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Search For The Boston Bomber(s)

As the nation once again grieves a senseless act of terror, the obvious question is being asked everywhere. Whose hands made this heinous act happen?

A lot of people made a big deal about the President not calling this act terrorism in his first remarks after the attack. I won’t criticize him for not saying it right away, but I will criticize his mouthpiece David Axelrod for some comments that he made. He had no trouble making some subtle inferences on MSNBC:

Notice Axelrod’s subtle point toward anti-government groups:

“And I’m sure what was going through the president’s mind is — we really don’t know who did this — it was tax day. Was it someone who was pro–you know, you just don’t know,” he continued. “And so I think his attitude is, let’s not put any inference into this, let’s just make clear that we’re going to get the people responsible.”

He references Tax Day so as to implicate the TEA Party, and why not? TEA stands for “taxed enough already” and we all know that the Obama camp is poised and ready to make another tax grab in the upcoming weeks. Regardless of the fact that evangelicals have hijacked a lot of it, it was for this reason the movement was born….to communicate dissatisfaction with Washington on what people considered to be gross overtaxation of the masses.

Even evangelicals should not be considered first. They may be overzealous and may be (wrongfully) on Homeland Security’s watch list, but they are not violent. Yet, this doesn’t stop Axelrod from shooting his big mouth off.

I would be surprised to learn this was anyone to do with the TEA Party or someone with a religious agenda. Domestic anti-government terrorists would likely target federal government buildings, because the object of their seething rage is an out of control federal government. Religious zealots would attack abortion centers. Islamist terrorists are far more prone to attack events and sites that promote our Western culture, which they absolutely loathe. The Boston Marathon is a huge sports tradition in the Western World. Runners come to run there, from all over the civilized world.

Still, we cannot help but wonder if the Administration wants to steer this in a direction that would benefit them – one that would empower them to crack down more, on those who oppose their policies. Never mind that almost everyone – who opposes the current government and the actions they have taken to strip freedoms from the people – condemns this kind of act and would NEVER sympathize with it. Controlling the narrative is vital in this instance.

Congress and the Administration could certainly use an event to justify the stripping of more inalienable rights… or to slip something by, while we are all distracted. While the media was covering the outrage over the gay marriage issue, Monsanto was slipped right through unnoticed. Political smokescreens are becoming more prevalent with these hacks, mainly because they work with low information voters.

But all of this aside, there is one journalist who is presenting an interesting theory on who is responsible for the Boston Bombing. He has some interesting thoughts you can read and watch here. In this day and age, I would not be surprised to learn there are some elements of truth to this story and the reason the FBI may never find the people responsible is because they would be implicated in a plot that went wrong.

More perspective can be found here at Fore Left.

Salon wants the perpetrator to be a white American.



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They Are Those, These Are The Ones.

Any real general public cause that is worth working and fighting for, will be one that will serve the best general public interest of the population. To do this most effectively, it has to be managed well at every local level possible. The power vested to the states is that which is not given to the federal government, by the Constitution. And yet we still find ourselves increasingly beholden to those, who should be beholden to us.

Once a law is made, both by passing votes in both Congressional houses and being signed by the Chief Executive, it can be challenged in the courts if someone believes it to be unconstitutional. If not, it goes into law. If it is challenged it must pass the test of the Judicial Branch, up to whatever level it takes to ensure that the law does not violate the Constitution in any way.

Everywhere in the country, state and local officials who are sworn to uphold that “little book” (as per Piers Morgan) must enforce the laws enacted legally. What they are not sworn to do is obey illegal orders issued, in a way that is not provided for in the founding document.

Now, I know that there are many who are claiming that the Constitution is outdated and no longer should be given validity because it is so old. I know that they would seek to do away with it, they would love nothing more than to rewrite…. or scrap it altogether.

During his first campaign in 2008, the then Senator Obama made a bold statement that got a rousing applause and cheer from the crowd in one speech and resonated throughout. He said, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” And I am here to tell you today, that these are the ones who those old men with those old outdated ideas, principles, and concepts, these are the ones they told you about, the ones they feared would come, and made those provisions in that document so that they could not assume control over your liberty and your human rights.

