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They Are Those, These Are The Ones.

Any real general public cause that is worth working and fighting for, will be one that will serve the best general public interest of the population. To do this most effectively, it has to be managed well at every local level possible. The power vested to the states is that which is not given to the federal government, by the Constitution. And yet we still find ourselves increasingly beholden to those, who should be beholden to us.

Once a law is made, both by passing votes in both Congressional houses and being signed by the Chief Executive, it can be challenged in the courts if someone believes it to be unconstitutional. If not, it goes into law. If it is challenged it must pass the test of the Judicial Branch, up to whatever level it takes to ensure that the law does not violate the Constitution in any way.

Everywhere in the country, state and local officials who are sworn to uphold that “little book” (as per Piers Morgan) must enforce the laws enacted legally. What they are not sworn to do is obey illegal orders issued, in a way that is not provided for in the founding document.

Now, I know that there are many who are claiming that the Constitution is outdated and no longer should be given validity because it is so old. I know that they would seek to do away with it, they would love nothing more than to rewrite…. or scrap it altogether.

During his first campaign in 2008, the then Senator Obama made a bold statement that got a rousing applause and cheer from the crowd in one speech and resonated throughout. He said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” And I am here to tell you today, that these are the ones who those old men with those old outdated ideas, principles, and concepts, these are the ones they told you about, the ones they feared would come, and made those provisions in that document so that they could not assume control over your liberty and your human rights.


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Nancy Grace: A Career Of Judicial And Unprofessional Misconduct

Nancy Grace has the Casey Anthony case to thank for her new found fame. Before all of this, she was just some legal hack on TV on a third rate network news station.

Listening to her commentary, there is one thing apparent that will certainly stand out when you hear her voice and her ammonia tone: She is an angry and deeply embittered woman who has an axe to grind. She has an issue with anyone she deems to be guilty, whether she has evidence or not.

In almost every case, sets herself up to be judge, jury, and executioner in the public telecasting domain and would be a most dangerous person if she ever were to set foot in a prosecutor’s office ever again. She used to be one and was pretty much a loose cannon, when she was. Her temper and her anger was not the least bit moderated by any sense of professionalism. She may make for good television for the ignorant masses that otherwise would follow Jerry Springer, but her emotions are her worst enemy. For the most part you will not see much of an interview, as you will an out of control tirade.

While working for the Atlanta -Fulton County District Attorney, she played fast and loose with the truth on occasions. On one of those occasions, she got a heroin trafficking case thrown out of court. In the case of Bell v. State, she went on such an angry unprofessional diatribe, she lost her composure and brought a host of unrelated cases into her closing arguments. The result was the Georgia Supreme Court granting a mistrial.

She has twice been chastised in writing by that court, in another case she was chastised for inexcusable behavior by her blatant disregard for due process. Another case made it to the U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit, where the conviction was upheld–but once again she was found to have behaved reprehensibly in the discharging of her duties. So based on these known cases, it seems that in the midst of her raging rants about the gross miscarriage of justice in the Casey Anthony case, she selectively likes to ignore her own incompetence and malfeasance in some that she had a hand in, before she landed herself a TV gig.

Incompetence can be fixed, with some effort. Teaching and education can correct this, but blatant disregard for the law is something that is much harder to correct–especially when someone like Grace is so utterly recalcitrant to any form of professional discipline. Knowing how utterly contemptible her court behavior has been, she still carries that same chip on her shoulder as a TV commentator.

The reason she gives for leaving the world of prosecutorial law is that the DA she worked for was not going to seek re-election. Maybe, but maybe the reason he wasn’t going to do so was because there are more cases like the ones she committed these egregious offenses in…cases that could have been made public during a re-election bid…cases that Grace had been involved with, and made a mess of like these others. One thing is certain, she was not a candidate to be a DA, herself.

More than anything, Grace’s conduct gives the distinct impression she is overly prejudicial and not cut out for law enforcement work. She is no stranger to prejudice. She is from Macon, Georgia. At the time she was growing up there in her formative years, this Central Georgia city was a hotbed of racism because of desegregation. The public schools were a complete mess because whites were angry about having their school districts carved up to accommodate blacks. Klan activity was not unusual at the high school level during this time. I know, because I spent two years in Macon at this time in history. I saw it with my own eyes and at times, it was not pretty.

All of this was going on in 1970, which is the year Windsor Academy was instituted. Windsor was created so that rich white kids would not have to sit next to poor black kids from Lizella and other segregated black areas, in and around Macon. This is precisely where Nancy Grace graduated high school and where she first got mounted on her high horse. This is where she first learned to think she was better than others.

In addition to her judicial misconduct, she has been an engaging figure in her broadcasting career since she removed herself from prosecuting (or was chased out in shame, whichever you choose to believe). On one of her more deplorable shows, he once browbeat a very fragile woman (who had not been named a suspect in her child’s disappearance by authorities at that time) mercilessly and verbally abused her so badly that the woman committed suicide after the show. The child’s body was never found. It could be that she was responsible, but we will never know now because she is dead. Maybe at some point she would have provided a clue, or confessed if she was guilty. But that isn’t going to happen now because Nancy is conducted that interview in such a choleric manner. She felt in her heart that she had every right to treat the woman like dirt to get to the truth, because she felt she was guilty. No facts, just felt.

