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They Are Those, These Are The Ones.

Any real general public cause that is worth working and fighting for, will be one that will serve the best general public interest of the population. To do this most effectively, it has to be managed well at every local level possible. The power vested to the states is that which is not given to the federal government, by the Constitution. And yet we still find ourselves increasingly beholden to those, who should be beholden to us.

Once a law is made, both by passing votes in both Congressional houses and being signed by the Chief Executive, it can be challenged in the courts if someone believes it to be unconstitutional. If not, it goes into law. If it is challenged it must pass the test of the Judicial Branch, up to whatever level it takes to ensure that the law does not violate the Constitution in any way.

Everywhere in the country, state and local officials who are sworn to uphold that “little book” (as per Piers Morgan) must enforce the laws enacted legally. What they are not sworn to do is obey illegal orders issued, in a way that is not provided for in the founding document.

Now, I know that there are many who are claiming that the Constitution is outdated and no longer should be given validity because it is so old. I know that they would seek to do away with it, they would love nothing more than to rewrite…. or scrap it altogether.

During his first campaign in 2008, the then Senator Obama made a bold statement that got a rousing applause and cheer from the crowd in one speech and resonated throughout. He said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” And I am here to tell you today, that these are the ones who those old men with those old outdated ideas, principles, and concepts, these are the ones they told you about, the ones they feared would come, and made those provisions in that document so that they could not assume control over your liberty and your human rights.


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A New Year Message For 2013

The year is now 2013 and I wanted to take a moment to write a big thank you to all of the young people who voted for Obama to have a second term, and for keeping the Senate in control of the tax and spend Democrats. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be the sacrificial lambs for myself and my generation. You are truly amazing and I appreciate your willingness to give so much to us.

By voting for this group of losers, you have ensured that my generation will be able to spend like drunken sailors, get all of the benefits before we die, and you will be picking up the tab well after we are gone. There will be very little (if anything) left for you, we will have used it all up.

This President and Congress, like so many before them, are once again kicking the can down the road so that nothing can collapse on their watch, as it should have done years ago. They are spending more, taxing more, and borrowing more so that my generation can live in comfort and not need to worry about paying anything back.

The deficits are climbing, no one is cutting any spending, and they are working hard to raise whatever tax they can to make up for it. What budget balancing that cannot be accomplished by these methods will be attempted on more borrowed funds. Once borrowing reaches the legal debt ceiling limit, they will simply raise it again so they can borrow more. When that does not work, they will raise taxes again and the whole cycle will repeat.

The great thing about all of this is, I will have Social Security and Medicare until I die. But when it comes your turn, there will be nothing and you will likely die of hunger, illness, and possibly malnutrition…. because no one wants to look at reforming these programs now, before they break the bank when it is your turn.

Because you voted for Obama and his plan to make government a perpetual Santa Claus, you will be forced to eat healthier and live longer. But as luck would have it, the healthcare system will not be able to serve you when you get old and sick, and Social Security will not be there for you as you age. What little resources remain will go to those who are now your age, so they can be fed and kept healthy, while being slaves to the whims of government.

I have used this blog as a platform to warn you against these coming events, many others with more far-reaching audiences have too. You labeled us as right wing tea-baggers. You said we wanted to take this country back to the stone age and even called us racist for trying to get this message to you.

As a father raising two children I sacrificed much, so they could have what they needed for the time they were unable to provide it for themselves. I have been willing to sacrifice some things in my life today, in order to preserve your future, for you and your children. But you would have none of it. Such altruism has never been known.

So someday when someone comes across this sleepy little blog and this particular post, may you know how grateful I am that you chose the chains of government dependence over the liberty of self-sufficiency. It was just long enough to get me to my grave. Because no one wanted to make the hard choices now, you will be in misery looking back with much regret at the choices I would have gladly made alongside with you today.

Peace out, peeps.


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Meet Joe Donnelly-Candidate For U.S. Senate

Joe is the U.S. Representative from Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District. He is a Democrat and presents himself as a Blue Dog Democrat, which is a Democrat that promotes him/herself as a moderate in the midst of a party that is loaded with progressive liberals and socialists. His website bio casts him as a former small business owner that understands the small merchant class.

This is all well and good, but his bio has more to read… more about what Joe wants us to know about himself:

Joe is committed to a moderate and common sense agenda that includes creating and preserving jobs, reducing the debt and deficit, fighting for our veterans, and promoting an all-in energy plan. In Congress, he serves on two committees: Financial Services and Veterans’ Affairs.

Let’s break it down a little, shall we? He says he is “committed to a moderate and common sense agenda that includes creating and preserving jobs, reducing the debt and deficit..“.

Donnelly voted for the 2009 Stimulus – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This cost the American taxpayers $800 billion, much of which was borrowed money.

How did it do?

