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Search For The Boston Bomber(s)

As the nation once again grieves a senseless act of terror, the obvious question is being asked everywhere. Whose hands made this heinous act happen?

A lot of people made a big deal about the President not calling this act terrorism in his first remarks after the attack. I won’t criticize him for not saying it right away, but I will criticize his mouthpiece David Axelrod for some comments that he made. He had no trouble making some subtle inferences on MSNBC:

Notice Axelrod’s subtle point toward anti-government groups:

“And I’m sure what was going through the president’s mind is — we really don’t know who did this — it was tax day. Was it someone who was pro–you know, you just don’t know,” he continued. “And so I think his attitude is, let’s not put any inference into this, let’s just make clear that we’re going to get the people responsible.”

He references Tax Day so as to implicate the TEA Party, and why not? TEA stands for “taxed enough already” and we all know that the Obama camp is poised and ready to make another tax grab in the upcoming weeks. Regardless of the fact that evangelicals have hijacked a lot of it, it was for this reason the movement was born….to communicate dissatisfaction with Washington on what people considered to be gross overtaxation of the masses.

Even evangelicals should not be considered first. They may be overzealous and may be (wrongfully) on Homeland Security’s watch list, but they are not violent. Yet, this doesn’t stop Axelrod from shooting his big mouth off.

I would be surprised to learn this was anyone to do with the TEA Party or someone with a religious agenda. Domestic anti-government terrorists would likely target federal government buildings, because the object of their seething rage is an out of control federal government. Religious zealots would attack abortion centers. Islamist terrorists are far more prone to attack events and sites that promote our Western culture, which they absolutely loathe. The Boston Marathon is a huge sports tradition in the Western World. Runners come to run there, from all over the civilized world.

Still, we cannot help but wonder if the Administration wants to steer this in a direction that would benefit them – one that would empower them to crack down more, on those who oppose their policies. Never mind that almost everyone – who opposes the current government and the actions they have taken to strip freedoms from the people – condemns this kind of act and would NEVER sympathize with it. Controlling the narrative is vital in this instance.

Congress and the Administration could certainly use an event to justify the stripping of more inalienable rights… or to slip something by, while we are all distracted. While the media was covering the outrage over the gay marriage issue, Monsanto was slipped right through unnoticed. Political smokescreens are becoming more prevalent with these hacks, mainly because they work with low information voters.

But all of this aside, there is one journalist who is presenting an interesting theory on who is responsible for the Boston Bombing. He has some interesting thoughts you can read and watch here. In this day and age, I would not be surprised to learn there are some elements of truth to this story and the reason the FBI may never find the people responsible is because they would be implicated in a plot that went wrong.

More perspective can be found here at Fore Left.

Salon wants the perpetrator to be a white American.



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Reuters On Zimmerman

Here is a piece published by Reuters about George Zimmerman, the shooter in the Trayvon Martin case. We have heard the commentary from the race baiting lobby, to include some embellishment about the life Martin is said to have lived. We know that the media and the Sharpton, Jackson, and Associates Inc. have portrayed Martin as a goody two shoes kind of kid, who was just bopping down the street eating Skittles and drinking a soft drink. And in this instance, he might have been. But until this article, the media has been negligent (and in some cases, quite possibly nefarious) in how they have handled the portrait of Zimmerman.

I have tried to reserve a lot of judgment, knowing that we can only get one side to the story and knowing that two people could have screwed up that evening. The only difference is, one of them is now dead because of it. The other must endure a life altering event whereby he may never be able to live a normal life again.

Whichever is worse is best decided every individual. One will never do anything else again and the other will not do much of anything, and will likely need to stay a recluse the rest of his life……if he is not sent to jail.

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Rodney King’s Take On The Trayvon Martin Case

We all remember Rodney King. He’s the guy whose savage beating by several LA Police Officers in 1992 outraged a lot of people of all races and backgrounds. We watched several instances where King could have been cuffed and put in a squad car for transport to the jail, but the police just kept beating.

Well, it seems Rodney has made a comparison between his case and Trayvon Martin’s.

King told TMZ that the justice system is a “slow process” but thinks everything will be worked out.

