The Amateur

Last week the buzz was about a book called The Amateur.

It is a story of a man who was not ready for the job he was seeking, which was the job he won– based on a delusion. The title is said to have come from Bill Clinton’s personal assessment of President Obama. It’s a startling realization that many people are coming to know, as they watch an administration riddled with an inherent incompetence that is unmatched by very few other people in history. But stick around folks, Francois Hollande is just getting started.

Here is a synopsis of what I think about Obama’s Presidency, starting with some background:

We know that the Clintons felt that the 2008 Democratic nomination belonged to Hillary. They felt so entitled to it, they grossly underestimated and miscalculated the far left wing of their own party. From the very day Gore was declared the loser of the 2000 election, the extreme left was very angry at Bush for what they believed was a stolen election. But they were also incensed at Clinton for not doing more to help Gore win.

What they were not taking into consideration was, Gore didn’t ask for help. He didn’t solicit Clinton’s active support on the campaign trail, because he felt he was a liability. With Monicagate and the impeachment still fresh on the electorate’s minds, he wasn’t willing to risk it.

When Barack Obama gave the keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, the grooming by the “hard left” was just beginning. This was a test for Obama. Hardcore progressives had a feeling that Kerry was not going to win and they did not want to support another Clinton next time around, because Hilly and Billy were not progressive enough. The forces that were loyal to Gore played a huge role in the subversion, the eco-whacks and such. They were rooting for Obama and actively working behind the scenes from the day Kerry conceded. They knew they had a tough sell, but they were not going to be dissuaded.

On the surface, John Edwards appeared to be the biggest threat to oppose the Clinton machine, but a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. He was exposed as an adulterer to a sick and dying wife. At first, it was believed to be an inside job by the Clinton machine. But now that we see how the hardcore left operates, it still is a mystery who was really behind this big scoop and the crash that resulted from it.

Many establishment progressives were behind Edwards early on, for a couple of reasons. One was, he was wanting Kerry to challenge the results of the 2004 election. They like instability and chaos, and another protracted court challenge would create just that. In fact, he was chomping at the bit, practically begging Kerry to do it. To his credit for once, Kerry didn’t. The other reason is they did not believe America was ready for a black president.

Edwards and Obama in the race would have helped Hillary, because the anti-Clinton vote would have been split. Obama was better funded than first believed and as we have learned, he had a lot more support than we first thought, too. Once Edwards left the scene, this left Obama to take on the the ultimate Democratic establishment candidate. With the Alinsky team left alone to work against them, the big delusion was about to begin… taking hold of the starry-eyed masses, who wanted to believe that hope and change was a reality.

We all remember well Bill Clinton’s words well, about Obama’s candidacy being the “biggest fairy tale”.

Here’s where I think we are now:

The Clintons are still not impressed.

On the surface, they need to play the game and pretend they support him. But behind the scenes, they know this guy is in way over his head. I think Obama’s team knows it too, which is one reason Hillary has been relegated to touring the world as Secretary of State, doing very little but meeting and greeting. She has not been allowed to set any policy.

Knowing this, I believe that in the open the Clintons will show support for Obama’s re-election. But in private, I do believe they will do whatever they can (undetected) to undermine the re-election effort. If Obama wins, he’ll screw the country up so badly, America will likely not vote Democrat again for several election cycles.That will squash Hillary’s chances in 2016, like an ant under a work boot.

Even if Obama were to dump Biden and run Hillary as his running mate in the fall, I think the Clintons will not want to risk being blown out. If that happens and Americans reject Obama in the polls, Hillary will be labeled as being on a losing ticket. This will hurt her favorability in 2016.

Her best chance to have a shot is if Romney wins in November and serves a four year term. This is because Romney will likely have his hands full cleaning up the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid mess…he may not be able to do it in four years. If this is the case, Hillary will have two things working in her favor. The first thing, she can blame Romney like everyone blamed Bush. Dems always need to run against something, rarely can they campaign for anything because they stand for flawed goals and ideology. The second thing is, she can tell the Dems, she should have been the one they nominated in 2008. Had they not been so gullible with Obama, none of this would be necessary today. The job would have been done, the heavens would have opened up for her, the celestial choirs would have already sang, and Earth would have been named best utopian planet in the galaxy.

Folks, I know a lot of people loved Bill Clinton, just like many hated him. But we have to realize that he was a hell of a lot better than Obama.

Obama is the Monday through Friday, 9-5, President. Like his policies or not, we have to admit that Clinton had a much better work ethic. He was a tireless worker who stayed up late and worked many weekends to get the things done, he wanted to get accomplished. Obama is lazy and a parasite. While he puts in his time, he sends Michelle and the kids on expensive trips, at taxpayer expense. When Clinton took a trip, it was usually low-key and he worked along the way. When Bush took a trip, it was usually to Crawford where he did ranch work as an escape. Obama goes to exotic places, golfs, spends thousands of dollars eating expensive meals prepared by chefs who overprice their fare even more than usual….because they know the American people are paying for it.

It’s clear that the tag “amateur” is a fitting descriptive analysis. It’s even more clear that we cannot afford to keep this guy in office another four years, even if it would mean a Hillary run in four.


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