Democrats and progressive hacks will proudly tout that it created or saved one million jobs. So if we crunch the numbers, that means each one of those jobs cost $800,000. But the real difficult thing to gauge is how many jobs were saved and how many were created. There is no way to track the saved jobs, as there is no formula for anyone to say how many jobs would have been lost. We just have to take their word for it.

Just for kicks, let’s look at it another way. Most jobs were promoted to be good paying middle class jobs. The U.S. median income is approximately $50,000 annually, so if we are to further explore the math trail, we can see that there is a deficit of $750,000 per job.

Who got it? Who has it? Is it still there? Or did it go into the Democrats’ special interests’ bank accounts?

I guess if you want a fairly easy to understand version, Wikipedia has one. But that is the government version, so one must always read with some intelligent skepticism.

The point here is simple, Joe Donnelly did not vote for Indiana’s interests. He voted for the interests of his party and his own. On the most crucial issues, he has consistently voted with Nancy Pelosi since 2007 and Barack Obama since 2009. He voted against the will of the majority of the American people on Obamacare. He voted for the unconstitutional TARP and Cash For Clunkers. He voted to increase the debt ceiling to $16 trillion, the bailout/takeover of GM and Chrysler, and many other bills that have been rammed down the throats of the American people against the will of the majority.

So the question becomes, do Hoosiers really want a Senator Joe Donnelly in the Senate under the thumb of Harry Reid?

Like I stated earlier, Donnelly has consistently run as a pragmatic Blue Dog Democrat, who will serve his district more than the Democratic leadership. But when we count up the money, we see he has cost the taxpayers trillions of dollars.

As Sen. Evan Bayh once related in a TV interview, good people can go to Washington to try to make a difference and have every intention of doing the right thing. But when their arms get twisted by the party leaders to take one for the team, it becomes a brutal game, whereby the ones who go against the grain are ostracized and cut out of important opportunities to make that difference they sought to make.

I will not assassinate his character like the Left and the Donnelly campaign are trying to do to his opponent, Richard Mourdock. But by all accounts of his record, we can see that Joe Donnelly has succumbed to that brutal political game long enough.

Donnelly, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama are all of one mind, soul and spirit. They believe that they can continue to spend, borrow, and print money to return prosperity to the U.S., but when we look closer, we can clearly see they are seeking to add to its woe and despair–by making more Americans dependent on the government for it’s basic sustenance. And in the process they are lining the pockets of special interests that do not represent most Hoosiers.

Don’t fall for the misinformation. It’s time to retire Donnelly.

(NOTE–This post was not paid for by anyone and certainly was not approved by Joe Donnelly, Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama.)


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The Litmus Testing Of Patrick Murphy, Democratic Candidate For Florida’s 18th Congressional District

As a former soldier in the United States Army, I would have been tickled and proud to serve under a LTC Allen West. I would be even more excited if he was representing my district in the United States House of Representatives. He isn’t my Congressman, but it does not mean I cannot give voters a chance to see what he is up against in his upcoming re-election campaign.

Meet Patrick Murphy, who might become West’s Democratic Challenger. He runs commercials like this one:

Now, let’s look at his resume.

Patrick Murphy currently serves as Vice President of Coastal Environmental Services, which specializes in disaster relief and environmental cleanup. In 2010, Patrick spent six months in the Gulf of Mexico leading the company’s efforts to remove oil spilled during the BP disaster. Coastal Environmental is an affiliate of Coastal Construction, one of the leading construction firms in the country, and has been named one of the nation’s top “Green Contractors”.

Patrick was born and raised on the Florida Coast. He spent much of his early life on construction sites and worked as a day laborer while going to college. After earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami in accounting and finance, Patrick joined the respected accounting firm of Deloitte and Touche as a CPA, where he served as an external auditor of Fortune 500 companies. Patrick is also the Co-Chair of Coastal Cares, which guides the firm’s philanthropic work for local and regional charities including the Boys & Girls Club, United Way, Camillus House, and Education Fund/Teach-A-Thon.

Here is the page of the Voter Action Network, a progressive hack group which is an arm of the Democratic Party. This is the page on Murphy that you can find on their website.

Here is THAT resume.

Patrick Murphy currently serves as Vice President of Coastal Environmental Services, which specializes in disaster relief and environmental cleanup. In 2010, Patrick spent six months in the Gulf of Mexico leading the company’s efforts to remove oil spilled during the BP disaster. Coastal Environmental is an affiliate of Coastal Construction, one of the leading construction firms in the country and has been named one of the nation’s top “Green Contractors”.

Patrick was born and raised on the Florida Coast. He spent much of his early life on construction sites and worked as a day laborer while going to college. After earning dual bachelor’s degrees from the University of Miami in accounting and finance, Patrick joined the respected accounting firm of Deloitte and Touche as a CPA, where he served as an external auditor of Fortune 500 companies. Patrick is also the Co-Chair of Coastal Cares, which guides the firm’s philanthropic work for local and regional charities, such as the Boys & Girls Club, United Way, Camillus House, and Education Fund/Teach-A-Thon.