“I’m hoping that he gets justice for his family because he’s no longer here,” King told TMZ. “I’m hoping everything turns out OK.”

King compared his beating at the hands of four Los Angeles police officers in 1992 to the fatal shooting of the 17-year-old.

“Luckily I got (my attack) seen on tape,” he told TMZ.

It may seem to King that some similarities exist, but in reality they don’t. In fact, there is nothing in common between King and Martin except they are both black.

I see this shaping up as a flashpoint between the races. So if Zimmerman is acquitted (and it is likely he will be, if the case is not made any stronger between now and the trial), there will be riots in the streets once again some 20 years later. And Mr. King is not helping matters by giving the media false comparisons.

King was beaten by “out of control” police officers and we all saw this with our own eyes (ad nauseum) on TV. You can probably even get a You Tube video of it, if you do a search. But no one can say with any certainty what happened the night Martin was shot. We have nothing objective, just the subjective opinions of race baiters, who are picking the scabs of the wounds of a grieving family. These are people who agitate for a living, giving the family false impressions of a realistic outcome..

And while the officers who beat King were dead wrong for their actions, let’s not forget that King was no saint himself. He could have submitted to arrest and allowed the justice system to work, if was truly innocent of driving under the influence. He did not have to refuse to pull over and lead a high speed chase that endangered many others. Before the beating, he had a criminal record. After the beating, he had a more extensive record of arrests….with only minimal consequences in a couple.

I think this is likely because the law enforcement community felt the negative media attention would have been far too intense to absorb. The fears were stoked in the post-beating era by a biased media that were possibly largely responsible for the racial agitation. So it affected the way law enforcement was able to operate. In the Martin case, we see a pattern developing already. There was anger at the decision to release Zimmerman on bail and we have seen some instances of retaliations by black perpetrators against white victims, in the name of Trayvon.

It’s setting up well and King’s erroneous interjection is only going to fan the flames even more than they already have been–to this point. What’s even more troubling is, the first black president is sitting on his hands, so silently. He was the one who was supposed to unite all of Americans in a post-racial society. And yet, he is now giving the outward appearance that he wants mob justice to prevail. He could be doing much to douse the flames, but he silently watches them being stoked by the race baiters…. with an unused fire hose at his feet.

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Al Sharpton Keeps The Trayvon Martin Case Alive For His Own Purposes

The war of words continues, but some of the rage seems to be waning now that there are some things coming to light in the Trayvon Martin shooting case. With each passing day one side or another seems to get some piece of evidence entered into the court of public opinion. Here are just a few things that have crept into the narrative since I wrote the last post:

1. ABC shows enhanced video with what appears to be injuries on George Zimmerman’s head.

Considering that ABC’s video was the one that got the Martin camp so sure that that no injuries were present on Zimmerman, we now see that this part of the story bears out. Had this been FOX News or Breitbart’s organization, it could easily be written off as a case of photoshopping.

2. NBC was outed as having edited dialogue between Zimmerman and the police dispatcher, in one of their reports.

Again, this was not FOX or Breitbart calling this one out. It was Mother Jones, one of the more progressive publications in the country. NBC either has a bunch of incompetent type editors or they were playing up to their agenda, in making Zimmerman look racist.

3. Sunday’s Miami rally was much smaller than the organizers had hoped.

One of the leading Congressional lynch mob members Frederica Wilson (D-FL), the Imelda Marcos of hats, had hoped for 75,000 or so to join the rally at a local outdoor ampitheater. The local news station reported that thousands had attended, only later to say that it was about 3,000. But if you see the aerial shot of the arena, even 3,000 seems a bit of a stretch.

4. An account that calls itself Kill Zimmerman has been established.

As a result of the incendiary words of the Black Party, it is not surprising in the least. Let’s whip up things into even more of a frenzy.

5. MSNBC host Al Sharpton is calling for civil disobedience to go to the next level, if Zimmerman is not arrested soon.

No one is quite sure what this means, what will happen or when is a mystery. But we can all safely bet that this is meant to keep Al in the mix of things as other things are coming to light, and the nation’s attention gets turned to things that are far more important. One must wonder what Al would do if a video surfaced that completely validated Zimmerman’s claims.

