Outcomes Of A Union Thugocracy

(First of all to my regular readers, I apologize for not being a better blog steward and posting more frequently. But the world around me has denied me some spare time.)

To all who have been following the Michigan Right To Work legislation, we have seen the ugly get uglier. First we wtached Wisconsin, which was a hotbed of union activity over the years. And now, we see Michigan, home of the UAW and their hired thugs, exploding into an out of control atmosphere of anarchy and chaos.

By now, most of us know the story of Steven Crowder being assaulted by union thugs. If not, here is the clip:

Dana Loesch, syndicated talk show host based at KFTK FM Newstalk 97.1 in St. Louis has been doing some sleuth work with the help of some of her listeners. There are even rewards for info leading to the arrest of the thugs who threatened and committed battery on Crowder and others.

One name that has popped up is Tony Camargo and it comes from the jacket of the man who is seen hitting Crowder repeatedly. In a search, there are several listed in the white pages in Michigan, under possible names that would afford the nickname Tony. Anthony and Antonio are the two that stand out. One man, named Antonio, lives in Hart, Michigan. He is listed as being in the age group that this man appears to be in. But he lives in a small rural area.

The more likely answer lies with the man listed as Anthony Michael Camargo. He is also in the same age group and has listed as having lived in a couple suburbs of Detroit, Roseville and Chesterfield. Roseville is a blue collar union town that has a large white population, so it’s a distinct possibility that this might be him.

We must stress that we do not have any real precise identification based on what I have presented, alone. And I would strongly admonish and caution anyone from making any assumptions or taking any matters into their own hands. If anyone knows where this man is and/or where he works, it is highly advised that they give this info to law enforcement or send it to Dana Loesch, via Twitter or Facebook. Mr. Crowder must be the one to press charges in this case, not Joe Citizen. If Michigan Law allows for the prosecution without Crowder pressing charges, it would be nice if the officials would look into this and release a statement, as such.

Another man, who was seen at the site on the tape appears to be Chris Opalewski from Westland, Michigan. He can be seen here on a Facebook page with his wife. He is the one who allegedly threatened to shoot Mr. Crowder with a gun, and was bragging that he has killed people before. All of that was caught on the video, however it was not seen coming from his lips. It was only heard on the tape and eyewitnesses are all we have to go on. He was involved in the bringing down of the tent with people in it and he is of the age group listed in his White Pages listing.

Opalewski looks to be in the age group that has served in the military overseas. So, we must assume that he may be a veteran and we can only hope that he is not the murderous thug he wanted Crowder to think he is. Looking at the smiles on the faces of his pics, he’s probably a good kid but got caught up in the heat of the moment and as a result made a bad decision. Kids like this want to belong and are often easily influenced by others who should know better. But I also know that people who actually have killed in the military are not ones who go around bragging about it, either.

Here’s the bottom line. Michigan Law Enforcement has access to this video. Tony Camargo, whichever one is seen in this video, should be charged with Battery under Michigan Law. Chris Opalewski should be investigated and if it is warranted, he should be charged with Intimidation under Michigan Law. I am not sure that Michigan Police will have the guts to do this, because they are union members just like these two men appear to be. And you know those union brothers must stick together.

It is sad that anything like this must be endured at any level. We always see union thugs acting badly when they have numbers. Rarely, do they have the guts to do things like this alone. And we might remind ourselves of the history of socialist union thuggery from pre-Mussolini Italy. We must remember when the socialist thugs were allowed to take over factories and run them into the ground back in the early 20th century, because they had no idea what it took to run a business. Having a skilled trade does not translate to marketing or business sense.

After a few years of this out of control union thuggery, there arose both a strong desire and a need to return to law and order. Enter Mussolini and his promise to make the trains run on time. The rest you can look up in a history book.

UPDATE: A longer video shows Chris Opalewski saying the words. He is shown saying he’s killed with a gun before.

Again, maybe he has been involved in military actions where he has killed and maybe he has not. But the smart thing to do is to leave it on the battlefield and not bring it back home.



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15 responses to “Outcomes Of A Union Thugocracy

  1. Bret

    Good stuff….one possible correction though. If you watch the other video, at about the 1:50 mark, we see Mr. Opalewski claiming that someone in the tent has a gun. Toughie then asks why that person has a gun, calls them a few names, tells someone else that the guy in the tent has a gun and that he “will kill a *^%%$% with a gun”. Ive killed plenty of ^*&#%@&@ with a gun” Meaning, he has killed plenty of people who are in possession of a firearm. At first listen it seems he is claiming to have killed a plethora of folks through the use of gun, but thats not neccesarily the case.

