Back From Boston.

Back from deep in the heart of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, I have to say that I had a good time in Boston but am glad to be home. I had intended on posting a notice of my trip and that I would not be able to blog much. But time got away from me, as it sometimes does in a busy world.

There were some good learning moments at the conference I attended just a stones throw away from Boston Harbor. There was good food, good drinks, and I have some pictures that will never see the light of day as long as some people never cross me. I also got to meet one of our regulars here from time to time, Greg. He is a good guy and I appreciated him taking time to pick me up at the airport on day one, and showing me the oldest ball park in the country now.

During the time I was away, the big story in Boston was Mitt Romney bullying some kid in boarding school a generation ago. That got quite a bit of national and local news coverage, probably due to Romney being an ex-Governor and the media there being firmly anchored to the left. But on Friday, Mitt got a bit of a reprieve. Breaking news on all local newscasts, with updates every 5-10 minutes, centered on Red Sox David “Big Papi” Ortiz’s small fender bender during rush hour traffic, on his way to the ball park for an evening game. Everyone was okay, just some minor damage, the world went on as scheduled.

And so here I am, back in Indy with the 500 activities ready to crank up. Which may even mean some more tourist dollars in the local economy, which will go well with the money raked in during the Super Bowl. We need it, as does almost every other locality in the nation. I bet Jerry Brown would love a fraction of the revenue for the sinking ship he now captains, my birth state California.

Anyway….many thanks to Greg and the mere handful of people of Boston who made my trip enjoyable. And to the drunken jerks who screamed and shouted all night Friday night just outside Battery Park Pub, which was right down from my window, I hope you all get rashes.



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3 responses to “Back From Boston.

  1. Greg

    Come back whenever you want, sir. Great seeing you.

    p.s., I heard Romney pulled poneytails and snapped bra straps in middle school. Story at 11.

  2. Rocket

    One day I shall return.

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