A post on ITHM linked to this particular story, here is my comment in its entirety:

You see, here’s the thing that most people who admire this jackass do not understand. He has cried wolf so many times and made so many baseless accusations, who can ever give him an ounce or credibility or believe him?

This is the danger of allowing a constant hypocritical race baiter to speak for a certain cause, especially one that rises out of an unfortunate event. There will come a time when the accusations may have some merit to them and no one will believe it, because this bastard attached his name and face to it.

Maybe, just maybe, if he once in awhile took up a cause that involved someone other than a black person, he’d have more credibility. Maybe, if he would wait to assess the situation a little closer and urge caution before he cried racism, he might earn some respect for his work.

But he is an attention whore. He is the kind of person that gives himself into a wide array of histrionics and narcissism so that the name and the face of the cause becomes about him, and his demands.

Just like the Rutgers case with Imus, he made it about him. MSNBC gave into him and now he feels empowered to make unreasonable demands whenever there is an injustice, real or imagined. Don’t get me wrong, Imus is an ass, always has been. He has said offensive things about lots of people over the years. I didn’t give a shit one way or the other what MSNBC did to him. But to give in to someone who perpetrated the Tuwanna Brawley fraud in spite of the evidence that eventually showed it to be so, was an injustice within itself.

MSNBC must like being light years behind FOX in the ratings, because not only did they let this guy dictate HR policy….they gave him a job to export and promote his race baiting agenda on TV. The beast is created, now someone needs to stop him from inciting more anger, rage, and violence. They need to replace him with some other dumbass who has yet to cause major embarrassment to the network, like he does every night he looks into the camera and promotes his own brand of hatred.

I would add to this commentary:

As other stories begin to get time and attention, we can expect Sharpton to once again make every effort to turn it back to him and this case. To not keep it alive will mean that something else like Obama’s poor performance as a President will take center stage, along with the media’s efforts to indict, convict, and punish Goerge Zimmerman long before the facts are out.

The point is, all of the facts are not out yet, we still have many more to be discovered. There are many that may be known, but the media has not been made privy to them. But it is already assured that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and many other unjust seeker of vengeance will make every attempt to keep this going until they get Zimmerman arrested or they start race riots, if he is not. They have come to far with this.

And once all is said and done, the parents of this kid will go back to their daily lives….with the race baiting media whores having gone onto to the next photo-op.

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Trayvon Martin And George Zimmerman: Two Poor Decisions

The politics of distraction is what we can realistically call the Obama Administration and their irresponsible methods. The people who are part of it are the quintessential opportunists and never fail to jump at a chance to throw out a smoke screen, and the media that protects them never fails to show its own irresponsibility .

As we all know, Obama is in trouble politically. His approval ratings on how he handles almost anything are way down. The war of words is slipping away from his campaign. Strategies like the Sandra Fluke fluke are backfiring on him. The Keystone Pipeline Project is causing him some unexpected grief, after he chose to side with the wacko environmentalists over the unions who wanted those jobs.

Enter a tragic shooting in a suburb of Orlando.

Initially, Obama called the Trayvon Martin case a local matter. But once his posse saw the national attention it was getting after more allegations have been oozing out, they figure it’s just about time for a good old fashioned racial distraction. So naturally, the Justice Department saw the need to get involved. His choir leaders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have also chimed in, and it didn’t take long either. As the crowds began to swell, they seized the opportunity to further justify their own existences by fueling the fires that were already burning. As long as this fire burns, no one will have to answer the questions about how big of a failure Obama has been.

Meanwhile, the media has played their usual role in this too. In true rush to judgment fashion (e.g. Duke lacrosse team), Zimmerman was found to be a racist white vigilante, who without provocation, shot a poor innocent black kid out for some Skittles and a soft drink. Imagine the embarrassment after they learned that Zimmerman is Hispanic and has always embraced a multicultural set of friends and acquaintances.

