A Romney Ad I’d Like To See

I’d like to see an ad campaign that takes the negatives thrown at Romney and turn them into the positives.

You might hear from the Obama campaign that Romney is Satan, for having been a venture capitalist at one time in his career. Others, who have been working hard to not be a burden on society in their older ages, may say something different. They may not make him God, but they can speak positive about what he has been able to do….as it applies to them.

For everyone who screams blindly and loudly against “corporate greed”, they do well to consider there are a lot of people like the Governor who have performed well enough in the private sector to help someone’s retirement fund grow enough. They were pressured to watch stock and bond tradings to maximize the most in a fund and see that anyone invested gets a return.

These people are baby boomers, and are a large voting block.

If I were involved in the Romney campaign in some media way, I would strongly suggest an ad that uses a 50-60 year old person that is on the edge about his/her retirement. They are sweating it and need to know that the Executive Branch of government is going to stop the attack on private enterprise, as we have all known it. They have invested for so long, and made every effort to plan so that they could be self-sufficient after the work years were over.

Put a man or woman (or both) and let them talk about how they value the system. Let them talk about how without companies like Bain Capital, grandma and grandpa couldn’t survive without moving in with their grown kids. Or better yet, they will not be able to provide their own grown children and grandchildren with a place to crash for a few months. For however long it will take to get young people making it enough to live on their own again, they need to know that someone in their lineage was smart enough to plan and not demand anything from a failing government.

This is not needed for the ad, but it does bear mentioning here in this forum.

There are two classes of people….hosts and parasites. The host is private enterprise, all of it. The parasite is comprised of those who make their living draining private enterprise (unions and government come to mind first).

A good many people are in need of some real sense of hope, some sense of direction. They need to know that the world can be so much more, far more than just making a plea to destroy that which supports it.


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