Chris Matthews – Code For Disgrace

Chris Matthews is quickly losing what little credibility he ever had. He once had a fractional amount at one time, but I think it is now gone.

After going off on the chairman of the Republican National Committee on live TV in a thoroughly unprofessional manner, Mr. Tingles engaged in some nasty behavior with some convention attendees in a bar and stood idly by while one of his producers pushed a man down, after the man gave Matthews a dose of his own nasty medicine. I am not sure the man should have wasted his time on such an asshat as Matthews is. But I always say if you can’t take it, you shouldn’t dish it out.

I think we can now say with certainty he is Michael Savage of the Left. Like Savage, he comes completely unhinged at the drop of a hat and no one has the integrity to hold him accountable for his immature behavior. The only difference between Savage and Matthews is, Savage gets it right way more than Matthews. Both can go out of control in the space of a nanosecond.

We can describe this however we want, but we cannot deny that Matthews has a definite anger management problem..

Look, there is nothing wrong with being passionate about what you believe. If you are a biased political commentator hired to be a partisan interviewer, there is nothing wrong with being tough on the interviewees, especially when you are interviewing someone you disagree with. Anyone who disagrees with a known partisan hack interviewer like Matthews has to know going into it, there will be tough questions.  But guys like Matthews (and his counter-part Savage) usually end up berating guests, making themselves look like out of control crazy schmucks. They use the person as a set-up for their own angry misplaced anger, interrupting them continuously, not giving ample time for intelligent answers. In short, they are bullies.

Another component to Matthews’ deplorable case is his lack of honesty, and it’s becoming more evident as days pass. It is now coming to the point that he is becoming downright delusional….literally delusional.

Anytime someone has the audacity to publicly express any disagreement with the policies and performances of the Obama Administration, he digs for “code words” that he thinks he can use to prove the person is a racist. Michelle Malkin wrote a column recently with some of the words he and his other race-baiter peers are alleging to be code words of racists. Some of them are quite comical once you think about them, but thinking they are evidence of racism is the product of an insane mind.

One of those words is now “Chicago”.

Now, when anyone uses the name of the nation’s third largest city in relation to  this President, they are racist. So when we note how Obama has spoken highly of the Chicago way of doing things and openly promoted it as a model of success in governing, it shows us to be racist. Never mind there is an epidemic of violence in Chicago right now and Mayor Rahmbo cannot contain it. Never mind that there have been two shootings in Obama’s neighborhood in the past two weeks. When we bring this up in the course of any debate now, we are exhibiting racist behavior.

Because of Matthews’ over-reaching use of this kind of subterfuge, it is imperative that we start to understand that Matthews’ use of the word “code” is actually becoming code for race-baiting. Whether it’s an angry white liberal over-ridden with a historical sense of guilt…. or an angry black liberal trying to justify his/her existence as a “so-called” civil rights leader…. the use of this word “code” should now come to signify the inability to win an argument. Just like the name calling that liberals seem to engage in when they are not on the right side of the argument, we now see the need to seek a racist cause for everything that goes against what Obama wants for the nation. And it seems to be getting more popular, as it becomes more evident that people are not buying the BS any longer.

If this isn’t enough, Chris Matthews is now using his angry and delusional thinking processes to manufacture a false narrative by outright lying to what few people actually still watch him.

News Busters recently caught him on the wrong side of a fact check. While on one of his race baiting tangents, Matthews purposely lied to the audience. He claimed that he lives in DC a majority black city, when he actually lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland. This is an affluent suburb of DC that has a black population of less than one percent. Look up the word liar and it will tell you that it means “one who lies”.

Accusations of Matthews playing fast and loose with the truth are nothing new, even Media Matters has accused him of it. He’s also had a long history of misogynist statements and comments that are well documented over his career and has been rightfully criticized by those on both the Left and the Right, for it.

The bottom line is becoming clearer as days go on. Maybe MSNBC does not care that they have pitiful ratings, maybe they do not care that Matthews’ ratings are the worst on the entire network. (Both the network and Matthews’ show consistently draw only a fraction of those at FOX News in all time slots, during the prime time week.) But at some point, you would think Matthews would need to be canned for his gross misconduct on the air and relegated to the same demise as the loser Olbermann.

You’d think that by now that the powers at be at MSNBC would begin to realize the name “Chris Matthews” is code for mouthy and cowardly punk, with no evidence of any journalistic integrity. Or we could save time and just call him what he is, a liar.


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One response to “Chris Matthews – Code For Disgrace

  1. Wow!
    I am dismayed. And I thought that I was smarter and wiser with age while watching Chris Matthews show on Saturday mornings for the last couple years, and as I tried to catch his interviews and guest spots something changed, drastically almost overnight in early 2008. Matthews started out, it appeared to me, to give both sides of a story equal consideration and he would give his comments fairly and unbiased right down the middle. Almost overnight,
    during the election it appeared that Obama could do no wrong, say no wrong, his mis-spoken comments became non events and were turned into the truth and no matter what wrong or blatently biased comment(s)
    were spoken, they were brushed aside while any minor gaff, or off mark statements made by anybody other than Obama, were dragged through the mud, laughed at and they were villianized and shredded up like trash. Sarah Palin said “Shuck”s” and Matthews went on never ending tirades.
    John McCain could not say one complete sentance cor-
    rectly in Matthews or his fel-
    low reporters eyes.
    A reporter friend told me why Matthews chose the path he is on now.” Any reporter with a negative view or com-
    ment made directly or indir-
    ectly about Obama, or about
    something Obama said would
    risk being labeled a RACIST,
    and any reporter labeled that
    would be shunned by all news
    media outlets and may find it
    hard to find employment”. And “the older the reporter, the less likely they would take
    that chance, example(s), David Brooks, Sheilds, Eloner
    Clift, Al Sharpton, while most younger, unbiased real report
    ers, would do their job with the highest standards and let the truth be known and stand by their convictions”. That’s
    why Chris Matthews has fallen from where I had first noticed and respected his view, but I no longer can.

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