Mitt Romney’s Carpe Diem Moment

As rough and jagged as they were, Romney’s recent words have caused a bit of a stir. They have aroused a certain group of people from the 47% who support Obama to claim a golden opportunity for Obama. That’s what the MSM and the Democratic hacks are trying to make everyone believe, anyway.

Never mind the tapes we hear dropped some 1-2 minutes from the presentation by Mother Jones (which constitutes selective editing). Never mind the MSM and the like-minded hacks were livid when they thought Breitbart did it. This is okay….. because it serves the purpose they are embracing, which is to get Obama re-elected at any cost.

This kind of dirty tactic is praised and glorified in private meetings of the Leftist Establishment media types, but there is one thing they cannot change. They cannot prove that Romney is wrong.

This is Mitts big chance to own an issue that many have already embraced, and he needs to pick the pace up with it. Time is running short.

We are nearing a point when the number of people who pay no income taxes will go over 50% and the candidate that promises the most free stuff will likely win all future elections. The Left may be celebrating this as the straw that broke the camel’s back, but I am not so sure it’s the back of Romney. This is the instance where he can seize the moment with real class, with real authority, and take the message to all who might consider it.

This is the time we need to have people hear that the nation is on a slippery-sloped path that will not offer escape, if we do not chart out a different route. Romney needs to tell the electorate this not about anyone’s feelings, it’s about a future that guarantees real opportunity to people who go out and exercise it. It’s about people doing things, picking their own destiny, not about the government picking one for them.

Romney needs to be clearer, now more than ever. He needs to say that no one will ever take safety nets away from people who have fallen on hard times, through circumstances beyond their control. But he does need to tell people that the gravy train stops at the next station, and those who are abusing the system because they are too lazy to get off of their asses, need to make an attempt to be self-sufficient. It is not my responsibility to provide for my family AND someone who does nothing for themselves, except whine and complain that they are victims.

The man or woman who lost a job should be able to get help for a short time until they get back into the thick of things. But the one who wants to sit up all night (watching late night TV and playing video games), the one who is sleeping late the next day while waiting for the government check, is not MY problem. It’s time for them to get a life and make their own way.

This is the way that a slim majority of people still feel and it’s what needs to be said openly. Enough with the sensitive touchy-feely stuff. It’s time to for a kick in the ass. If it isn’t said now, while there is a chance to rectify all of this mess, there will come a time when it will be too late and no one will ever have another chance to do anything again, without the government stamp of approval.

It’s time to wake the hell up here. We don’t get to a command economy overnight. We don’t let government control our lives in the flash of an instant. It slips up on us all, because we let people wiggle and weasel their way into a life of mediocrity and half-assed efforts…all  because it’s the compassionate way to act. In reality, there is no compassion in watching people waste their breaths on this earth, living dependently on other people. There is no glory in living at the behest of a government who forces people to pay the ways of others, who are too lazy to work.

Like many other people, I get up everyday and make my way to work in a job that I studied hard in college to learn to do, and I did it so no one would need to carry my load. I get up and sweat bullets doing it too. So I will be damned if I spend my life doing this everyday, just so some lazy puke can draw a check for nothing.

It’s time for people sit up and take notice here. Those of us who are working hard need to take a stand and say, “no more”. It ends now.

This is Romney’s big moment. If he takes this opportunity, he has a good chance of winning in November. But if he continues to let the Left Wing Nuts define him as some wishy-washy mealy mouthed politician who can be intimidated away from the truth simply by being critical of his beliefs, he will lose….. and we’ll all be stuck with more incompetence and more corruption, than has ever been seen in the history of our republic.


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