Scott Walker Wins Recall Election; Signals Much

By a 53-46 margin, Scott Walker has survived a union attempt to have him removed from office. There was an election in 2010, where the numbers were similar. But the unions had to agitate the populace into thinking that another election just two years later would yield a different result, based on the sole fact that the unions lost a significant legislative battle.

What the unions have learned from this is, they are a minority and always will be a minority. Normal people do not care about their ability to force people to pay dues to an entity that does very little for anyone, and is currently bankrupting their state government. And although he Left learned a hard lesson, I don’t expect them to sit idly by with nothing to think about.

They will go on about how they were outspent, how the GOP generated voter fraud, and whatever excuse they can generate in the aftermath of this embarrassing defeat. They will continue their maligning and their cause subverting tactics to ensure that their leadership can live the high life, while deluding their most loyal followers with the old “how the American worker was the big loser and how democracy is gravely imperiled” argument.

This is so laughable, for many reasons—but mainly because, there was no real good reason to have this election in the first place. The people elected Walker in 2010 for the same reasons they rejected the recall. People are sick of government workers getting paid better and having free benefits (at the expense of the less paid hardworking private sector workers, who are forced to pay higher taxes to support this anomaly). They are tired of being bullied by thugs who are essentially comparable to the street gangs of the old neighborhoods, who demand money for protection. At least in the days of the early mafia, there really was protection if you paid.

Yes, the recall election signals much. It demonstrates that government workers are not better than the private sector, they do not deserve better than those who pay their salaries. By asking the public sector to contribute a little towards their retirement and healthcare is not unreasonable. But trying organize a large scale effort to punish a Governor (who is only fulfilling the promises he made in the first election) is. Think of how much time and money was wasted on this debacle.

The unions do not care about the incredible waste they just caused. They only know that this was a set period of time, when the Governor could not govern. This is a time when he had to campaign, which took him away from his job. This a time when they could cause great monetary waste, even though they had another election coming up in two years. But they do not care if they bankrupt anything, as long as they can cause trouble for their opponents and use this as a platform for their agenda.

But this time, the opponents were the people of Wisconsin and they spoke clearly. They signaled that the time for unions is past. So naturally, the unions will be weakened and will lose membership, as they already have.

Now that this is over, let the excuses and the whining by the progressives begin. And it will. But at the same time, we can signal the beginning of real hope and let the re-energizing of the American people begin. Because we now can see that a bullying unionized machine cannot defeat the will of the people. These are people who see the true colors of the Left and its minions, and they understand its weak and faulty message.

Onward, to November we go.



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2 responses to “Scott Walker Wins Recall Election; Signals Much

  1. I wrote on this today too. Walker got 38% of the union household vote. This can’t be good for Obama.

    • There was a clear and present danger of public sector union empowerment had this gone the wrong way. I heard a union man today talk about how he is a loyal union person, but he absolutely hated the way unions are taking their money and using it on political funding in other states. He believes that the workers should get the benefit of that money….and he is right. They should.

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