Poll: Enthusiasm For Obama Is Waning Among Young People

We all know that polls are to be taken with a grain of salt this time of year. But even with this understanding, there is a poll that has the Obama campaign worried right now.

President Obama may still have the support of the youth population, but will they turn out to vote for him? A new poll indicates that is uncertain.

A Gallup poll conducted earlier this week surveyed voter registration and likelihood to vote, broken down by age groups. Among the 18-29 set, 60 percent indicated that they are registered to vote. Obama enjoys a wide lead over Romney in this age group: 64 percent support Obama while only 29 percent support Romney. However, when asked if they definitely will vote in the general election, only 56 percent replied yes.

This poll is why Obama is touring college campuses. Of course it’s all under the pretenses of selling his student loans proposal, so he can charge it to the taxpayer.

Young people turned out in record numbers to vote for him in 2008, which was a key factor in his election. But many of those same college students who pounded the pavement for him then are now looking for work in their chosen field of study, and it’s not there. Many of them are not motivated to get out and campaign for someone who has failed policies that have been a large part of why they had to move back home, after graduation. And those who are now ready to graduate are finding from their older friends and siblings that the job market stinks.

For an incumbent President to be trying to resell a demographic that he carried so strongly last election it only demonstrates how hard it is going to be to win re-election, fairly and squarely. For an incumbent President (who energized the young people in 2008) to be practically begging them get excited again, it’s going to be a long year.



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2 responses to “Poll: Enthusiasm For Obama Is Waning Among Young People

  1. Tom

    When the “Hope and Change” message didn’t result in jobs for the youngsters looking to move out of the parent’s house, that would tend to sour their attitudes toward Obama.

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