Gee, Wally…Are We Gonna Say Good-bye To Twinkies?

Big Labor is the main reason Hostess Bakery just shut three plants down. The company is in bankruptcy and fighting to survive but that doesn’t matter to unions.

People are eating healthier these days, so sales for Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, and Cupcakes are not bringing in the kind revenue it once did. To save jobs, Hostess must show that they can reorganize or they will not be able to keep the doors open. At the same time, the unions have chosen to flex their muscles at a time they deem best to do so. But in their attempt to punish Hostess, 650 workers have been laid off indefinitely.

That’s showing them, teach them evil rich bastards a lesson or two.

Sadly, Hostess may need to close the whole thing down. We’ll know more in the morning.

Meanwhile, union bosses are still driving around in expensive cars, showing off, not giving a damn about the poor workers who will now get dependent on public assistance because those jobs will not return. Sacrifice a few paltry unions dues paying stiffs for the good of the cause. Moving right along, next stop….Wal-Mart.


Well, we now see that Hostess pulled the plug. They were left with no choice. The Teamsters were willing to negotiate, but the Bakers’ Union (part of the AFL-CIO) was not.

Then we have quite possibly the dumbest son of a bitch to ever lead a union (and there have been several others before him), propagating patently false material. The saddest part of this bottom feeding rhetoric is not that the dumbass said it, but it is that 47% of the population believe it. And…there is another 4% who want you to believe it too, because they have a vested interest in seeing Americans dependent on government.

Look for Little Debbie to pick up a great deal of the lost market share and look for some small measure of jobs to be added as a result. But they will not be union jobs and they will not come close to making up for the loss that the union has caused these workers.

There is a lesson to be learned in all of this. You do not always get what you pay for. These people paid union dues and got nothing from Mr. Bad Toupee and his jack booted thugs. Here is what the Bakers’ union officers are still making today. Here are the AFL-CIO officers’ salaries.



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2 responses to “Gee, Wally…Are We Gonna Say Good-bye To Twinkies?

  1. McCloud

    It was funny to watch the left wing blogs spring into action yesterday, trying to make the debacle about hedge funds and predatory venture capitalists, throwing around Bain and Romney. Then it comes out that the hedge funds/venture people were none other than DEMOCRATS, including a link to Dick Gephardt. Whoops.

    • The demonization of venture capitalism is laughable on its own. Even union pensions must invest in funds in order to have enough money to pay retirees a pension. Getting rid of hedge funds is equal to getting rid of pensions and retirement funds. I guess they think SS will be there for them, right?

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