Does The Joe Soptic Ad Point To Possible Violation Of Federal Law?

The latest saga to unfold out of the 2012 Presidential Campaign has two established prevaricators (Barack Obama and Stephanie Cutter) topping the list of talent. But it also has taken time to bring us a new face in the world of bald-faced liars, Joe Soptic. Here’s the ad that has this tale being talked about in the world of people who are desperately seeking integrity, yet finding none:

This was made for a pro-Obama Super-PAC called Priorities USA, run by Bill Burton, a former member of Obama’s Administration. He has since left and formed this Super-PAC. (Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge.)

Now enter Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s deputy campaign manager for the 2012 Election. Let’s listen to her blatant denial that she has knowledge of Joe Soptic’s case and a connection with Priorities USA.

Watching this clip tells a person quite a lot about Ms. Cutter. Her voice quivers, her body movements do not flow. She jerks nervously at times and genuinely seems very uncomfortable about what she is saying. This is the kind of body language that a liar has when he/she is trying to tap dance their way out of a big one.

But this is not the end. Let’s now hear a conference call from May. We hear two voices in this clip, Joe Soptic and Stephanie Cutter’s.

He was reading the entire thing, as it was given to him.

This entire thing stinks of dirty slimy dead fish, the kind that Chicago mobsters like to send to people in the mail. Here we learn that Joe Soptic was offered a buyout before he was laid off (and he was too stubborn to take it):

We also know that he was offered healthcare insurance at his new job that he took as school custodian, but he chose not to because he felt he could not afford it.

This whole thing is propaganda being put forth by snakes, using someone who has an axe to grind with Mitt Romney, solely because he is still bitter about the turn of events that took place in his life. He was the one who did not take the buyout when offered, he is the one who did not take the insurance when offered, and his wife did not get sick and die, until several years after he lost the job.

If this proves out (and it looks like it already has), this is not only a lie of epic magnitude but a violation of federal law. It does show that there is coordination between Obama’s Re-Election Campaign and the Super-PAC, Priorities USA. But I doubt we can expect much to come of it. This is purely because Eric Holder will not have the integrity to pursue this, nor will he likely appoint any independent counsel to look into it. We cannot expect a depraved individual such as Mr. Holder to do this, when he ignores calls for more transparency in the Fast and Furious case, and says there isn’t enough evidence to prosecute two Black Panthers caught on tape intimidating voters at a polling place in 2008.

This is political theater at its best.

Americans need to look long and hard at what this Administration is doing. Do you want the most blatant of liars to have free reign to cause more damage, than it has in the first four years?


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