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Search For The Boston Bomber(s)

As the nation once again grieves a senseless act of terror, the obvious question is being asked everywhere. Whose hands made this heinous act happen?

A lot of people made a big deal about the President not calling this act terrorism in his first remarks after the attack. I won’t criticize him for not saying it right away, but I will criticize his mouthpiece David Axelrod for some comments that he made. He had no trouble making some subtle inferences on MSNBC:

Notice Axelrod’s subtle point toward anti-government groups:

“And I’m sure what was going through the president’s mind is — we really don’t know who did this — it was tax day. Was it someone who was pro–you know, you just don’t know,” he continued. “And so I think his attitude is, let’s not put any inference into this, let’s just make clear that we’re going to get the people responsible.”

He references Tax Day so as to implicate the TEA Party, and why not? TEA stands for “taxed enough already” and we all know that the Obama camp is poised and ready to make another tax grab in the upcoming weeks. Regardless of the fact that evangelicals have hijacked a lot of it, it was for this reason the movement was born….to communicate dissatisfaction with Washington on what people considered to be gross overtaxation of the masses.

Even evangelicals should not be considered first. They may be overzealous and may be (wrongfully) on Homeland Security’s watch list, but they are not violent. Yet, this doesn’t stop Axelrod from shooting his big mouth off.

I would be surprised to learn this was anyone to do with the TEA Party or someone with a religious agenda. Domestic anti-government terrorists would likely target federal government buildings, because the object of their seething rage is an out of control federal government. Religious zealots would attack abortion centers. Islamist terrorists are far more prone to attack events and sites that promote our Western culture, which they absolutely loathe. The Boston Marathon is a huge sports tradition in the Western World. Runners come to run there, from all over the civilized world.

Still, we cannot help but wonder if the Administration wants to steer this in a direction that would benefit them – one that would empower them to crack down more, on those who oppose their policies. Never mind that almost everyone – who opposes the current government and the actions they have taken to strip freedoms from the people – condemns this kind of act and would NEVER sympathize with it. Controlling the narrative is vital in this instance.

Congress and the Administration could certainly use an event to justify the stripping of more inalienable rights… or to slip something by, while we are all distracted. While the media was covering the outrage over the gay marriage issue, Monsanto was slipped right through unnoticed. Political smokescreens are becoming more prevalent with these hacks, mainly because they work with low information voters.

But all of this aside, there is one journalist who is presenting an interesting theory on who is responsible for the Boston Bombing. He has some interesting thoughts you can read and watch here. In this day and age, I would not be surprised to learn there are some elements of truth to this story and the reason the FBI may never find the people responsible is because they would be implicated in a plot that went wrong.

More perspective can be found here at Fore Left.

Salon wants the perpetrator to be a white American.



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They Are Those, These Are The Ones.

Any real general public cause that is worth working and fighting for, will be one that will serve the best general public interest of the population. To do this most effectively, it has to be managed well at every local level possible. The power vested to the states is that which is not given to the federal government, by the Constitution. And yet we still find ourselves increasingly beholden to those, who should be beholden to us.

Once a law is made, both by passing votes in both Congressional houses and being signed by the Chief Executive, it can be challenged in the courts if someone believes it to be unconstitutional. If not, it goes into law. If it is challenged it must pass the test of the Judicial Branch, up to whatever level it takes to ensure that the law does not violate the Constitution in any way.

Everywhere in the country, state and local officials who are sworn to uphold that “little book” (as per Piers Morgan) must enforce the laws enacted legally. What they are not sworn to do is obey illegal orders issued, in a way that is not provided for in the founding document.

Now, I know that there are many who are claiming that the Constitution is outdated and no longer should be given validity because it is so old. I know that they would seek to do away with it, they would love nothing more than to rewrite…. or scrap it altogether.

During his first campaign in 2008, the then Senator Obama made a bold statement that got a rousing applause and cheer from the crowd in one speech and resonated throughout. He said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” And I am here to tell you today, that these are the ones who those old men with those old outdated ideas, principles, and concepts, these are the ones they told you about, the ones they feared would come, and made those provisions in that document so that they could not assume control over your liberty and your human rights.

