Embassy Deaths Showcase Obama’s Failed Presidency

He does not go to intelligence briefings, hasn’t for some time now. Then, the US Embassies in Egypt and Libya come under attack, killing four people who had diplomatic immunity.

He didn’t offer any real meaningful response or leadership, he refuses to act like he even cares. Instead of meeting with the Israeli PM, he goes on Letterman and hits Vegas for a fundraiser. He spends a huge amount of time demonizing Romney for things that have no relationship with the job, the media coordinates its questioning so they can create the appearance that Romney has made some huge inappropriate gaffe in criticizing the lackadaisical response.

He golfs, he has time for Jay-Z and his celebrity friends. But he does not have time to do his job. He is the 9-5 President, and barely gets those hours in.

He loves the limelight. He loves the title and the glory that comes with it. But he does not want to accept the responsibility. He is an actor of the nth degree, not a statesman in any way, shape, or form.

To think that this man deserves a second term indicates an enormous sense of utter folly, if not outright stupidity.



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2 responses to “Embassy Deaths Showcase Obama’s Failed Presidency

  1. McCloud

    LA, I don’t know what you’re talking about. This story is about Romney making a foreign policy gaffe and a bunch of right wing Christians making a bigoted hateful movie about our prophet that resulted in a little skirmish for which we apologized. You need to get with the program and listen to more TV and radio.

  2. It’s like deja vu all over again. All Obama has to do now is send in copters in a failed rescue attempt and we have Carter II

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