Piers Morgan Unable To Maintain Dignity In Shapiro Interview

The current gun control debate is going to get uglier as the Left realizes it cannot completely control the narrative or win fairly in the arena of ideas. My last post shows an effort by Piers Morgan, host of the poorly rated CNN show that contains his name, to try a little reverse psychology by showcasing an absolute nut who happens to be for the right to bear arms and against any effort by the government to disarm Americans.

Score one for Mr. Morgan on that one. But in this video interview, we can clearly see that Piers has gotten in much deeper than he expected with this young man named, Ben Shapiro:

This was a calm, but yet deliberate, firm, and intellectually aggressive dismantling of Morgan’s argument. Notice how when he gets told he is a bully, Piers calls Ben a bully for calling him one. The “I know you are but what am I” journalism is becoming quite prevalent and removes intellectual dignity from their argument.

Basically, Shapiro kicked Morgan’s ass into next week. If this were a football score, it would be Shapiro 56 – Morgan 6 with the second string still scoring TDs in the 4th Quarter.

See you around Monday or Tuesday, Piers.



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2 responses to “Piers Morgan Unable To Maintain Dignity In Shapiro Interview

  1. Nunly

    Excellent video. Haven’t been around much….stuff goin; on. But I agree, I loved watching Piers get his ass kicked.

  2. McCloud

    “Your little book”. Lord, this guy needs to be on the next boat east.

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