Team Obama Strategy: Fail

It’s early. So we should not put much faith in polls right now. But one cannot help notice that after Team Obama has worked so very hard to create a mythical GOP war on women in the media narrative, the latest NYT poll shows it isn’t working. In fact from April, he has lost five percentage points. Add to this his newly-found open support for gay marriage and we see even more fallout, in this very same poll.

With this new published information comes a response from the Obama campaign that will make any free thinking person, fall onto the floor with side splitting laughter.

It’s utterly amazing when Obama’s staff people are confronted with polls that do not support their delusion. It’s even more laughable when they pass off polls by entities that have been in the tank with them from day one, as flawed and/or biased. Suddenly CBS and the NYT are using biased samples to do make the man they have so openly glorified for the past four years, appear to be doing badly among the electorate? I think the campaign, and the President himself, have been doing a fine job of this all by themselves.



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2 responses to “Team Obama Strategy: Fail

  1. Tom

    Spin, spin, and more spin. It’s all politics, and it’s all disgusting.

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