Newtown One Week Later: Placing Blame Where Blame Belongs

In all of our rhetoric and talk about guns this week, I wonder how many people know that despite America having the highest per capita gun ownership, we do not have the highest murder rate?

Talking per capita, here. Venezuela has 9 times less guns, but 9 times the murder rate of the United States. South Africa has just a few more guns per capita than Venezuela and has a 7 times higher rate. And get this, Honduras has a mere fraction of the guns America does per capita… and they have 11.5 times more. By the same token, most of the European nations have more guns per capita than these which I cite, and their murder rates are much lower.

This leads me to draw the conclusion, a correlation in the number of guns owned by people cannot be directly tied to murders in either direction.

This means we do not have a gun problem here in the United States, we have a violence problem. Just like the countries I cited with far lower gun ownership rates, we seem to have a culture that does accept their norm.

Folks, it’s not a tool that we should be concerned about in this crisis. Things need a life or energy force to work. Energy is the movement of matter, an exertion of power from available sources. Nothing moves without it. Without our life force behind us producing the energy and the will to act independently, we too would be inanimate. We’d just be a pile of useless carbon matter and we’d decay away.

When a life force makes a choice to operate any machinery in a given way, the matter will obey the will of the life force. Unless there is a malfunction of the equipment, there is a reasonable expectation that the operator of a firearm will make it fire, at will. It is a hard heart that kills.

If anything, there needs to be a conversation as to why there is an increasing amount of violent behavior manifesting itself in this particular time in our existence. We have to consider the roles of violent movies, TV shows, and video games that allow the player to blow people away, until the player gets whacked….and then the player gets to reset to a new game. When we do this, then we can get to the root of the matter and we may learn something about our culture and why these tragedies keep occurring. Making gun free zones will only result in Chicago-like crime stats and put law-abiding citizens at risk.


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