Now, we have daily marches in a sleepy little Orlando suburb, orchestrated by one of the biggest race baiting con artists in the world–Al Sharpton. Never forget the Tuwanna Brawley farce and do not skip past the influence Jesse Jackson is having in this either. We have the Black Panthers openly inciting violence, offering a reward for Zimmerman’s capture, dead or alive. We have Jackson denouncing that kind of thing, but in the next breath he issues a proclamation that the media jumps on almost instantly, saying that “blacks are under attack”.

Why are we not outraged at this kind of inflammatory rhetoric?

Why isn’t La Raza calling this bounty an act of racism against Hispanics?

There are plenty of wrongs to go around here. A couple instantly come to mind and would have probably ensured this incident never would have taken place.

Zimmerman should have never followed Martin. He should have backed off, stayed in his car, and waited for the police to show up. It is not a crime to walk slowly in the rain, wearing a hoodie, munching on Skittles, and talking on a cell phone. The police could have and likely would have sorted this out, once they arrived. “Stand Your Ground” is not designed to protect someone who follows another person and instigates a conflict, because he thought he was within his rights as a self-appointed neighborhood watchman. This is especially true if a police dispatcher tells you, you do not need to follow a suspect.

When asked what he was doing in this neighborhood, Martin should have told Zimmerman he was staying there temporarily. Instead of being the fine upstanding young man the media and the race baiting clergy have portrayed him, he decided to play the master thug and start fighting. If he felt threatened, he could have run to the house where he was staying, which was reportedly very close to where the incident took place. He could have made an effort to get away, instead of choosing to be a tough guy. He, then, could have called the police and reported Zimmerman for intimidating him.

Like I said, if either of these two things would not have occurred, Trayvon Martin would be alive today. A little restraint on both sides and Barack Obama’s race baiting buddies would need to find another smokescreen to use, to hide the fact that Obama is a colossal failure as President. Al could be spewing his usual vitriol and hyperbole on MSNBC…. and Jesse could be trying to father another child or looking for another way to embarrass himself and his family. Things would be normal.


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Austin Police Department Hassles Blogger…Is This A New Cultural Trend?

After I started this blog, a story about what I perceived to be a gross miscarriage of legitimate law enforcement work came up.

It was a story of police misusing the authority that has been given them to protect the public, they are supposed to serve. In this particular case, there was video evidence. But in the one I am about to present, there is no video. There is only the account of one man versus that of the police officers who were involved in this case and because of this, we must be careful not to pass judgment.

However, we can take a moment and take note of some things that I have observed along the way. And these things are the basis for my post, not the incident itself.

Scott Henson is a blogger in Austin,Texas.

He has a blog called Grits For Breakfast. Recently, he wrote about an incident he experienced with the local Austin Police Department and a Travis County Constable.

A few years back Grits posed the question, “Is babysitting while white reasonable suspicion for police questioning?” after my granddaughter and I were detained and questioned at length in my neighborhood on suspicion of some nefarious deed (it was never quite clear what). In that incident, the police were pretty clear I was stopped solely because Ty, like her mother (who came to live with my wife and me when she was a child) is black, while I’m an almost stereotypical looking white Texas redneck. At the time, Grits was amazed that three squad cars were dispatched to question me for walking down the street with a child of a different race, detaining me for no good reason and scaring the bejeezus out of then-two-year old Ty.

Last night, though, Ty and I got the full jump-out-boys treatment, making our earlier interaction with Austin PD seem downright quaint. It could only have been more ridiculous if they’d actually arrested me, which for a while there didn’t seem out of the question. (This is a personal tale much more than a policy analysis, so if you’re only interested in the latter, don’t bother to read further.)

It was evidently so intriguing that the Daily Mail picked it up and ran a story on it.

The result was amazing for a guy with a sleepy little blog like mine. The Daily Mail put up links to both of Mr. Henson’s stories about the APD overreacting and as you might guess, his comments are off the map. Some of those comments are why I chose to write this post. They highlight a wide gap in two different cultures, cop and non-cop.

