Two Weeks From Election 2012: The Choice Is Clear

What can we say at this point in the Presidential Campaign? Both candidates have made their cases in three debates, both have been afforded ample opportunity to promote their agendas for the next four years.

Obama has highlighted very little, his successes have been very few. His vision for the next four years has been virtually the same as the last four.

The President wants to make the wealthy pay more taxes, a move that will not generate more revenue, but will stymie economic growth. This will result in more people on food stamps and other forms of government assistance. He will continue to direct tax dollars to his supporters who bundled for him and will continue to grow the size of government, while increasing its responsibilities. Instead of getting out of the way of private enterprise, he will seek to keep it from thriving so more people can be out of work, and dependent on the government.

This is scary stuff for many reasons. But the scariest thing he will do in his attempt to run up this large debt, he will borrow and print more money to do it. By doing all of this, America’s standing in the world will become more shaky and this will put the U.S. at risk down the road. What he has already done will affect the next decade, unless someone can stop the bleeding and heal the wounds quickly. And the wounds are only going to get deeper, if the healing process doesn’t begin soon.

Mitt Romney has given us a look at his plan, his prescribed course of action. He has presented his way of beginning the healing process. Some say he is short on specifics. Most of who are claiming this are the Obama campaign hacks. They are the ones who are dodging the record of Obama and trying to demonize Gov. Romney for being successful.

When someone conducts a high level interview for a job, the resume is looked over very carefully before the interview is scheduled. Romney’s resume is strong for business. As he has been in the interview process, he has promoted his resume with a great degree of pride, and he should. He saved the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from becoming one of the worst embarrassments the nation could have been forced to endure.

As a venture capitalist he closed some businesses that were not solvent and could not compete in such a competitive market, but he also saved many that were capable of being saved. Early on, we heard from the Obama camp about how Bain Capital was the root of all evil in this world. If not for companies like Bain, the U.S. would be in an economic bliss right now. People would be prosperous, people would have jobs, mouths would be fed, bodies would be clothed and sheltered. If the current ills could not be blamed on George Bush, companies like Bain were responsible.

Well, Mitt Romney was able to save Bain from going bankrupt and into the abyss of former companies that didn’t hack it. And today, it is ranked as the top company to work for in America….higher than companies like Apple, Google, Trader Joes, and many others that are often highlighted by a media that likes to promote employee-friendly environments.

A lot of the acquisitions made by Bain since the departure of Romney as CEO would not have been possible if Bain had gone under. Guitar Center, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Houghton Mifflin, Clear Channel Communications, and Staples are just few companies that were saved by Bain, after it was saved by Romney.

As Governor of Massachusetts, he led a state that was nearly last in job creation. But the other part they will fail to tell you is Massachusetts had only a 4% unemployment rate, which is considered full employment. And he led the state with a Democratic legislature. He had to compromise, something that Obama has refused to do with the GOP-led House.

So, here we are, the day after the last debate and 2 weeks from the most important election we will ever hold. Will we choose to go the path that we know leads to despair, more government handouts, less job creation? Do we want more taxpayer dollars to go to companies like Solyndra….or Tesla, the carmaker that took U.S. taxpayer money to build cars in Finland? Or do we want someone who will promote the best America has to offer, by saving businesses right here at home, businesses that will employ people here….businesses that will help strengthen our retirement portfolios?

The Democrats can smokescreen all they want about people who own stock in foreign companies and in companies like Bain. But almost everyone (union or non-union), who has a pension or other retirement plan, cannot make a claim that they do not benefit from those stocks going up.

The choice is clear to me. Mitt Romney has already done much to save what he was entrusted to save. If he is elected and doesn’t do it, there is another election in 2016. If we select Obama again, 2016 will be too late for the present generation to make their way into success. Out economy will devolve into that of Greece and others who are threatening to follow that errant path.


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