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A New Year Message For 2013

The year is now 2013 and I wanted to take a moment to write a big thank you to all of the young people who voted for Obama to have a second term, and for keeping the Senate in control of the tax and spend Democrats. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be the sacrificial lambs for myself and my generation. You are truly amazing and I appreciate your willingness to give so much to us.

By voting for this group of losers, you have ensured that my generation will be able to spend like drunken sailors, get all of the benefits before we die, and you will be picking up the tab well after we are gone. There will be very little (if anything) left for you, we will have used it all up.

This President and Congress, like so many before them, are once again kicking the can down the road so that nothing can collapse on their watch, as it should have done years ago. They are spending more, taxing more, and borrowing more so that my generation can live in comfort and not need to worry about paying anything back.

The deficits are climbing, no one is cutting any spending, and they are working hard to raise whatever tax they can to make up for it. What budget balancing that cannot be accomplished by these methods will be attempted on more borrowed funds. Once borrowing reaches the legal debt ceiling limit, they will simply raise it again so they can borrow more. When that does not work, they will raise taxes again and the whole cycle will repeat.

The great thing about all of this is, I will have Social Security and Medicare until I die. But when it comes your turn, there will be nothing and you will likely die of hunger, illness, and possibly malnutrition…. because no one wants to look at reforming these programs now, before they break the bank when it is your turn.

Because you voted for Obama and his plan to make government a perpetual Santa Claus, you will be forced to eat healthier and live longer. But as luck would have it, the healthcare system will not be able to serve you when you get old and sick, and Social Security will not be there for you as you age. What little resources remain will go to those who are now your age, so they can be fed and kept healthy, while being slaves to the whims of government.

I have used this blog as a platform to warn you against these coming events, many others with more far-reaching audiences have too. You labeled us as right wing tea-baggers. You said we wanted to take this country back to the stone age and even called us racist for trying to get this message to you.

As a father raising two children I sacrificed much, so they could have what they needed for the time they were unable to provide it for themselves. I have been willing to sacrifice some things in my life today, in order to preserve your future, for you and your children. But you would have none of it. Such altruism has never been known.

So someday when someone comes across this sleepy little blog and this particular post, may you know how grateful I am that you chose the chains of government dependence over the liberty of self-sufficiency. It was just long enough to get me to my grave. Because no one wanted to make the hard choices now, you will be in misery looking back with much regret at the choices I would have gladly made alongside with you today.

Peace out, peeps.


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Two Weeks From Election 2012: The Choice Is Clear

What can we say at this point in the Presidential Campaign? Both candidates have made their cases in three debates, both have been afforded ample opportunity to promote their agendas for the next four years.

Obama has highlighted very little, his successes have been very few. His vision for the next four years has been virtually the same as the last four.

The President wants to make the wealthy pay more taxes, a move that will not generate more revenue, but will stymie economic growth. This will result in more people on food stamps and other forms of government assistance. He will continue to direct tax dollars to his supporters who bundled for him and will continue to grow the size of government, while increasing its responsibilities. Instead of getting out of the way of private enterprise, he will seek to keep it from thriving so more people can be out of work, and dependent on the government.

This is scary stuff for many reasons. But the scariest thing he will do in his attempt to run up this large debt, he will borrow and print more money to do it. By doing all of this, America’s standing in the world will become more shaky and this will put the U.S. at risk down the road. What he has already done will affect the next decade, unless someone can stop the bleeding and heal the wounds quickly. And the wounds are only going to get deeper, if the healing process doesn’t begin soon.

Mitt Romney has given us a look at his plan, his prescribed course of action. He has presented his way of beginning the healing process. Some say he is short on specifics. Most of who are claiming this are the Obama campaign hacks. They are the ones who are dodging the record of Obama and trying to demonize Gov. Romney for being successful.

When someone conducts a high level interview for a job, the resume is looked over very carefully before the interview is scheduled. Romney’s resume is strong for business. As he has been in the interview process, he has promoted his resume with a great degree of pride, and he should. He saved the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from becoming one of the worst embarrassments the nation could have been forced to endure.

