Another Media Matters Moment

Most who read this blog with any regularity know that Media Matters is a hack organization funded by George Soros and other like-minded Progressives–whose only interest is keeping Obama in the White house for another four years, so they can enjoy unprecedented power to pull the puppet strings behind the scenes without being in the limelight. Obama and his cronies catch the hell for their incompetence and egregious abuses of power, while Soros can enjoy a slight measure of anonymity by not seeing his name in print everyday for saying and doing stupid things.

So when they post something like this piece, no one should be a bit surprised.

Fox News and Fox Business are doing their part to help a newly launched super PAC, Special Operations for America (SOFA), carry out its mission of defeating President Obama. Fox hosted the group’s chairman this week on three separate occasions and helped promote the PAC’s website.

The group, chaired by Republican Montana State Senator and former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke, officially launched on July 18. SOFA states that it “will advocate for the election of Mitt Romney and like-minded candidates” and it “stands against the core threats to National Security created and unchecked by the Obama administration. SOFA will strike to ensure that veterans and our families receive the care and benefits their sacrifice has earned.” SOFA reportedly hopes to air ads in swing states on veterans issues.

It goes on to tie the PAC to birthers in an effort to discredit it and FOX News, which has been a long time target. In fact, Media Matters’ main goal all along has been to discredit any political or media organization that does not toe the liberal narrative. Many of today’s Left-Wing and Left-Wing leaning journalists get their daily talking points directly from MM, which is committed to do and say anything that will keep Obama in power for a second term.

In the case of this PAC, we have a former Navy SEAL and current Republican Montana State Senator using it to throw support behind Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney. It speaks volumes that a former Commander of SEAL Team Six has enough concerns about the security leaks that have come from somewhere in this Administration, that he would undertake such an endeavor. So if this is a slow news day, look for liberal hacks to pick this up and use it for their usual demonizing diatribes in their media broadcasts and internet writings.

The odd thing is, Media Matters does not have much of an affinity for the military or the issues they face. Unless you consider their alliance with the Left-Wing VoteVets.Org, which is endorsed by MM’s sister PAC, Think Progress. VV is another Soros Inc. backed outfit that has found a handful of Progressive military vets who are in tune with the Left-Wing agenda that Soros is promoting. They are merely tokens, being used by a machine that despised the military the entire time GWB was Commander-In-Chief.

VV was the so-called “leading veteran organization” that denounced a Republican Congressman who merely made a statement that his opponent had promoted nothing at all, except that she served in the military and lost two legs doing it. As you might of guessed, TP and the other Left-Wing hack organizations pounced all over it until the narrative changed to Obama’s now famous “you didn’t build that” faux pas. VV also has found a slate of Progressive candidates who are veterans that they feel best represent their worldview.

So when you see an organization that paints a veteran in a demeaning light on one hand and supports a different one on another, you know you have a George Soros backed entity and it certainly will bode well for his puppets in the Obama Administration. And when MM comes out to demonize something, you can bet it’s just a spin job to denigrate FOX News and other conservative media outlets that dare to criticize Obama and his massive failure as a leader.


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  1. McCloud

    It’s hilarious that Think Progress is a ‘dot org’ site. As if. And if Romney wins they will go back to bashing the military, the CIA, and anything else hawkish. Like clockwork.

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