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Piers Morgan Unable To Maintain Dignity In Shapiro Interview

The current gun control debate is going to get uglier as the Left realizes it cannot completely control the narrative or win fairly in the arena of ideas. My last post shows an effort by Piers Morgan, host of the poorly rated CNN show that contains his name, to try a little reverse psychology by showcasing an absolute nut who happens to be for the right to bear arms and against any effort by the government to disarm Americans.

Score one for Mr. Morgan on that one. But in this video interview, we can clearly see that Piers has gotten in much deeper than he expected with this young man named, Ben Shapiro:

This was a calm, but yet deliberate, firm, and intellectually aggressive dismantling of Morgan’s argument. Notice how when he gets told he is a bully, Piers calls Ben a bully for calling him one. The “I know you are but what am I” journalism is becoming quite prevalent and removes intellectual dignity from their argument.

Basically, Shapiro kicked Morgan’s ass into next week. If this were a football score, it would be Shapiro 56 – Morgan 6 with the second string still scoring TDs in the 4th Quarter.

See you around Monday or Tuesday, Piers.



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Media Attempts To Make Alex Jones The Face Of Second Amendment Proponents

One cannot help but notice the feeble attempt to make the case for tighter gun control by the Left. Some cases are weakly made by skewing numbers and others are made by citing nut jobs on the side of preserving the Second Amendment’s provisions. And on some occasions you can see both in the same instance.

For example, Alex Jones was invited to be on Piers Morgan’s very low rated show on CNN the other evening and as you may guess the fireworks were on. If you can stomach it, here is the entire interview:

Part I

Part II

Note how he used one of the most unhinged type of guests to make the case, so he can paint the entire Second Amendment crowd as unhinged and dangerous. I don’t disagree with much of what Jones had to say on this issue as it pertains to the reasoning. But I do think his delivery is not as measured as it needs to be, with such a serious issue.

After that interview, Morgan interviewed Alan Dershowitz and used the Jones interview as fodder for making his point.

Here is a short clip of that piece, where they set up Jones as the out of control strawman:

During this interview Alan said, “I wouldn’t feel comfortable having an argument with him in his home”. To which I reply to Dershowitz: Don’t go to his house. Then they start to talk about his figures not being correct. But as it turns out, Morgan’s weren’t on target either.

If you don’t listen to the others, I’ll understand. But please take a look at this report done by a local Cincinnati FOX affiliate.

Now, let’s be clear here. Alex Jones is not someone who I would trust to make a sound case for anything, but he is right sometimes, on some things. I can follow him up until we get into 9/11 being an inside job and the whole mind control absurdities that he often preaches to his crowd. He is right about the Second Amendment, but this does not mean he should be the face of it.

As I am typing this, the Today Show is leading with gun control and I think we all know where they stand. I suspect that they will continue to drive the narrative, with the objective being a comprehensive piece of legislation designed to ban semi-automatic weapons. Despite the fact that the arguments the Left makes in this issue are not rooted in any logic, they have the platforms. They have the bullhorns. So, defending the right to bear arms cannot and will not come from shouting matches, nor can it come from twisted logic and skewed statistics. It must come from emotionally based reason. It MUST come from the calm but systematic dismantling of all erroneous information that is being disseminated by the gun control crowd, and it starts with us.


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