Vote To Cure Government Dependency

Watch this powerful presentation, for a few minutes. See if it stirs you to crave the principles that this nation was founded on.

Obama is not the disease, he is a symptom that affects our ability to function properly. The disease is the thinking that government is the solution to our problems.

By the same token, Romney is not the cure. But he is a valid treatment for the symptom. The cure lies in a long term solution, which is educating a new generation of children and teaching them that individualism is preferable to statism. People can do for themselves what government cannot and true freedom comes from self-sufficiency…..not from a government check.

It comes from having a job which can assure you a home or apartment. It comes from being able to sit down with your paycheck, and write out the checks to pay your bills on time. Once you have been able to do this, you can have a little money to have some fun, on occasions. You can save your expendable income for a trip to a distant land, or you can blow it as you go. The real freedom comes from doing whatever you want with it.

It will never come from a bureaucrat telling you what you can and cannot do with it, what you have to do to get it, or what must avoid to keep from getting it taken away. With a job, you show up, work hard, and payday comes as the fruit of your labor. You earn it, you deserve it. With a government check, you sit at home and wait for the money to hit your account, only if you jump through the hoops they put out. And that can only happen after they have taken it from someone who has a job, by taking it from their paycheck before they even see it.

When you vote this Election Day, take a minute and ask yourself something. Do I want to wait for my money or do I want to go out and get it? Think about it real hard, because the wrong vote can mean a dependent class larger than any other we have ever seen in our history, and the government setting the criteria.

If the wrong person wins this election, it will not come as a result of grave misfortune….. but by our own choice.


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