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Piers Morgan Unable To Maintain Dignity In Shapiro Interview

The current gun control debate is going to get uglier as the Left realizes it cannot completely control the narrative or win fairly in the arena of ideas. My last post shows an effort by Piers Morgan, host of the poorly rated CNN show that contains his name, to try a little reverse psychology by showcasing an absolute nut who happens to be for the right to bear arms and against any effort by the government to disarm Americans.

Score one for Mr. Morgan on that one. But in this video interview, we can clearly see that Piers has gotten in much deeper than he expected with this young man named, Ben Shapiro:

This was a calm, but yet deliberate, firm, and intellectually aggressive dismantling of Morgan’s argument. Notice how when he gets told he is a bully, Piers calls Ben a bully for calling him one. The “I know you are but what am I” journalism is becoming quite prevalent and removes intellectual dignity from their argument.

Basically, Shapiro kicked Morgan’s ass into next week. If this were a football score, it would be Shapiro 56 – Morgan 6 with the second string still scoring TDs in the 4th Quarter.

See you around Monday or Tuesday, Piers.


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Media Attempts To Make Alex Jones The Face Of Second Amendment Proponents

One cannot help but notice the feeble attempt to make the case for tighter gun control by the Left. Some cases are weakly made by skewing numbers and others are made by citing nut jobs on the side of preserving the Second Amendment’s provisions. And on some occasions you can see both in the same instance.

For example, Alex Jones was invited to be on Piers Morgan’s very low rated show on CNN the other evening and as you may guess the fireworks were on. If you can stomach it, here is the entire interview:

Part I

Part II

Note how he used one of the most unhinged type of guests to make the case, so he can paint the entire Second Amendment crowd as unhinged and dangerous. I don’t disagree with much of what Jones had to say on this issue as it pertains to the reasoning. But I do think his delivery is not as measured as it needs to be, with such a serious issue.

After that interview, Morgan interviewed Alan Dershowitz and used the Jones interview as fodder for making his point.

Here is a short clip of that piece, where they set up Jones as the out of control strawman:

During this interview Alan said, “I wouldn’t feel comfortable having an argument with him in his home”. To which I reply to Dershowitz: Don’t go to his house. Then they start to talk about his figures not being correct. But as it turns out, Morgan’s weren’t on target either.

If you don’t listen to the others, I’ll understand. But please take a look at this report done by a local Cincinnati FOX affiliate.

Now, let’s be clear here. Alex Jones is not someone who I would trust to make a sound case for anything, but he is right sometimes, on some things. I can follow him up until we get into 9/11 being an inside job and the whole mind control absurdities that he often preaches to his crowd. He is right about the Second Amendment, but this does not mean he should be the face of it.

As I am typing this, the Today Show is leading with gun control and I think we all know where they stand. I suspect that they will continue to drive the narrative, with the objective being a comprehensive piece of legislation designed to ban semi-automatic weapons. Despite the fact that the arguments the Left makes in this issue are not rooted in any logic, they have the platforms. They have the bullhorns. So, defending the right to bear arms cannot and will not come from shouting matches, nor can it come from twisted logic and skewed statistics. It must come from emotionally based reason. It MUST come from the calm but systematic dismantling of all erroneous information that is being disseminated by the gun control crowd, and it starts with us.


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A New Year Message For 2013

The year is now 2013 and I wanted to take a moment to write a big thank you to all of the young people who voted for Obama to have a second term, and for keeping the Senate in control of the tax and spend Democrats. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be the sacrificial lambs for myself and my generation. You are truly amazing and I appreciate your willingness to give so much to us.

By voting for this group of losers, you have ensured that my generation will be able to spend like drunken sailors, get all of the benefits before we die, and you will be picking up the tab well after we are gone. There will be very little (if anything) left for you, we will have used it all up.

This President and Congress, like so many before them, are once again kicking the can down the road so that nothing can collapse on their watch, as it should have done years ago. They are spending more, taxing more, and borrowing more so that my generation can live in comfort and not need to worry about paying anything back.