As is the case anytime I see a story/post about police misusing their authority or just generally getting it wrong, there always seems to be a squadron of police trolls who descend upon the comment section and scatter automatic defenses for the police officers involved. No matter if the complaint has any merit or not, they will assume the citizen brought it on and the cops were simply doing their jobs. Never will they openly admit that there are punks in their ranks who use their badges as tools to harass and intimidate the people they are sworn to serve.

Here are some examples:

-Do you have ANY proof of this happening? I somehow doubt it, you’re just a f#%^ing lying troll that takes away attention from REAL race issues.

-Let’s see, we have you, a blogger who hates cops for a living or at least a past time and you are just lucky enough to get hassled by the Gestapo incarnate……. I would LOVE to hear the FULL story without the self-aggrandizement and handy story line. As a retired cop not from Texas, I have this vision of your smart mouth buying trouble so you can claim victimhood.

-Seriously. Someone ( not a cop) reported a kidnapping. When the cops responded aggressively( how do you think they should respond?) you are hostile and evasive. Persecution complex? Drama queen? Get over yourself .

Of course, there were some equally as obnoxious on the other side of the coin as well. Most of them were generic “sue the bastards” stuff.

Most intelligent people understand that police officers have a difficult job and face unknown dangers every day they go to work.

That’s why on those rare occasions I have been pulled over for having a leadfoot or rolling through a stop sign, I make sure the officer approaching can see my hands clearly, so he can not feel the need to clutch his service revolver so tightly. When he asks me questions, I do not cop an attitude or act like a jerk. Some of them have been a little condescending at first. But after they see I am not going to be uncooperative, they usually back down their stance a bit and we talk like human beings with mutual respect for each other.

On one occasion, I had just arrived home from work after a long stressful day. My mind was fried and burnt on both sides and was trying to just decompress. I hadn’t been home more than 20-30 minutes, when an authoritative knock is heard at my front door. I opened the door and some big guy was standing there in civilian clothes, asking me about running a kid on a bike off of the road. I knew nothing about it and calmly said I didn’t.

After I made my denial, he identified himself as a police officer who lived in the neighborhood. At that point, many people would have shut him down and would have become rude. What right did he have? Who does he think he is?

Turns out the kid was a 20 something year old young man that said someone in a dark colored Dodge Ram had run him off the road (it was dark out by this time, so the color was not evident). This kid knew that someone lived on my cul-de-sac had a truck like it. So naturally, this was the place to start the investigation.

I told the officer, I did not believe I ran anyone off the road. But as a measure of caution, I said I could not be a hundred percent sure because it was so dark and my mind was a bit was preoccupied. I then added if I had done this thing, I was not aware of it. On the very slim chance it was me, it would not have been on purpose and would have been an accident. I told him that I have kids that age and have no malice of that nature toward anyone.

He must have believed me, because he then told me whoever did this thing, laughed at the kid after he did it. At that point, I was sure it wasn’t me. We talked about a few things unrelated to this issue for a few minutes and he was on his way.

After he left, I began to think how the transaction had evolved from an accusatory tone to a more friendly and respectful conversation.

Certainly, I do believe someone had run this kid off the road. It scared the hell out of him enough to seek out an officer he knew lived in the neighborhood, to tell him about it. But to think that just because he knew there was a Dodge Ram in my driveway that matched his description, this was enough information for an off duty officer to bang on my door (like he would on a drug raid), was a bit concerning. To think that anyone can raise a suspicion and an officer would have a preformed judgment that I was the one, because this was a good kid that isn’t known for lying or getting into trouble, is almost a bit scary.

One thing that may have swayed the officer, I think he was taken back by my head of gray hair and my willingness not to rule anything out, a hundred percent. I was certainly sincere when I told the officer this. I would feel horribly if I found that I had caused someone to get hurt and didn’t know about it. He was able to see some sense of empathy that was genuine, and that was not hiding anything.

In the case of Scott Henson’s brush with the police, he immediately took an activist stance by refusing to give his name.

I can see how it was a bit concerning to the officers who were responding to what might have been a legitimate call of a serious nature. But on the other hand, I wasn’t there. So I cannot make a determination on how the constable (and later the other officers) approached and handled the entire situation. Knowing that there are many officers who believe they ARE the law, it is not hard to believe that mistakes were made on their end too. And would it be so much to ask for law enforcement to take the higher road and apologize sincerely when they are wrong, like I did in my recent incident. Sometimes a bit of human humility diffuses a lot of hostility.