Now, check out THIS website. Are you getting the picture, yet? The neo-eco-friendly-socialist-marxist candidate to challenge Allen West is supported by the new-age community-organizing community. But who else supports him?

The video presents Murphy as someone who is concerned about the environment. This is sure to attract the eco-terrorists and other kinds of irrational left-wing supporters, including progressive PACs all over. Yet…he works as a Vice President of his father’s company which they call Coastal Environmental Services. This is a company that swooped in and made a big chunk of change, cleaning up what possibly was a vastly overstated and exaggerated oil spill in the Gulf awhile back. His father’s connections got them a contract to go out and drive some boats around, and pretend to cleanup what was a horrendous event. They may have done some work, but who really knows just how much? Who knows if the work was enough to justify their payment?

Now, he wants to run against Allen West, who is  a true conservative champion. And dad has the ticket.

Here is an ad run by dad’s PAC.

So…to all of you who may still be searching for Marxist ideologues and people who are sincerely endeared to the the causes you espouse, you may want to rethink your support of Patrick Murphy. He is a crony capitalist and belongs to a rich family that is likely seeking more taxpayer dollars at the expense of the middle class.

By Tom Murphy’s own admission, he has taken a family business and turned it into a billion dollar CORPORATE enterprise:

Tom built Coastal on a simple foundation…to provide quality service for a select group of clients through a hands-on approach. As the visionary behind his company, Tom has taken a family business and has grown it into a billion dollar corporate enterprise.

If all of this isn’t enough to make you rethink this whole overplayed act, go look at this website dedicated to taking the Colonel’s words out of context to present him in an extremist light. It says clearly that it’s paid for by friends of Patrick Murphy.

In summary, we have a corporate son of a one-percenter who is pretending to be concerned about the environment, in order to get into Congress to have access to more taxpayer dollars than his father has already been able to acquire. We have the dirty tricks progressive hacks lining up to support him, in order to accomplish this feat. And…. we have some of his “friends” putting up a site that makes every effort to smear a war hero, who speaks much truth, many times to a fault.

Patrick Murphy and his dad are white. Allen West is black. To use the Barack Obama model of racial litmus testing, we should conclude that the Murphys are racists.

I’ll tell you, folks. I don’t know about most sensible hard-working people in Florida’s 18th District. I cannot speak for them. But if lived there, I would not vote for a rich kid, whose dad is looking for more government contracts. I’d vote for a military man who you will always know where he stands, which will be for the American interest and the American cause.

UPDATE 8-9-12

Here is the latest from Daddy’s PAC:

Nothing is too good for his little boy.


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Opinion Nation

When the big SCOTUS opinion on Obamacare came down last Thursday, there were many others from the rank and file citizenry expressing one on the very same day, and have been expressing many since.

The Left has been ecstatic. Many have not only spiked the football but have also done some elaborate end zone dances, as well. Nancy Pelosi could not wait to get her face on camera to gloat.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Right has been furious. Many have expressed the feeling of betrayal at the hands of the Chief Justice. They have shredded his opinion to pieces and some have even ground him into a fine powder in columns, blog posts, and media interviews. But at the same time, it has mobilized them to a much greater degree than they would have been, had it gone their way. Mitt Romney is said to have raked in the most money in one 24-hour period, in the history of presidential campaign fundraising.

I have to admit that I was a bit taken back at the decision, especially after learning that Roberts was the swing vote instead of Kennedy. The reason I was shocked was that it is such a horrible law, put together by idiots who have no understanding of the healthcare profession. I have worked in healthcare for over two decades and believe me when I tell you, it’s a real bad law and will not do the job that it has been sold to do.

At the same time, I had to wonder what Roberts was thinking when he cast his vote to uphold it, as is. Some people went as far as saying they wondered if Roberts was threatened by the Obama Chicago Intimidation Machine. Others said it was his medication regimen. But then as I combed the internet to get some serious reasoning about the Chief Justice’s decision to side with people who have no understanding of healthcare, I came across this piece. It lists several reasons why Roberts may have done the best thing for the country for the long term and I recommend to everyone who is angry about the outcome, read that post.

Poker and Chess are entirely different games. One is centered in the here and now. It lives in the hand and the rewards and penalties are instantaneous. The other is a game of deep thought and patience. It is not a chest-thumping activity, it plays to the long term objective. It requires strategy that has no component of luck. While everyone else was playing Poker, Roberts was playing Chess.

One thing that Erickson said makes a lot more sense, when you think about it in Chess terms. From his post:

It seems to me the left was smart to make a full frontal assault on the Court as it persuaded Roberts.