The deficits are climbing, no one is cutting any spending, and they are working hard to raise whatever tax they can to make up for it. What budget balancing that cannot be accomplished by these methods will be attempted on more borrowed funds. Once borrowing reaches the legal debt ceiling limit, they will simply raise it again so they can borrow more. When that does not work, they will raise taxes again and the whole cycle will repeat.

The great thing about all of this is, I will have Social Security and Medicare until I die. But when it comes your turn, there will be nothing and you will likely die of hunger, illness, and possibly malnutrition…. because no one wants to look at reforming these programs now, before they break the bank when it is your turn.

Because you voted for Obama and his plan to make government a perpetual Santa Claus, you will be forced to eat healthier and live longer. But as luck would have it, the healthcare system will not be able to serve you when you get old and sick, and Social Security will not be there for you as you age. What little resources remain will go to those who are now your age, so they can be fed and kept healthy, while being slaves to the whims of government.

I have used this blog as a platform to warn you against these coming events, many others with more far-reaching audiences have too. You labeled us as right wing tea-baggers. You said we wanted to take this country back to the stone age and even called us racist for trying to get this message to you.

As a father raising two children I sacrificed much, so they could have what they needed for the time they were unable to provide it for themselves. I have been willing to sacrifice some things in my life today, in order to preserve your future, for you and your children. But you would have none of it. Such altruism has never been known.

So someday when someone comes across this sleepy little blog and this particular post, may you know how grateful I am that you chose the chains of government dependence over the liberty of self-sufficiency. It was just long enough to get me to my grave. Because no one wanted to make the hard choices now, you will be in misery looking back with much regret at the choices I would have gladly made alongside with you today.

Peace out, peeps.


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Newtown One Week Later: Placing Blame Where Blame Belongs

In all of our rhetoric and talk about guns this week, I wonder how many people know that despite America having the highest per capita gun ownership, we do not have the highest murder rate?

Talking per capita, here. Venezuela has 9 times less guns, but 9 times the murder rate of the United States. South Africa has just a few more guns per capita than Venezuela and has a 7 times higher rate. And get this, Honduras has a mere fraction of the guns America does per capita… and they have 11.5 times more. By the same token, most of the European nations have more guns per capita than these which I cite, and their murder rates are much lower.

This leads me to draw the conclusion, a correlation in the number of guns owned by people cannot be directly tied to murders in either direction.

This means we do not have a gun problem here in the United States, we have a violence problem. Just like the countries I cited with far lower gun ownership rates, we seem to have a culture that does accept their norm.

Folks, it’s not a tool that we should be concerned about in this crisis. Things need a life or energy force to work. Energy is the movement of matter, an exertion of power from available sources. Nothing moves without it. Without our life force behind us producing the energy and the will to act independently, we too would be inanimate. We’d just be a pile of useless carbon matter and we’d decay away.

When a life force makes a choice to operate any machinery in a given way, the matter will obey the will of the life force. Unless there is a malfunction of the equipment, there is a reasonable expectation that the operator of a firearm will make it fire, at will. It is a hard heart that kills.

If anything, there needs to be a conversation as to why there is an increasing amount of violent behavior manifesting itself in this particular time in our existence. We have to consider the roles of violent movies, TV shows, and video games that allow the player to blow people away, until the player gets whacked….and then the player gets to reset to a new game. When we do this, then we can get to the root of the matter and we may learn something about our culture and why these tragedies keep occurring. Making gun free zones will only result in Chicago-like crime stats and put law-abiding citizens at risk.

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We Are A Culture Of Dependency

If we really want to do some serious soul searching about what we have become as a society, it pays to watch some of the pop culture.

Here is a piece of evidence I am submitting to you, the reader, to support the claim in the title. We are a nation of dependents and those who are not dependent on government are swiftly and surely becoming co-dependent. We either need someone to take care of us or we need people to be depend on us. Either way, it is a sickness that has been allowed to go untreated for so long.

Welcome to a society that is addicted to our tax dollars.

You cannot get the full effect of my argument unless you watch the entire clip until the end. Just when you think it’s about enough, it gets even better.

Watch and behold:

The Public Cause rests its case.


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