As a venture capitalist he closed some businesses that were not solvent and could not compete in such a competitive market, but he also saved many that were capable of being saved. Early on, we heard from the Obama camp about how Bain Capital was the root of all evil in this world. If not for companies like Bain, the U.S. would be in an economic bliss right now. People would be prosperous, people would have jobs, mouths would be fed, bodies would be clothed and sheltered. If the current ills could not be blamed on George Bush, companies like Bain were responsible.

Well, Mitt Romney was able to save Bain from going bankrupt and into the abyss of former companies that didn’t hack it. And today, it is ranked as the top company to work for in America….higher than companies like Apple, Google, Trader Joes, and many others that are often highlighted by a media that likes to promote employee-friendly environments.

A lot of the acquisitions made by Bain since the departure of Romney as CEO would not have been possible if Bain had gone under. Guitar Center, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Houghton Mifflin, Clear Channel Communications, and Staples are just few companies that were saved by Bain, after it was saved by Romney.

As Governor of Massachusetts, he led a state that was nearly last in job creation. But the other part they will fail to tell you is Massachusetts had only a 4% unemployment rate, which is considered full employment. And he led the state with a Democratic legislature. He had to compromise, something that Obama has refused to do with the GOP-led House.

So, here we are, the day after the last debate and 2 weeks from the most important election we will ever hold. Will we choose to go the path that we know leads to despair, more government handouts, less job creation? Do we want more taxpayer dollars to go to companies like Solyndra….or Tesla, the carmaker that took U.S. taxpayer money to build cars in Finland? Or do we want someone who will promote the best America has to offer, by saving businesses right here at home, businesses that will employ people here….businesses that will help strengthen our retirement portfolios?

The Democrats can smokescreen all they want about people who own stock in foreign companies and in companies like Bain. But almost everyone (union or non-union), who has a pension or other retirement plan, cannot make a claim that they do not benefit from those stocks going up.

The choice is clear to me. Mitt Romney has already done much to save what he was entrusted to save. If he is elected and doesn’t do it, there is another election in 2016. If we select Obama again, 2016 will be too late for the present generation to make their way into success. Out economy will devolve into that of Greece and others who are threatening to follow that errant path.

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Welcome to Udopia

As I peck out this post on the keyboard, there are 40 days left until the November General Election. One day sort of 6 weeks and the MSM is all but calling it over.

Almost every headline on Yahoo leaves the impression that Obama is way ahead. Everyone who has Yahoo as their homepage at sign-on, sees the bias right away in the News Section. They sign on, boom, it’s there in front of their faces. CBS’s Scott Pelley asked Romney about turning his campaign around on 60 Minutes, like it’s a hopeless endeavor. The narrative is set, the information war is on.

In spite of the left ended media tilt, Obama and Romney are virtually tied in every poll, most of which are weighted with more Dems in the samples than GOP. The three battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida are showing Obama with a commanding lead, again, using the same weighted technique of many of the national polls. At this point, one cannot help but wonder how the media would be treating the election news if the roles were reversed. We know that no major media outlet has reported THIS poll.

Beyond the saturation of these skewed numbers in the closing weeks of this most important election, let’s assume they are all on the money for a moment. The more troubling part of all this is that the media’s coverage of the recent current events hasn’t helped matters much—-or should I say, their LACK of coverage.

It took two weeks to get anyone from the Administration to call the terrorist attack in Libya more than just a spontaneous out of control action. No one pressed for anything until after the bloggers and FOX News ramped up the conversation and began to critique the official narrative. The President went on fund raising tours, sat in on Letterman, rubbed elbows with celebs…. anything to not face the hard questions in the moment everything was still fresh. Even as late as this week, Obama is still bitterly clinging to the fact that there is an investigation going on and refused to use the words terror attack while donating his time as “eye candy” on The View.

In addition to knowing that the Administration possibly had warnings about the attack on the consulate in Benghazi and failed to take precautions, we continue to hear the most disheartening news imaginable:

The low wage work force is continuing to grow even in Obama’s adopted hometown.

