Media Blindly Accepts Official Account In Chemical Incident At Indianapolis Children’s Hospital

At the end of last week there was an incident at Riley Hospital For Children in Indianapolis.

You say you never heard about it?

Unless you you were in Indiana, you didn’t. And even at that, you wouldn’t have heard much.

This is the last anyone has heard of the incident, where a mystery substance brought into the hospital caused several people to get sick. This article was Friday and from the way it is beginning to look, no one else will hear anything else about it. It got lost in the weekend after essentially being blown off at the outset of the investigation.

Or was that the entire investigation?

The head of Marion County Health Department says we may never know what sickened seven adults at Riley Hospital for Children on Thursday.

Bioterrorism agents and organic hydrocarbons like benzene have been ruled out. But samples of the substance were not tested until over three hours after the incident, and Dr. Virginia Caine told reporters Friday that it was possible that if it was a noxious gas, it may have dissipated by then.

The hospital emergency room was closed for around ten hours Thursday after several adults became light-headed and reported tingling and numbness. Multiple emergency responders including the Department of Homeland Security, Hazmat and the Indianapolis Fire Department investigated the source of the contamination.

Dr. Caine said Friday it was not a chemical spill as previously reported. The substance was traced to a woman’s purse. The woman became ill while visiting a patient at the hospital, but hospital employees came down with the same symptoms while treating her. They reported a foul odor coming from her purse.

There are a whole host of questions to be asked of this account. Were they asked? And if not, why weren’t they? If they were, why weren’t they answered? One big question is, what was a noxious gas doing in a woman’s purse? Since no one from the national media (to include FOX News) did not pick up the story, we cannot expect any follow-up. The locals have let it slip away and are now covering the story about Colts Coach Pagano’s Leukemia.

Meanwhile, there are many who still feel there should be some answers.

“If people got sick, I mean, I think we should know by now what caused it,” said Aaron Purdue, whose daughter is a Riley patient.

Some (like this writer) think there should be a journalistic mechanism in place to see that these kinds of things do not get lost in the shuffle. There is one that I can readily think of and that’s the blogosphere. Will they think it’s worthy enough to get out during the Presidential Campaign? Not sure on that one either.

Some things I do know are blatant and flashing like a warning sign. It takes a federal government days to admit a terror attack in a consulate in Libya, and still there is no confirmation in the face of overwhelming evidence. With this in mind, it is not surprising to think about the possibility of the Feds in this incident coming down into this case, and blowing it off before the national media gets involved. Nothing to see here, move along.

Other things are more readily accepted as a scientific objection, how can there be no traces of a substance if its likely source was a purse? If there were two chemicals that got mixed together (accidentally or purposely), there would be some residue of those chemicals in that purse.

This whole thing stinks. But what stinks even more is a local and national media that has not put any effort into exploring the possibilities of this situation, or even attempting to pose intelligent questions.



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4 responses to “Media Blindly Accepts Official Account In Chemical Incident At Indianapolis Children’s Hospital

  1. Nunly

    Holy crap! Never heard about the incident but it gave me chills. It could have been something mild that was just a test to see if they could easily get it into the hospital. What’s next? The schools?

    I hate our media now…..there’s no such thing as journalistic integrity, they don’t even try to fake it anymore. My daughter got so fed up with it she left working in journalism and started a job in marketing where she can still use her skills and make a lot more money. I asked her if she misses the Presidential campaign since she reported on the last one….said she didn’t miss it one little bit.

    • No more has been said. This could have been a dry run that went bad. If something comes up down the road, we’ll know but with worse outcomes.

      It may be nothing, but at very least we need to know what it was or what it could have been.

  2. McCloud

    Interesting, LA. There’s also this…|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

    hopefully isolated incidents

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