Rodney King’s Take On The Trayvon Martin Case

We all remember Rodney King. He’s the guy whose savage beating by several LA Police Officers in 1992 outraged a lot of people of all races and backgrounds. We watched several instances where King could have been cuffed and put in a squad car for transport to the jail, but the police just kept beating.

Well, it seems Rodney has made a comparison between his case and Trayvon Martin’s.

King told TMZ that the justice system is a “slow process” but thinks everything will be worked out.

“I’m hoping that he gets justice for his family because he’s no longer here,” King told TMZ. “I’m hoping everything turns out OK.”

King compared his beating at the hands of four Los Angeles police officers in 1992 to the fatal shooting of the 17-year-old.

“Luckily I got (my attack) seen on tape,” he told TMZ.

It may seem to King that some similarities exist, but in reality they don’t. In fact, there is nothing in common between King and Martin except they are both black.

I see this shaping up as a flashpoint between the races. So if Zimmerman is acquitted (and it is likely he will be, if the case is not made any stronger between now and the trial), there will be riots in the streets once again some 20 years later. And Mr. King is not helping matters by giving the media false comparisons.

King was beaten by “out of control” police officers and we all saw this with our own eyes (ad nauseum) on TV. You can probably even get a You Tube video of it, if you do a search. But no one can say with any certainty what happened the night Martin was shot. We have nothing objective, just the subjective opinions of race baiters, who are picking the scabs of the wounds of a grieving family. These are people who agitate for a living, giving the family false impressions of a realistic outcome..

And while the officers who beat King were dead wrong for their actions, let’s not forget that King was no saint himself. He could have submitted to arrest and allowed the justice system to work, if was truly innocent of driving under the influence. He did not have to refuse to pull over and lead a high speed chase that endangered many others. Before the beating, he had a criminal record. After the beating, he had a more extensive record of arrests….with only minimal consequences in a couple.

I think this is likely because the law enforcement community felt the negative media attention would have been far too intense to absorb. The fears were stoked in the post-beating era by a biased media that were possibly largely responsible for the racial agitation. So it affected the way law enforcement was able to operate. In the Martin case, we see a pattern developing already. There was anger at the decision to release Zimmerman on bail and we have seen some instances of retaliations by black perpetrators against white victims, in the name of Trayvon.

It’s setting up well and King’s erroneous interjection is only going to fan the flames even more than they already have been–to this point. What’s even more troubling is, the first black president is sitting on his hands, so silently. He was the one who was supposed to unite all of Americans in a post-racial society. And yet, he is now giving the outward appearance that he wants mob justice to prevail. He could be doing much to douse the flames, but he silently watches them being stoked by the race baiters…. with an unused fire hose at his feet.


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