Some Thoughts On Election 2012

Get ready for another four years of record unemployment, record deficits, record spending by an out of control federal government. For those of you who are my age or already retired, prepare for your retirement funds to lose money and the distinct possibility you may someday need to live with your kids (if they have room for you and have jobs that can help support you). If you work and this isn’t enough, get ready for your taxes to go up even higher….as well as your healthcare. If you don’t have healthcare, don’t worry…you will. When the individual mandate kicks in, you will be forced to buy it or face a fine. So you might as well get used to having less expendable income, than you already don’t have because your job doesn’t pay shit.

I say this not out of bitterness. I have done fairly well in my lifetime. I have seen the best this country has to offer, in addition to the worst. I, personally, have dug myself out of hell a few times….never once asking for anything from government. They did loan me money for school for myself and for my son. But make no mistake, I have paid and am paying it back.

I get up everyday at 0430, go to work, and work damned hard at it……doing a job that most days causes me to sweat bullets. In half of the year, it’s dark when I go in and dark when I get home. I have no union to “protect” my job, I only have an excellent work ethic to ensure I can keep it.

I have no problem with being taxed to pay for the common areas we all use, the roads, the bridges, and other infrastructure we need. I am happy to help pay for our national parks, so future generations will be able to see a world relatively untouched by man. I have no problem with my taxes going to help those who are in a tough bind due to some misfortune that life has dealt them. I do not mind when those same dollars are used to take care of people who are incapacitated and cannot work, nor do I mind my money going to pay for the retirees who have paid their dues and did much to give so much to my generation.

But I do get pissed off at a growing number of lazy-assed people who do nothing by choice, holding their hands out waiting for my tax dollars to relocate from my wallet to theirs. I get tired of the whining and crying for more free stuff from the government, when the people doing the most bitching are younger, healthier, and stronger than I am…..and are fully capable of doing something other than sleeping in, waiting for that government check to come, so they can supply themselves with drugs and booze, while their kids go hungry.

Instead of putting an end to this kind of lifestyle and creating an economic environment whereby people can know the true feeling of a liberty that can only come with self-sufficiency, just barely, over half the nation chose dependency on government in yesterday’s election. So be advised… as more taxpayers drop out of the job market, retire, die, and become dependent on government handouts, you will need to ask yourselves how will this all be paid for when there is no one left to pay the taxes? What will happen when all of the wealth is redistributed and pissed away? What will happen when the producers can no longer produce, so that the consumers can no longer consume?



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4 responses to “Some Thoughts On Election 2012

  1. Nunly

    Well, we just about finished putting our last kid through college (graduates in December) and we paid cash for his tuition, no loans, no handouts. And for all that, we get in return, a kid who used to have a brain and now one who has a brain filled with socialist ideas and will probably be living in my basement for the next 10 years until he can be re-programed.

  2. McCloud

    LA, it sounds like you are a racist and a BS’er who doesn’t want to pay your fair share and would keep people in chains to stop it. I’m reporting you to E Holder and fishy dot gov.

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