I am a husband, father, grandfather, and an old soldier who has worked hard and has taken little rest. I have not taken shortcuts, nor have I expected anything from anyone. I live well, I love greatly, and I still seek to learn that which I do not know. I am an independent thinking Christian who belongs to no denomination, I am a libertarian who belongs to no political party. I base by political ideology on an issue by issue basis, I call them as I see them. I give credit when credit is due, but when we are dealing with a culture of corruption as we are today…. it is hard to find much to praise.

When we can do it, we will praise those things that are right and encourage more of them. But when they are wrong, we will call them on it. And not only will we tell them they are wrong, we will tell them why and what to do to correct it. The public has a right (and a duty) to stay informed. But in this information age oftentimes, the wrong information gets disseminated and the public may accept exaggerations, hyperbole, half-truths, and outright lies as fact. When this happens there is a grave disservice to the public, when this happens The Public Cause will do its best to be there on the spot, making sure the public has an opportunity to hear another side.


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  1. Rick Abrams

    I cannot find a SEARCH button.

    Do you have comments on the CRA’s Kelo Power of eminent domain and why so many GOP in California support Kelo v City of New London?

    Gov Arnie vetoed AB 2431 in 2010 which would have brought Kelo to all of the City of Los Angeles, but since then the GOP have been all warm and fuzzy with Assemblyman Perez in his persistent attempts to aggrandize Kelo.

    AB 26 and AB 27 are basically a Bait and Switch. You think you’re getting rid of CRA and Kelo, but in reality that will continue.

  2. Sorry, Rick. I put up a search feature. I haven’t completely finished getting this new blog in order yet.

    As for LA, CRA, and Kelo, I don’t live in LA anymore…haven’t for years. Most of my family has left as well, I only have one cousin, last I checked. It’s a pit, it’s big government everywhere. It’s crime infested, The cost of housing is ungodly.

    I can’t tell you why any Assemblyman is pro-Kelo except that I think it is everywhere, in almost every government. They want the rights to anything they want, and when someone says no, they invoke the public interest argument. Don’t want to sell your property to build a school? We’ll condemn it.

    Space is at a premium in LA right now. There isn’t much of it left, The LA metro area is 70 mi wide and 80 miles high long the coast. Most of it is already owned. So if the government wants something, they have to acquire something that is already owned and developed, and redevelop it. If someone doesn’t want to play the game, they make them by using Kelo. as their precedent.

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