Wealth Redistribution 101

Ask anyone from the Occupy Movement what they want from the One Percenters and all of them will give some form of an answer that when analyzed closely, all boils down to wealth redistribution. Rich people have money because they wanted it, so they worked for it and earned it. But the Occupiers want what belongs to the rich man because they feel entitled to it, out of a delusional mindset that tells them it’s not fair that the man who worked for it has it, and they do not. Some may have wealth due to inheritance, but that still doesn’t negate the fact that someone before them, worked for it and earned it…..and left it to his/her designee by his/her own choice.

With this in mind, take a look at this video of one such Occupoop. Listen closely to how he attempts to make his case to someone who started with nothing, and now has much:

Did you listen closely to Harrison Schultz as he made his weak case for wanting some hard-working wealthy person to just up and GIVE him a job….. as opposed to FINDING one on his own, based on his diligence and qualifications? Finding something would mean he would have to do some work, it would denote the active as opposed to the passive. It means he would need to pound the pavement, going places to fill out applications, and selling himself as a person who wants to work. Someone giving him a job strongly implies that he does nothing to get it and is a tell-tale sign that he feels entitled to it. It means he feels it is owed to him and is a self-disclosing statement that he is a lazy person.

In spite of Harry and his ingenuous verbalized desire for a real job, it appears he already has one.

Schultz claims to be a co-organizer of Occupy Inc., according to his credentials he put up in his LinkedIn page. This movement has been raking in money from Soros Inc. and it appears the architects of this anarchist movement have been living quite well in the process. Some of them stayed in posh quarters while their programmed followers were camping out in the elements, stirring up trouble, and generally trashing everything they came in contact with in the process. At night when the chill set in, people like Schultz, Peter Dutro, and Brad Spitzer were in the lap of luxury, all warm and cozy.

But let’s get back to Harrison Schultz for a moment, let’s look at his LinkedIn resume:

Business Intelligence Analyst at Atrinsic
Freelance Strategic Analyst at Euro RSCG World Wide
Adjunct Instructor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology at St. John’s University
Consultant at MDRC
Temp at Clarity Temporary and Permant Staffing
Office Assistant at The Executive Source
Medical Records Clerk at Saint Mary’s Columbia Hospital
American Heart CPR Instructor at Saint Mary’s Columbia Hospital
Capoeira Instructor, Grupo Maculele at Sage Arts Unlimited
Student Intern at The Planning Council of Milwaukee WI
Assistant Head Lifeguard at Milwaukee County Aquatics
Lifeguard I at Milwaukee County Aquatics

In the video, Schultz claims he was a business intelligence analyst for a paper clip company. His resume shows he worked for Atrinsic, an online advertising and marketing company. Nothing in their website says a thing about paperclips. In the grander scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter much. But we all know if a man will lie about something so seemingly insignificant, there’s a good chance he’ll lie about anything… if he can benefit from it.

You can read the rest of his resume and decide of you believe his sad saga or not. But the point is, no one will be begging someone trying to obtain a PhD in the areas of Sociology of Deviant Behavior, the Sociology of Play, and Social Change….UNLESS….they are planning on making a career in the area of community agitation.

Nothing says I can become a One Percenter faster than someone who has written a dissertation on how to organize a mass protest that will attract social deviants like rapists, and anarchists who like to defecate on police cars in public. Nothing will guarantee a job for Mr. Schultz better than a doctorate from New School University in New York, a den of progressive academics who hate capitalism. It is highly doubtful the curriculum, there, is tailored for the kind of degree that will increase a person’s chances of becoming a successful person who will create jobs in the private sector. It’s better suited for someone who will set up a dummy company that can receive stimulus money from the government and filter much of it to a progressive candidate’s campaign, or an organization that will attract mindless zombies who are still trying to rebel against their parents’ ideals. It’s better suited for a culminating project at a radical university that very few people think about, when they think of hugely successful enterprises.

I have said it before and I will say it again, because I think it bears repeating.

The best way to redistribute wealth from the ultra-wealthy is to work hard to develop a good or a service that they will want to purchase from you. If it is truly excellent, their friends will see what their buddies bought and they’ll want it too. Once you do this, you separate the rich man from some of his money and it becomes yours. If you are smart, you can use that money to develop something else or find new markets for it, so you can expand the business and make even more money.

The Occupy crowd is not able to comprehend this. If they could, they’d be working on that next best thing that would blow the world away, like Steve Jobs did. And they would then come to realize just what it was that set Jon Lovitz off last week.


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