By doing this, Roberts proved he is above the political fray. For better or for worse, Congress passed a law and the SCOTUS did not strike it down based on its lack of popularity. The same people who passed it were sent to Washington by voters. Obama and a Democratic Congress were sent there under the belief that it was time for a change, in spite of the many voices (like my own) who said these people will screw this country up to no known end.

Now that the people who didn’t listen to us are not happy with this law (to the tune of 60% of the people), there is only one real way to get rid of this bad law…repeal it. And the only way it’s going to be repealed is if enough people, who have the guts to do it, are put into office and they actually do it. This will include changing presidents.

By showing he is not an activist judge trying to legislate from the bench, Roberts has set things up well. He has also shown that he is not a partisan hack. He is now free to render the correct rulings in the future, free from such accusations. The next ruling may have even more far-reaching consequences that will make this healthcare law seem trivial. It might even include ruling on the election later this year, should the Democrats try to steal it like they tried to in 2000. I’d rather have Roberts free to make a just ruling in that scenario, than to be selfish and have the ability to savor this one going my way.

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Time For Government To Open The Books

The GSA fiasco is nothing new. Even before all of this came to light, this has been going on for many years now. The system is set up to reward people at taxpayer expense and goes way beyond what is truly reasonable.

Budgets are figured out and planned by people who stand to gain from them. Oversight is virtually unheard of, much less practiced at any government level (but as anyone knows, it’s far more widespread at the federal level).

“How about bringing in a private outside firm to audit?”, you may ask.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Except, that firm is just as eager to get their hands on money from the taxpayer, just as much as the government agencies are.

Naturally, the audit firm wants a contract to do it next year….and then maybe the next. Maybe they want it every year, so they want to keep the people in power who can make that happen. So some of that taxpayer money comes back to the politicians in the form of campaign contributions.

If you are that firm and lucky enough to be on the government’s list of contractors, all you have to do is do a report that says the books look good…. or find some minor indiscretions and oversights, here and there, just to make it look like you are looking for something. Meanwhile, it’s back at ranch time right after all this is said and done… and business goes on.

The problem is this. It takes a media to investigate this. But what happens, if some of the media outlets do not care to report this kind of thing? What about the media that is forced to report something but downplays its importance? Many have been forced to report on the GSA and the Secret Service debacles, only because the story has become the narrative, and damage control will begin soon.

Let ma pose one to you…if a tree falls in the forest where no one can hear it, did that tree make a sound? How about two…if a report was not made, did something like this go on?

This is why someone needs to clean up the way things are done now. Yet… when we take time to think about it, we have to wonder if someone or anyone can actually clean up the government. Maybe it’s too big to clean up. Maybe no one can do it, because the corruption is so widespread. They may go with good intentions. But the allure of the perks and the threats of powerful people who stand to lose in a cleaned up government, eventually may get them.

Although it goes on at the federal level more blatantly and defiantly, it goes on everywhere up and down the chain. States and municipalities are not exempt. This is why it is imperative that the people look at every candidate… case by this coming election. Go to their townhalls. If they seem like they are reasonable, get behind them. But if they lose, stay on the case of the person who does get elected and hold them accountable.

The point is, we need to open these books. We need to see where the gross mismanagement is located, we need to see just where the utter contempt exists. Then we need to have the guts to eliminate them all. We need to cut back on every single budget, maybe by gutting a good portion of many. We need a leaner, smarter government. The days of splurge, on the dime of those who are working hard to pay the bills, have to be over now. It has to stop. or we are toast.

We cannot keep borrowing money for government workers to live a hedonistic lifestyle, while people are not working. If it’s happening in one place, we know it’s happening all over. The one place we know of was the one that got caught.

ADDENDUM: Here is a fine example of the kind of stuff we are talking about.


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Public Potpourri

Here is a mix of things we are watching at this time:

The SOTU last week is still getting some attention, but not for anything new or unusual. Seems it was full of the same tired rhetoric we have become accustomed to in this administration and my favorite op-ed writer in the world has put it into proper perspective.

Here is another example of how one religious group seeks to impose its will upon the those who do not shares its belief system. Instead of evangelizing through the power of persuasion, they seek to force government to force others to comply with their beliefs. Today it’s the dog issue, who knows what they will want to impose on European society tomorrow?

The Obama campaign just released some names of their bundlers. One name you will note on the $500,000+ list is none other than Jon Corzine of Hoboken, New Jersey. One cannot help but wonder if that money was some of the now famous missing money that was likely embezzled for this very purpose.

I distinctly remembering the Left propagating the fallacy that an Obama presidency would usher in the post-racial era. Here in this interview/discussion, we see why this has not been possible.

Finally, we see that in this article at least a couple university presidents are a little apprehensive about Obama’s policy on tackling tuition costs and they are verbalizing it. I wonder if we should ask them who they voted for in 2008.


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