Does The Cause For Libertarianism End With Mitt Romney?

Dan (a friend of mine from way back in my Army days) is going to vote for Gary Johnson, who is the 2012 Libertarian Party candidate. He he served this nation for two hitches in uniform and has that right, so I am the last person who will denigrate or ridicule him for it. I understand why he’s doing it and I respect him more for it. He has a principle to live by and his conscience will not have him sell his soul, supporting either Obama or Romney.

Dan is right.

Dan and I don’t always agree on every last issue. We take the lame tests on Facebook that show us who we should vote for, based on a set of pigeonhole questions. Some are better than others. I consistently score for Ron Paul and he usually hits Gary Johnson. But unlike Dan, I am a bit more Machiavellian in that I believe the end justifies the means. Ergo, I am looking at a long term objective that I may not live to see unfold, but I know my children and grandchildren will, if it is allowed to do so.

A short while back, one of Dan’s Facebook friends expressed concern about his support for Gov. Johnson. It wasn’t in a ridiculing spirit or anything like that, she just didn’t want him to throw his vote away. She feels Obama is the greater of the two evils. She believes Romney would make a better President, despite the fact that his political ideology is not as oriented toward libertarian principles as Dan’s candidate.

She is right.

So how can they both be right?

Here’s my take on this and it starts with a simple thought: We didn’t get into the mess overnight and we won’t get out of it overnight, either.

We must formulate a large scale plan with both short-term and long term objectives (of which former U.S Army Medics can relate).

Short Term Goal: Stop the bleeding.
Long Term Goal: Heal the wound.

All things we do to achieve these goals are subject for discussions and debates. We can kabbitz about how best to do this all day long, and into the evening if necessary. But first, we all have to recognize there is a wound and it does need to be healed. Once we do this, we can get to work on it.

To achieve the goals of this plan, we will need to stop those forces who are facilitating bleeding at a faster rate. Get rid of the catalysts. We cannot continue to spend money we do not have, we cannot allow the continued increase of public debt for no good reason. We cannot keep growing government faster than at any other time in our history. It is my firm belief that even though Mitt Romney will spend money (as all have done before him), it will be at a far lower rate than we are now. And even though my view of libertarianism is very similar to Dan’s, I am going to sacrifice my own vote for the short-term goal of stopping the vicious hemorrhaging. Romney was not my first choice, but I do know that he will not run this nation into the dirt at the same pace the current President is.

Now let’s jump for a second, to another thought.

The Democrats got Obama elected on hope and change…and all that feel good stuff. But how did this happen? There are many reasons for this (too many to discuss in this essay), but let’s consider just one.

The hard core statists from the left wing’s minor parties have flocked into the Democratic Party, moving it toward more government solutions that cost more money. These are those who want people dependent on government, so they can buy votes to stay in power. And all the while, they demonize people who are working hard trying to keep their own businesses, so they do not have to work for a huge corporation and more importantly, do not need government assistance. They have swung the pendulum so that there is a new median, left of its previous center…and in doing so have strengthened the market for the huge corporations.

Joe Blow cannot be allowed to succeed, because Obama says he didn’t build that. Obama thinks that government deserves a bigger cut of the action with no risk or real investment on government’s part. So he demonizes the small guy and puts him into the same category as a corporate mogul. Joe goes out of business and is forced to go back to work for a corporation, except for one little thing. There is a poor economy and there are no jobs in what he does. He had a business, he had an identity. But he was driven from it because it did not fit the agenda of a crony capitalist government, intent on picking winners and losers (based on who they contributed campaign money to).

The ones who got this money have created failed companies like Solyndra, and big unions who do not create jobs but are supposed to use it to help the workers who belong to them. Solyndra flopped, the unions haven’t helped the workers, and Joe Blow got screwed all around.

So let’s look at something else, to start tying this altogether. On the Republican side, the same thing can happen as it has on the Democratic side.

Ron Paul is proof that if more Libertarians go to the GOP and try to influence from that side of the equation, they can lead the dialogue and effect a change of thinking from within. Gary Johnson did it as New Mexico Governor, Rand Paul is doing it in the Senate, so it can be done. Ron Paul is going to have more influence in the writing of the GOP platform than ever before. It won’t be as much as many of us would like, but Rome was not built in a day.

Small business is at the crux of libertarianism. Neither Paul nor Johnson are big proponents of any kind of welfare, individual or corporate. So right now I feel the short term goal is justifiable on the fact that Mitt Romney’s policies will not only slow the gushing of dollars to China, it will also help the small man far more than the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has done.

The catalysts of this bleeding must go. I want Obama out and Romney in. Then, I want the dialogue for libertarianism to ratchet up more, putting pressure on the next Administration to keep its word. If it doesn’t, then more people from the Libertarian Party can come in and steer the argument more towards libertarian policies and principles.

It can happen, it takes time. Like I said earlier, we didn’t get into this mess overnight and cannot fix it overnight, or we will shock the system. But we must begin to swing that pendulum back in the other direction.

The statist left has been patient and with Obama’s election, it has now seen some of the fruits of its labor come to pass (to the detriment of the nation). To decommission over a hundred years of the march toward progressive government control, we must take the first step and do it with all of our might. We must do it against the resistance we will encounter….and make no mistake, we will encounter it. But we must, we must.

Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, all made their names in the GOP…against all odds with a stubborn and obstinate establishment “old guard” faction. It’s not as much success as we’d like. But make no mistake, this old GOP wing is weakening over time. The social conservatives and the evangelicals have hijacked part of the TEA Party, but know that they have not all of it. Many people are still in this for the right reasons.

I am looking forward to a day, when maybe we can see a Vice President and/or President Rand Paul with a new generation of young people embracing libertarianism, owning the GOP. With the two party system being firmly in control, this is our only hope. On that day, we can say the long term objective is on its way to being met. The wound will then be healing.

So to answer the question posed in the title. the answer is no. If we play it right, it’s just beginning.


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One response to “Does The Cause For Libertarianism End With Mitt Romney?

  1. Rosemary B

    this is exactly what I have been thinking these past few months.
    Libertarians run as republicans, then run as libertarians.
    When Oblamer gets re-elected we will have them to thank. No there will not be an uprising…. just a loss of more blood

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