Obama’s Plan For A Second Term

I hope that there are some people watching what is happening here. This election is important because things are either going to have chance of getting better….or they’re not.

Some people still want to believe that Obama can get the job done, but sadly, the chance of that happening is fractionally low. I say this because if he was going to get things in order for all to behold, he would have this whipped into shape by now so he could run on his record.

There are many still on the fence, waiting, wanting to see some glimmer of hope. However optimistic they may be, it’s looking pretty bleak right now and many are starting to see it for what it is..

In all of this perceived uncertainty, I think the Obama Campaign has been clear as to what they want to do, if they get another four years. Here is a quote from Politico’s coverage, it is a quote from Obama in a stump speech:

“I said, I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back,” he said. “Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.

Whether the auto industry came back or not, it is still up for debate. Union people were bailed out, non-union people were screwed. The green technology is a bust, in the auto industry and the Solyndra fiasco was but one failure Obama doesn’t want us to think about.

The point is, they will spend more money that we don’t have. They will continue to borrow and print money so they can spread more cash to their cronies… cronies who pissed through the first stimulus. They will give it to union bosses and crony capitalists who have yet to abandon ship. And this is all likely because, they haven’t gotten what they believe is a decent return on their investment yet. They will try to enrich themselves even further.

Listen carefully between the “Mitt Romney is Lucifer B. Satan (and Mussolini wrapped into one) crap because they couldn’t be more plain. Listen to Obama and his attack dogs talk about everything (true or not) except his record. They are not hiding it, and you can bet that if Congress is controlled by the GOP, he’ll write executive orders until he’s blue in the face…. to do whatever he wants.

Think about it. Many people were fooled the first time by this Chicago machine and their facade. The Obamaites are telling you they will make things wonderful by doing the same thing they have already tried, while expecting different results this next time.

No question about it. The plan is more of the same.

The only question remaining: Are you going to buy it?



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2 responses to “Obama’s Plan For A Second Term

  1. McCloud

    Politico certainly took that speech to mean Obama was going to bail out many more industries just like he did with GM. Somebody told them to get in line.

    Now Mickey Kaus is pointing out that at least in Nevada, Romney’s Welfare ad is right–they want to waive the work requirements for up to six months to help the most at risk, etc, etc.

  2. Obama will be getting more and more desperate as time goes on, if things keep going the way they are. Obama is hitting Romney with every last negative he can, and still hasn’t moved the numbers much except in cases where the Dem samples are significantly higher than the GOP.

    Obama is spending money with no return on the investments, Romney is spending very little. Obama isn’t raking in much, but Romney is.

    Now that Ryan has been picked as running mate, I suspect more money will come in and so will more negative ads from Obama. I am wondering if Ryan shot spitwads at a kid in elementary school at one time. If so, we will be hearing about it while Ryan dissects the numbers that Obama has been generating…the negative numbers.

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