In the case of the Duke Lacrosse team, she had them convicted in the first 48 hours of the story breaking.  Amazingly when the charges were finally dismissed, good old Nancy skipped the broadcast of her show after the announcement was made. No guts, just mouth….full of barbecued crow meat. And let’s not forget her false accusations of Richard Ricci in the Elizabeth Smart case, we know that ended with Ricci dying in jail, while Grace railed almost nightly about how guilty he was even though there was no evidence to support her whacked out theory. In all these cases where she was proven wrong by those pesky things we like to call facts, she has yet to apologize. She doesn’t know how, because she is always right or can justify her actions with some weak excuse,….just like the criminals she says she loathes.

All this pales in comparison to the final piece of evidence I will submit to support my claims in this piece.

In her book, Objection, she willfully embellished the murder of her fiancé back in 1979. I think it might have been so people would feel sorry for her, but it might have been because she is a pathological liar, at very least a compulsive exaggerator. This is one instance I found myself on the same side of the issue as Keith Olbermann, who in my estimation hasn’t been right since. In a Rolling Stone interview he was quoted as saying, “Anybody who would embellish the story of their own fiancé’s murder should spend that hour a day not on television but in a psychiatrist’s chair..

I truly do believe that Nancy Grace needs a psychiatrist. From a lifetime pattern of angry behavior that manifests with acts willful disregard for the rule of law, it is apparent there is a personality disorder waiting to be diagnosed. But like the Jerry Springer and Maury Povich viewers, her rabid sycophants will likely keep her on TV until she implodes, possibly by committing a crime of her own. In my book, she already has.


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The State Vs. Casey Marie Anthony

I am sick of the Casey Anthony story, but it has become a media circus thanks to Nancy Grace and Bill O’Reilly.

These are two commentators who beat it into the ground before the verdict and have continued to hammer it several days post verdict. They say they do it because it was a gross miscarriage of justice, like a jury has never gotten it wrong before.

They both are conducting their respective shows like this is the only thing in the world worth talking about. While the government is considering raising the debt ceiling to accommodate the spending binge the elected officials have embarked upon for the past several years, while the Obama Administration is embarking on a daily campaign of lies and deceits that affect billions of people worldwide, they are shutting it all out to talk about a tramp.

So unless something odd or unusual comes to light about this case, this is going to be my only post on this subject.

Here’s what I think:

1. I don’t know of she killed her daughter or not. We know she is dead, we don’t know how she got that way or when. We only know when and where her remains were found, and the state of those remains provided no clues.

2. There was no objective evidence that tied Casey to the death. It was built on a lot of circumstantial evidence that only proves beyond a reasonable doubt, she is a tramp and a pathological liar. The prosecution failed miserably.

3. I do believe she knows what happened to her daughter. Nothing in the trial proves it was or wasn’t an accident that was made to look like an abduction and murder. Again, the evidence wasn’t there. Even if she tells the truth at this point, who knows if it can be believed?

4. I believe that the grandmother and grandfather know what happened to Caylee. What kind of a grandparent doesn’t report a grandchild missing, if his/her daughter is vague about her whereabouts and cannot produce her upon request? Grandpa was a cop, who knows how to make crime scenes almost clue-free. Grandpa was contemplating suicide and allegedly had an affair while the investigation was ongoing. Were these incidents just attempts to help ease a guilty conscience? Why did Grandma get on the stand and say that SHE is the one who performed an internet search for chloroform, 80 some odd times?

5. We may never know the truth. All of these people are consummate liars. They have all lied repeatedly and are suspect, if you ask me. A lying cop who knows forensics, a woman who married a lying cop, and a daughter who was raised by a lying cop. Liars beget more liars. Not all cops are liars, but there is a brotherhood that is solidified by a union. If George was a well-liked cop by his brothers, they might have been more likely to believe his stories than I do.

6. This is how our justice system is supposed to work. As much as this case stinks, I don’t think they had enough evidence to convict. There is a truth, I am not so sure the one the prosecution brought forth is the truth. i think it will be forever buried, because the Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Prosecutor will never re-open this case now that they have botched this one.

7. The rest of  Casey’s life will exist in ruin. Very few quality people will want to associate themselves with Anthony after her release and many will try to hurt her. She will spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder, because the outrage is so prevalent and her face is so well-known. She can alter her appearance and change her name, but she will forever wonder if someone recognizes her and wants to do her harm. Mob justice is not the answer, but it is a consequence sometimes when a case like this goes unpunished in the eyes of citizens. The other thing to consider is, she may not handle this well afterward when no one wants to associate with her and may hurt herself or do something else stupid like O.J., finding herself in jail again.

And thus ends my take in the case of the State vs, Casey Marie Anthony….and her dysfunctional family.

I have nothing more to say, it is time to move on and let God have his say whenever He chooses to do so.

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