    • Bret

      You updated as I was typing, but I still think Billy Bad@## is claiming to have killed plenty of people who were in possession of a gun.

      • Yes. I did locate the extended version later. I think it’s enough to warrant some investigation. Camargo, the thug who threw the punches, needs to go to jail, as his intent was clear. Opalewski could benefit from probation so he can learn how to not act like a fool, just so he can be liked and go along with the mob.

        Nothing wrong with exercising one’s rights of free speech, but when it becomes violence or the threat of such, it has to be curtailed.

        Thanks for the comment.

  2. cognitionemission

    Anthony “Tony” Michael Camargo
    48967 Shady Glen Ct., Chesterfield, MI 48051

  3. mountaingangmom

    I’m from the little rural area in Michigan where the Tony Camargo you dismissed lived for many years. I would not rule him out by a long shot; he has a filthy mouth and was terrible to the kids on his little league team. I would have pulled my son from the team before I would ever have let him play for that man; he’s the only person I’ve ever said that about.

  4. Nunly

    Yup, they all fit in well with Obama and his ilk. Thugs. But it won’t be long before the country finally catches on and now that Obama doesn’t need the media anymore, he’s just giving them the heave-ho. Won’t be long before they turn on him like rabid dogs. I’ll enjoy the show.

    Personally, I think the coal industry should dump a ton of coal on Obama’s doorstep for Christmas with a big tag, “To Barack: From: Santa: You were an asshole this year, but this is all the coal I could afford to bring. Merry Christmas, sucker.”

    • I am not so sure the media will turn on him. By 2014, you’ll start to hear reports and read articles about needing to repeal the 22nd Amendment so Obama can run again,

      • Nunly

        Thanks for the nightmare. 🙂 I think I’ll sleep with the light on tonight.

        Hope you are feeling well….Merry Christmas if I don’t get a chance to “talk” to you again for awhile. My posts have also been sporadic and I’m trying really hard to get the keyboard in front of me again on a regular basis.

  5. lottie jump

    lol. pathetic. none of you are real men. real men don’t need guns. real men don’t need fat rush limbaugh to do their bullying for them. real men go to work everyday and work with their hands and will punch you in the face when you deserve it. you will rue the day you heard the name tony camargo because he is going to become america’s hero!

    • Bret

      Thanks for the laugh…..absolute awesomeness.

    • Lottie,

      Real adults of any sex don’t need to punch or shoot anyone, unless their lives or the lives of their families are threatened. Do that to me, and you get to see just how good your health insurance is. Real men win with truth and ideas, and they don’t need a group of thugs to protect them either.

      When they go to work, they do not need power brokers with six figure incomes to do their bidding for them. They get up everyday, show up, and do the best they can do. That is the best job protection, the best job security, in the world.

    • The Resistance

      Polish your jackboots and iron your Brownshirt, IL Douche! You fascists are pathetic. I look for the union label….then buy something else;)

  6. McCloud

    Real men also serve time in the county slammer for assault, “lottie jump”. Fake men stand up on podiums and incite their goons by yelling “we’re gonna take these sons of bitches out”. Just sayin.

  7. This whole thing is a mess on so many levels.

    I have been to the state capitol many times over the years, the last time 2 – 3 years ago with my daughter’s class. It is a large rectangular building with lawns and parking lots on all four sides. The view is not obstructed. One can stand on any of the four streets around and see straight through to the street across fairly easily.

    So the question is, how did these thugs tear down this huge tent with no police seeing and intervening?

    The assault on your tape above was the result of Crowder trying to stop the thugs from dropping the tent. Why was he trying to stop them and not the police?

    During the dropping of the tent they also assaulted a hot dog vendor. This was a black gentleman who was quite popular in the area and was there as a caterer, not even to show personal support for the right to work bill.

    While assaulting him and destroying his equipment, the union thugs hurled racial slurs at him. Proving not only that the union thugs celebrate the working man but also exhibiting the well known racial tolerance of the left.

    I have asked the same question you did “Are the police just protecting union buddies here?”

    We have heard more than one comment from the state police that everybody behaved, there were no problems.

    A bunch of bullshit and sadly not the first time the integrity of the police throughout Michigan has been questioned.

    • Thanks for the input from your close vantage point. It does stink to high heaven. Even more troublesome, the union thugs who are threatening to be at the Governor’s kids’ events to intimidate him into vetoing the bill. Where is the State Police, when you need them? Should they not be concerned about the safety of the state’s top law enforcer?

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