Election 2012: The Wait

For a long time in this election season, Obama had a small lead but mostly within the margin of error, which led to mainstream newscasters and journalists calling the race for Obama. Even FOX News’ Chris Wallace asked Paul Ryan, why he and Romney were losing. But now, poll after poll has shown a neck and neck tie and at the same time, poll after poll has shown an oversampling of Democrats.

The enthusiasm gap has been wide and shows more people are pumped up about Mitt Romney, than the President. Obama closed his campaign out last evening to a half empty arena and Romney events have been packed. Even the Obama campaign has admitted picking smaller venues than in 2008 because they say they want to show how down home Obama really is. Even with this, he is not attracting many people and crowds have been much lighter than they would like.

Still we have the polls, and they are showing a tight race nationally and in the swing states. Knowing about Obama’s many missteps, the cover-up of Benghazi, the poor economy, and the trillion dollar deficits that he has amassed in four short years, it would seem likely that the polls would be more in Romney’s favor. But Howard Dean may hold the key to why this is not the case:

In a tight race, Mr Dean does what he knows to do and do best. He speaks about something he knows very little about, choosing to ignore certain known facts. He chooses not to consider the multiple reports of GOP poll workers being threatened and thrown out of polls, where they have every legal right to be during an election.

But never mind this, here’s why he is taking this accusatory route in advance of the results.

They are setting up the scenario for claims of widespread massive fraud. Wait for it, wait for it……….BOOM.

As soon as the numbers are known, you will hear the cries we all heard after Scott Walker won the recall vote in Wisconsin. Even if the numbers are overwhelmingly for Romney, you will hear the Left cry foul almost immediately. And then, the next four years will be saturated with discontented claims that Romney stole the election, along with how racist America really is.

Oh…and don’t forget the riots. There will be riots if Romney wins. Occupy anarchists and union thugs are standing by as I type this… waiting….waiting… ever so ready to tear into private properties all across America.



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4 responses to “Election 2012: The Wait

  1. Nunly

    How will I be able to tell there are riots in Chicago? That’s pretty much a regular thing here.
    It’s so funny because I could barely fill in the ovals on the ballot with the black pen because my hands were shaking so much. Not because of excitement….the meds they have me on are ca-razy! I’m pretty sure I voted for Romney, but I may have just screwed up the entire ballot and they think a 2 year old colored on it.

    I was also thinking of taking the black pen and drawing a mustache on me and getting in line to vote again, but there was a big mean looking “watcher” there and I didn’t want my picture on the news.

    God Bless America!!!!!

  2. McCloud

    “How will I be able to tell there are riots in Chicago?”

    Winner, reply of the year.

  3. Mary Ellen/Nunly is one of the best humorist bloggers I know. She knows not the depth of her talent. In the midst of her worst days, she can find something to make us all smile.

    (And no, Mary Ellen, I am not trying to borrow money)

    • Nunly

      (And no, Mary Ellen, I am not trying to borrow money) ;-)(And no, Mary Ellen, I am not trying to borrow money) 😉

      Good thing cuz I ain’t go no money, but I can pay you in Obama-bucks.
      They’re worth about as much as the toilet paper they’re printed on. 😉

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