Picking The Wrong Side

Years ago, I came to a stark realization that a person must always be cautious of who he/she puts his/her trust in and with whom they align themselves. This is very important, when there is a conflict that may or may not involve that person personally. Allowing oneself to become involved in a spat between family members or co-workers should be enough to teach this lesson. But sometimes, the lesson is learned the harder way.

A clear example can be found in the case of one man, named William Alexander Morgan, also known as the Yankee Comandante. He was fooled into believing that Castro was offering a better world for his countrymen and fought for the revolution, not knowing who was backing Castro. As it turned out, it was a fatal miscalculation for Mr. Morgan and the people of Cuba.

I could write a book about this kind of thing, showing the folly of someone getting involved in things that are none of their business. But much of it is best said with my comment on the post at IHTM, where I found a link to this article:

Lesson learned the hard way. Always know who you are aligning yourself with. Countless naive souls aligned themselves with a message of hope and change in Castro’s quest for power, which on paper is a good thing. But they did not take into account the messenger, or those who sponsored his vague rhetoric.

Always be suspicious of people who promise things in a utopian world, with no real stated plan to demonstrate how we get to that place. If the nation learns nothing else from this experiment we call the Obama Administration, this would be the thing we need to engrave into our psyches for future use as an evaluation tool.

Having things involves working for them. Never should another person come along in the next 40 years to promote a utopian society that has never existed in this world.

I have heard some say that the world is out of pixie dust. I am telling you, it never existed to begin with.

Not only can we see the same lesson in choosing our own President, think of the conflicts in which we have involved ourselves in over time…..especially in our most recent history. WWI, Korea, Vietnam were all clearly not the fights we should have entered. But we did… and supporting our vets who fought them is not to be debated, they should be supported.

If we look back at this history with open minds, we can see today the folly of trying to get directly involved in a fight that has no bearing on our own national interest. We can do this by studying the aftermath of those conflicts and the toll it took.

And, if we are extra astute, we can see the folly of those conflicts the western progressives are lobbying to get us into, in more recent events and today.

-We just watched the Administration deny any assistance to Iran’s fairly recent uprising. Mum was the word, because we supposedly had to be careful who we supported (…..as if, the regime didn’t already hate us enough, as it was).

-We did see them intervene rhetorically in the Egyptian uprising. Many were fooled into believing they would be supporting freedom for the Egyptian people, but in truth they may facing Islamist rule if the Muslim Brotherhood wins the runoff next month and implements sharia law.

-We watched them cheer on the Tunisians and even assist the Libyans and they were indirectly responsible for the assassination of Moammar Gadhafi because of it. The left was silent and even cheered the coming freedom for the Libyan people. But so far, we see no evidence of that freedom.

-Today, we are hearing the cry for military intervention in the Syrian conflict. Like the others immediately before it, the current leader is not a man we would like to support. But neither is the opposition, who (like their predecessors) are clearly tied to Islamists.

So, here we are today. The story of the Yankee Comandante is a microcosm, worthy of note….especially when making an assessment of what kind of foreign policy to engage in the midst of the current foreign conflicts. This is that foreign entanglement thing, we were warned about many years ago. But it’s clear, we aren’t paying attention to the lesson(s) we should have already learned.



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2 responses to “Picking The Wrong Side

    • He is a good example of what a warped world view is, and just goes to show what can happen when you do not study your history, by trusting revisionist historians to fill in the blanks.

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