I guess the thing that needs to be gathered from this is two-fold. The public needs to be aware that the officers have a thankless, endless, and tireless job that is dangerous and needs to be done. To some people, cops are always wrong….until someone steals their car, robs them at gunpoint, or commits some other heinous act against them. To some cops, the public is not to be trusted…….until someone assists an officer in distress or there is a wide public outpouring of support for a fallen officer’s family.

Both sides need to lighten up, both sides need to act like human beings and stop whining. If we have no cops, we have crime running rampant, we have anarchy. If cops have no public, they have no jobs and no one will be able to pay their salaries. We need each other and need to appreciate each other more than we do.

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The State Vs. Casey Marie Anthony

I am sick of the Casey Anthony story, but it has become a media circus thanks to Nancy Grace and Bill O’Reilly.

These are two commentators who beat it into the ground before the verdict and have continued to hammer it several days post verdict. They say they do it because it was a gross miscarriage of justice, like a jury has never gotten it wrong before.

They both are conducting their respective shows like this is the only thing in the world worth talking about. While the government is considering raising the debt ceiling to accommodate the spending binge the elected officials have embarked upon for the past several years, while the Obama Administration is embarking on a daily campaign of lies and deceits that affect billions of people worldwide, they are shutting it all out to talk about a tramp.

So unless something odd or unusual comes to light about this case, this is going to be my only post on this subject.

Here’s what I think:

1. I don’t know of she killed her daughter or not. We know she is dead, we don’t know how she got that way or when. We only know when and where her remains were found, and the state of those remains provided no clues.

2. There was no objective evidence that tied Casey to the death. It was built on a lot of circumstantial evidence that only proves beyond a reasonable doubt, she is a tramp and a pathological liar. The prosecution failed miserably.

3. I do believe she knows what happened to her daughter. Nothing in the trial proves it was or wasn’t an accident that was made to look like an abduction and murder. Again, the evidence wasn’t there. Even if she tells the truth at this point, who knows if it can be believed?

4. I believe that the grandmother and grandfather know what happened to Caylee. What kind of a grandparent doesn’t report a grandchild missing, if his/her daughter is vague about her whereabouts and cannot produce her upon request? Grandpa was a cop, who knows how to make crime scenes almost clue-free. Grandpa was contemplating suicide and allegedly had an affair while the investigation was ongoing. Were these incidents just attempts to help ease a guilty conscience? Why did Grandma get on the stand and say that SHE is the one who performed an internet search for chloroform, 80 some odd times?

5. We may never know the truth. All of these people are consummate liars. They have all lied repeatedly and are suspect, if you ask me. A lying cop who knows forensics, a woman who married a lying cop, and a daughter who was raised by a lying cop. Liars beget more liars. Not all cops are liars, but there is a brotherhood that is solidified by a union. If George was a well-liked cop by his brothers, they might have been more likely to believe his stories than I do.

6. This is how our justice system is supposed to work. As much as this case stinks, I don’t think they had enough evidence to convict. There is a truth, I am not so sure the one the prosecution brought forth is the truth. i think it will be forever buried, because the Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Prosecutor will never re-open this case now that they have botched this one.

7. The rest of  Casey’s life will exist in ruin. Very few quality people will want to associate themselves with Anthony after her release and many will try to hurt her. She will spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder, because the outrage is so prevalent and her face is so well-known. She can alter her appearance and change her name, but she will forever wonder if someone recognizes her and wants to do her harm. Mob justice is not the answer, but it is a consequence sometimes when a case like this goes unpunished in the eyes of citizens. The other thing to consider is, she may not handle this well afterward when no one wants to associate with her and may hurt herself or do something else stupid like O.J., finding herself in jail again.

And thus ends my take in the case of the State vs, Casey Marie Anthony….and her dysfunctional family.

I have nothing more to say, it is time to move on and let God have his say whenever He chooses to do so.

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