Another Blast From The Past

Memories of high school with this tune. Saw this guy in 73, great show.




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2 responses to “Another Blast From The Past

  1. Nunly

    Holy cow, I just heard that song on the radio in the car last week and couldn’t remember who sang it. Now I can rest easy.

    Did you know that I have NEVER in my life been to a rock concert? Ever??? I have no idea why…heck, I grew up in the 60’s and early 70’s. I guess I’ll just chalk it up to strict parents….or always being broke.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, kiddo.

    ……and to all your bloggers, too! 😀

  2. Going to see the Moody Blues next month, Nunly. One band I have never seen yet. There’s always something special about seeing a band or artist for the 1st time.

    Some special shows were The Who in Nuremburg, where Hitler showed off his might. (I envisioned him rolling over in his grave.) Pink Floyd and the Stones in 1994 at the old RCA Dome and its crappy acoustics. Jethro Tull and ELO in 76. McCartney was good. Some very pleasant surprises: America, Humble Pie, and Bob Seger when he was a warm-up for BTO.

    First concert was 1973, Black Oak Arkansas with REO Speedwagon opening. Last one was Chicago on tour for last Christmas.

    I love them.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

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