Ads Show Desperation From The Obama Campaign

An incumbent President that brought the world the idea of hope and change should be able to highlight a multitude of things in a re-election ad.

Right now, we should all be hearing how the stimulus successfully led this nation out of a deep recession. We should be utterly inundated with ads that celebrate the Affordable Care Act bringing down costs. All in all, the ads should be telling the story of man who has made America more respected and more revered among the nations that we saturate with aid, nations that seriously strive to be mentioned with in the same sentence as us, on a given day and time.

But, that’s not happening. Is it?

Instead, this is what we hear:

In three years and some change, there is nothing that Obama can tout as a victory except that he ordered (at least they tell us he did) the killing of Osama bin Ladin. Nothing else. So they do precisely, the only thing that gives them any remote chance of avoiding an embarrassment this fall. They throw up a smoke screen reminiscent of the Cesar Romero version of Mr. Joker (and his henchmen), hoping people are as gullible now as they were then.

Here is the thing that hurts the Obama delusionaries the most. Here, we have Obama’s own words coming back to haunt him:

This is something I think I can honestly say with certainty. I can finally say I agree with the President on the things he said in this Romney ad. If you cannot promote a record of success, all you have left is a negative approach of attacking the character of the opponent…even to the degree that you outright lie.

Even the MSM pundits are speaking about this, here are just a few of their words:

Spending money on these kinds of negative ads may not be enough to save Obama from certain defeat in November. People are beginning to see that the emperor has no clothes and his words are without true meaning. They are witnessing the unfolding of what was one of the biggest failed ad campaigns ever, back in 2008. Obama has not delivered, he has failed on an enormous scale. It will be very difficult to trust the snake oil salesman again, once you have wasted time and money on a tonic that doesn’t work.


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