Household incomes are still  down 8.2 % under Obama.

55% of small business owners say they would not start a company today.

Michelle Obama’s school lunch initiative is leaving kids hungry.

The Post Office is ready to default for the second time in two months.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. With all of the incompetence and negative outcomes due to the lack of leadership by the President, how can it be that anyone with an ounce of sense think that he is deserving of a second term? Maybe it’s because so many Americans are now so detached from reality that the new norm is all night gaming tournaments, sleeping all day, then waking up in the evening just in time to watch the Daily Show and Colbert report to get the news of the day. Maybe, the public education system has an entire generation of kids brainwashed into thinking they belong to the government:

Scary stuff, especially when you read as much as I have on how Hitler rose to power. Brainwash, lie, repeat. Do it enough and an entire generation knows nothing else.

This is the outcome of a public entity teaching children, to love and trust the public entity (along with other public entities) despite the fact that almost all of those entities do not serve the people. The people these systems employ are about governing themselves at our expense. The future of public education depends on what public education teaches their students. If they teach enough people to trust bureaucrats who answer to the politicians, this is the kind of blind loyalty it is going to produce. Their goal is to teach people to trust the government, and union backed workers who try to influence it. Rarely will a union teacher teach anything that is contrary to the approved line.

After the kids graduate from high school or a college/university that promotes government (with academia influences) as the solution to all social injustice, the media just reinforces it. And thus, we have a new generation brainwashed into thinking that government is God. Trust and put your faith in it and everything will be okay. Think for yourself and you run the risk of being an outcast, an extremist, a racist, and/or a hater.

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Mitt Romney’s Carpe Diem Moment

As rough and jagged as they were, Romney’s recent words have caused a bit of a stir. They have aroused a certain group of people from the 47% who support Obama to claim a golden opportunity for Obama. That’s what the MSM and the Democratic hacks are trying to make everyone believe, anyway.

Never mind the tapes we hear dropped some 1-2 minutes from the presentation by Mother Jones (which constitutes selective editing). Never mind the MSM and the like-minded hacks were livid when they thought Breitbart did it. This is okay….. because it serves the purpose they are embracing, which is to get Obama re-elected at any cost.

This kind of dirty tactic is praised and glorified in private meetings of the Leftist Establishment media types, but there is one thing they cannot change. They cannot prove that Romney is wrong.

This is Mitts big chance to own an issue that many have already embraced, and he needs to pick the pace up with it. Time is running short.

We are nearing a point when the number of people who pay no income taxes will go over 50% and the candidate that promises the most free stuff will likely win all future elections. The Left may be celebrating this as the straw that broke the camel’s back, but I am not so sure it’s the back of Romney. This is the instance where he can seize the moment with real class, with real authority, and take the message to all who might consider it.

This is the time we need to have people hear that the nation is on a slippery-sloped path that will not offer escape, if we do not chart out a different route. Romney needs to tell the electorate this not about anyone’s feelings, it’s about a future that guarantees real opportunity to people who go out and exercise it. It’s about people doing things, picking their own destiny, not about the government picking one for them.

Romney needs to be clearer, now more than ever. He needs to say that no one will ever take safety nets away from people who have fallen on hard times, through circumstances beyond their control. But he does need to tell people that the gravy train stops at the next station, and those who are abusing the system because they are too lazy to get off of their asses, need to make an attempt to be self-sufficient. It is not my responsibility to provide for my family AND someone who does nothing for themselves, except whine and complain that they are victims.

The man or woman who lost a job should be able to get help for a short time until they get back into the thick of things. But the one who wants to sit up all night (watching late night TV and playing video games), the one who is sleeping late the next day while waiting for the government check, is not MY problem. It’s time for them to get a life and make their own way.

This is the way that a slim majority of people still feel and it’s what needs to be said openly. Enough with the sensitive touchy-feely stuff. It’s time to for a kick in the ass. If it isn’t said now, while there is a chance to rectify all of this mess, there will come a time when it will be too late and no one will ever have another chance to do anything again, without the government stamp of approval.

