Beth Fouhy’s Drive-By Review Of “2016: Obama’s America”

Mrs. Sunset and I went to see the movie this past Sunday and found it to be very intriguing. It’s clear that Dinesh D’Souza spent a lot of time researching before drawing conclusions and forming what I think are some very plausible and sound theories. While much of the evidence would be ruled circumstantial if it were entered into court, make no mistake, it is strong circumstantial evidence and worthy for consideration.

I won’t spend much time critiquing the specifics. Just know that a lot of what was presented in this film is not a big surprise to those of who vetted this man, four years ago on our blogs.

This film does not mention the birth certificate issue, nor does it dwell on his transcripts. There is no attempt to shroud this in conspiracy, but it does much to explain things about how and why certain decisions have and are being made.

Even though the mainstream media (like the AP) sat on much of the information that is now common knowledge among the enlightened, many of us worked very hard to research this enigma we now know as Barack Hussein Obama. We wanted to know more about  a man who suddenly (and out of nowhere) became this mysterious juggernaut, and wanted to learn how he rose without any serious scrutiny. Many people spent many years of their lives working to become household names and for some unknown reason, this guy just vaulted his way into the limelight virtually undetected….well below the radar.

Despite the hard work and the very intelligent presentation of this film, the Left has been doing their best to marginalize it.

Here is one such drive-by piece written by a hack for the Obama Administration. Her name is Beth Fouhy and she feigns journalism for the AP…and she feigns well. Her work is so utterly biased toward Obama and his ideology that this isn’t the first time her work has been picked up by Salon. Most of us know very well that this is a quintessential Leftist rag, ran by one of the largest partisan hacks in the publishing world, Joan Walsh.

D’Souza spent more time taking breaks while working on this film, than Fouhy did writing her little sniping piece. From her pathetic piece of writing, I think we can compare her to the smarty-pants little playground girl that everyone had in their classes in school. You’d say something… and sure enough… she would almost always come back with an immature “Nuh-Uh”, with a wide tonal inflection that made you think she was sticking her tongue out.

In this case, D’Souza says this or that happened and she comes out with an almost instantaneous, no it didn’t and you can’t prove it…nanna-na-nanana.  Never mind that she can’t prove it didn’t happen. She just likes to read what she writes, every bit as much as the little playground girl wants to hear her own voice mixed in with things that really mattered.



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2 responses to “Beth Fouhy’s Drive-By Review Of “2016: Obama’s America”

  1. McCloud

    It was certainly nothing like Fahrenheit 9/11, which many lefties who haven’t seen it are comparing it to. The film makes the best case yet that Obama was influenced and has pursued policy in his public life that trends towards an anti-colonial mindset. Nothing conspiratorial about giving the voters perspective.

    • Which explains why the oil spill was blown completely out of proportion, to justify closing them down in the Gulf and sending them to Brazil. Also it’s why he wants to deplete the treasury by borrowing money from a (ahem) “developing nation” like China.

      I found it very interesting and informative.

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