We Are A Culture Of Dependency

If we really want to do some serious soul searching about what we have become as a society, it pays to watch some of the pop culture.

Here is a piece of evidence I am submitting to you, the reader, to support the claim in the title. We are a nation of dependents and those who are not dependent on government are swiftly and surely becoming co-dependent. We either need someone to take care of us or we need people to be depend on us. Either way, it is a sickness that has been allowed to go untreated for so long.

Welcome to a society that is addicted to our tax dollars.

You cannot get the full effect of my argument unless you watch the entire clip until the end. Just when you think it’s about enough, it gets even better.

Watch and behold:

The Public Cause rests its case.



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2 responses to “We Are A Culture Of Dependency

  1. Nunly

    I’m speechless. It’s not that I don’t see this kind of thing going on, but it just makes me feel so frustrated because there is nothing I can do to stop it. I tried the election but there are more of them (or wants to live off of us) than there are of us who are stuck paying for them…..and the rest of the government rent.


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