When You Vote To Fire Obama….

This year, if the American electorate votes to fire President Obama for not doing the job he promised to do, he will not be the only one fired. This November, when you cast your ballot, you can also take great comfort in knowing that you will also be firing the following people:

Joe Biden–quite possibly the most ignorant VP in the post-modern era, possibly in the entire history if the United States of America. Inanimate objects have more intelligence than he does.

Eric Holder–the worst AG in the modern era, who is nothing more than a corrupt racialist thug who just happened to get a law degree. This is the man who said Americans are cowards when it comes to talking about race and the one who has refused to prosecute the Black Panthers, who intimidated voters at a polling place in Philadelphia–with a stick. He said there was no evidence, despite the fact the video tape remains on You Tube to this day. He’s the first AG in history to be found in contempt of Congress, for refusing to turn over evidence in the Fast and Furious operation.

Timothy Geithner–quite possibly the stupidest Secretary of Treasury in the history of the nation. Turbo Timmy could not even do his own taxes on a computer program that was designed for less than average people to understand. Either that or he is a liar who made the whole thing up to cover his own ass, for cheating on his taxes.

Janet Napolitano–the DHS Secretary who included veterans groups in a threat assessment report on the subject of domestic terror threats. She also was the person who first said the system worked and later it didn’t, when asked about the 2009 Christmas Day attempted terrorist bombing on Northwest Airlines Flight 253. Never has such incompetence been witnessed in such a sensitive area.

Hilda Solis–the Secretary of Labor, whose selection by Obama was hailed and praised loudly and openly by communist and socialist organizations throughout the country and the world.

Kathleen Sebelius–HHS Secretary, who when Governor of Kansas had mismanaged the state so badly, there was talk of suspending the tax returns of the taxpayers of that state, due to a lack of revenue. She is also the one who had to pay a ton of back taxes when she was selected to be HHS Sec’y, because she had people too stupid to do her taxes or because they were trying to pull a Turbo Timmy.

Steven Chu–Energy Secretary, loan for Solyndra and who knows what other examples of pure unadulterated incompetence, yet to be discovered? Need we say more?

Hillary Clinton–the Secretary of State, simply because she is Hillary Clinton.

Jeffrey Immelt–Chairman of The President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness (the council Obama has not met with since January) and CEO of GE, a corporation that pays no taxes, while shipping an entire division’s labor overseas to China.

Other names who will have to clean out their desks:

Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Jay Carney, Robert Gibbs, Stephanie Cutter, and many more liars and cheats, who are dumb enough to believe asphalt is a butt disease.

The bottom line here is simple. When you vote to fire Obama from the Oval Office, you are opting to fire the most corrupt and incompetent people to ever hold  government jobs, in history. But do not feel bad for them. MSNBC will likely have a need for some new fresh faces to replace the hacks,  who could not sway the voters to re-elect the source of Chris Matthews’ thrill. These are the ones who cannot generate but a fraction of the viewers that FOX has done, and continues to do so to this day.


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