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As I peck out this post on the keyboard, there are 40 days left until the November General Election. One day sort of 6 weeks and the MSM is all but calling it over.

Almost every headline on Yahoo leaves the impression that Obama is way ahead. Everyone who has Yahoo as their homepage at sign-on, sees the bias right away in the News Section. They sign on, boom, it’s there in front of their faces. CBS’s Scott Pelley asked Romney about turning his campaign around on 60 Minutes, like it’s a hopeless endeavor. The narrative is set, the information war is on.

In spite of the left ended media tilt, Obama and Romney are virtually tied in every poll, most of which are weighted with more Dems in the samples than GOP. The three battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida are showing Obama with a commanding lead, again, using the same weighted technique of many of the national polls. At this point, one cannot help but wonder how the media would be treating the election news if the roles were reversed. We know that no major media outlet has reported THIS poll.

Beyond the saturation of these skewed numbers in the closing weeks of this most important election, let’s assume they are all on the money for a moment. The more troubling part of all this is that the media’s coverage of the recent current events hasn’t helped matters much—-or should I say, their LACK of coverage.

It took two weeks to get anyone from the Administration to call the terrorist attack in Libya more than just a spontaneous out of control action. No one pressed for anything until after the bloggers and FOX News ramped up the conversation and began to critique the official narrative. The President went on fund raising tours, sat in on Letterman, rubbed elbows with celebs…. anything to not face the hard questions in the moment everything was still fresh. Even as late as this week, Obama is still bitterly clinging to the fact that there is an investigation going on and refused to use the words terror attack while donating his time as “eye candy” on The View.

In addition to knowing that the Administration possibly had warnings about the attack on the consulate in Benghazi and failed to take precautions, we continue to hear the most disheartening news imaginable:

The low wage work force is continuing to grow even in Obama’s adopted hometown.

Household incomes are still  down 8.2 % under Obama.

55% of small business owners say they would not start a company today.

Michelle Obama’s school lunch initiative is leaving kids hungry.

The Post Office is ready to default for the second time in two months.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. With all of the incompetence and negative outcomes due to the lack of leadership by the President, how can it be that anyone with an ounce of sense think that he is deserving of a second term? Maybe it’s because so many Americans are now so detached from reality that the new norm is all night gaming tournaments, sleeping all day, then waking up in the evening just in time to watch the Daily Show and Colbert report to get the news of the day. Maybe, the public education system has an entire generation of kids brainwashed into thinking they belong to the government:

Scary stuff, especially when you read as much as I have on how Hitler rose to power. Brainwash, lie, repeat. Do it enough and an entire generation knows nothing else.

This is the outcome of a public entity teaching children, to love and trust the public entity (along with other public entities) despite the fact that almost all of those entities do not serve the people. The people these systems employ are about governing themselves at our expense. The future of public education depends on what public education teaches their students. If they teach enough people to trust bureaucrats who answer to the politicians, this is the kind of blind loyalty it is going to produce. Their goal is to teach people to trust the government, and union backed workers who try to influence it. Rarely will a union teacher teach anything that is contrary to the approved line.

After the kids graduate from high school or a college/university that promotes government (with academia influences) as the solution to all social injustice, the media just reinforces it. And thus, we have a new generation brainwashed into thinking that government is God. Trust and put your faith in it and everything will be okay. Think for yourself and you run the risk of being an outcast, an extremist, a racist, and/or a hater.


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