered each time they get away with something.

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