It’s time to wake the hell up here. We don’t get to a command economy overnight. We don’t let government control our lives in the flash of an instant. It slips up on us all, because we let people wiggle and weasel their way into a life of mediocrity and half-assed efforts…all  because it’s the compassionate way to act. In reality, there is no compassion in watching people waste their breaths on this earth, living dependently on other people. There is no glory in living at the behest of a government who forces people to pay the ways of others, who are too lazy to work.

Like many other people, I get up everyday and make my way to work in a job that I studied hard in college to learn to do, and I did it so no one would need to carry my load. I get up and sweat bullets doing it too. So I will be damned if I spend my life doing this everyday, just so some lazy puke can draw a check for nothing.

It’s time for people sit up and take notice here. Those of us who are working hard need to take a stand and say, “no more”. It ends now.

This is Romney’s big moment. If he takes this opportunity, he has a good chance of winning in November. But if he continues to let the Left Wing Nuts define him as some wishy-washy mealy mouthed politician who can be intimidated away from the truth simply by being critical of his beliefs, he will lose….. and we’ll all be stuck with more incompetence and more corruption, than has ever been seen in the history of our republic.

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Obama And The Middle East Riots….Getting The Lies Straight.

As the fury rages, simmers, then rages again, the battle for the narrative has been exposed. One way to do this is make the Sunday news talk show rounds, before football consumes the American mindset.

From the very beginning, we have been told that the protests and attacks were because of a film that offended Muslims, which has been out since much earlier in the summer. We are now being told by the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. that one such attack was not premeditated, but spontaneous, and directly tied to an event in Cairo that was a result of the film. Per ABC’s Jake Tapper, on This Week:

“Our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present, is that, in fact, what this began as, it was a spontaneous – not a premeditated – response to what had transpired in Cairo,” Rice told me this morning on “This Week.”

Meanwhile, on CBS’s Face The Nation, we learn this is a direct contradiction to the reports now coming out of Libya, which is being told by the Libyan President.

Libya President Mohamed Yousef El-Magariaf said Sunday that 50 arrests have been made in connection with last week’s “preplanned” attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi that left U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead.

“The way these perpetrators acted and moved — I think we, and they’re choosing the specific date for this so-called demonstration, I think we have no, this leaves us with no doubt that this was pre-planned, determined,” Magariaf said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

All of this comes after a report from The Independent telling us that the U.S. Government had ample warning but did nothing. This seems to be backed up by a newer CNN report.

Meanwhile, the White House has outed the film maker they say is responsible for the riot in Cairo, which ultimately led to the attack on the consulate in Libya that left four people dead including the U.S. Ambassador.  This appears to be a sacrifice that is similar to the kind made in past times, to appease a volcano that raged out of control. Here is the scapegoat we will call the culprit. We will investigate him, and maybe while we appear to be doing so, someone can get to him and kill him so that he cannot tell his side of the story.

Far-fetched? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, this does not look good on Obama and here is why.

At the very least, we are seeing another instance where this President is incompetent and unable to lead during a crisis such as this. This means his people who are charged with managing things below him have failed miserably. From the moment the initial statement of apology from the Cairo Embassy to the statement today by Susan Rice, it sounds like there is a vast disconnect in the chain of command and no one really knows what to say or do. This could signal desperation on their part and as a result, there is a lot of ensuing confusion in an ill-prepared team.

Or at very most, we are seeing a President who was in on the plot for more nefarious purposes. We could be witnessing this as part of a plan to create chaos, so he could demonstrate the need for more than a champion of the economy. Romney is winning the argument on fiscal issues, according to their internal polling. This would call for the need for a foreign policy crisis that would give opportunity for Obama to appear more able to lead in world events. Therefore, it is hereby generated. But in the initial moments so far, it would seem it has backfired. It may mean the confusion is a result of the truth becoming known, and the lies are closing in.

No matter what the story really is, we know there is no real leadership in the WH, so there is no skill set to deal with a crisis of this magnitude. This is a Monday through Friday, 9-5, President….who barely gets his hours in, as it is. What makes them think they can outperform Team Romney in such sensitive areas as national security and international diplomacy?


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