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Search For The Boston Bomber(s)

As the nation once again grieves a senseless act of terror, the obvious question is being asked everywhere. Whose hands made this heinous act happen?

A lot of people made a big deal about the President not calling this act terrorism in his first remarks after the attack. I won’t criticize him for not saying it right away, but I will criticize his mouthpiece David Axelrod for some comments that he made. He had no trouble making some subtle inferences on MSNBC:

Notice Axelrod’s subtle point toward anti-government groups:

“And I’m sure what was going through the president’s mind is — we really don’t know who did this — it was tax day. Was it someone who was pro–you know, you just don’t know,” he continued. “And so I think his attitude is, let’s not put any inference into this, let’s just make clear that we’re going to get the people responsible.”

He references Tax Day so as to implicate the TEA Party, and why not? TEA stands for “taxed enough already” and we all know that the Obama camp is poised and ready to make another tax grab in the upcoming weeks. Regardless of the fact that evangelicals have hijacked a lot of it, it was for this reason the movement was born….to communicate dissatisfaction with Washington on what people considered to be gross overtaxation of the masses.

Even evangelicals should not be considered first. They may be overzealous and may be (wrongfully) on Homeland Security’s watch list, but they are not violent. Yet, this doesn’t stop Axelrod from shooting his big mouth off.

I would be surprised to learn this was anyone to do with the TEA Party or someone with a religious agenda. Domestic anti-government terrorists would likely target federal government buildings, because the object of their seething rage is an out of control federal government. Religious zealots would attack abortion centers. Islamist terrorists are far more prone to attack events and sites that promote our Western culture, which they absolutely loathe. The Boston Marathon is a huge sports tradition in the Western World. Runners come to run there, from all over the civilized world.

Still, we cannot help but wonder if the Administration wants to steer this in a direction that would benefit them – one that would empower them to crack down more, on those who oppose their policies. Never mind that almost everyone – who opposes the current government and the actions they have taken to strip freedoms from the people – condemns this kind of act and would NEVER sympathize with it. Controlling the narrative is vital in this instance.

Congress and the Administration could certainly use an event to justify the stripping of more inalienable rights… or to slip something by, while we are all distracted. While the media was covering the outrage over the gay marriage issue, Monsanto was slipped right through unnoticed. Political smokescreens are becoming more prevalent with these hacks, mainly because they work with low information voters.

But all of this aside, there is one journalist who is presenting an interesting theory on who is responsible for the Boston Bombing. He has some interesting thoughts you can read and watch here. In this day and age, I would not be surprised to learn there are some elements of truth to this story and the reason the FBI may never find the people responsible is because they would be implicated in a plot that went wrong.

More perspective can be found here at Fore Left.

Salon wants the perpetrator to be a white American.



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Media Blindly Accepts Official Account In Chemical Incident At Indianapolis Children’s Hospital

At the end of last week there was an incident at Riley Hospital For Children in Indianapolis.

You say you never heard about it?

Unless you you were in Indiana, you didn’t. And even at that, you wouldn’t have heard much.

This is the last anyone has heard of the incident, where a mystery substance brought into the hospital caused several people to get sick. This article was Friday and from the way it is beginning to look, no one else will hear anything else about it. It got lost in the weekend after essentially being blown off at the outset of the investigation.

Or was that the entire investigation?

The head of Marion County Health Department says we may never know what sickened seven adults at Riley Hospital for Children on Thursday.

Bioterrorism agents and organic hydrocarbons like benzene have been ruled out. But samples of the substance were not tested until over three hours after the incident, and Dr. Virginia Caine told reporters Friday that it was possible that if it was a noxious gas, it may have dissipated by then.

The hospital emergency room was closed for around ten hours Thursday after several adults became light-headed and reported tingling and numbness. Multiple emergency responders including the Department of Homeland Security, Hazmat and the Indianapolis Fire Department investigated the source of the contamination.

Dr. Caine said Friday it was not a chemical spill as previously reported. The substance was traced to a woman’s purse. The woman became ill while visiting a patient at the hospital, but hospital employees came down with the same symptoms while treating her. They reported a foul odor coming from her purse.

There are a whole host of questions to be asked of this account. Were they asked? And if not, why weren’t they? If they were, why weren’t they answered? One big question is, what was a noxious gas doing in a woman’s purse? Since no one from the national media (to include FOX News) did not pick up the story, we cannot expect any follow-up. The locals have let it slip away and are now covering the story about Colts Coach Pagano’s Leukemia.

Meanwhile, there are many who still feel there should be some answers.

“If people got sick, I mean, I think we should know by now what caused it,” said Aaron Purdue, whose daughter is a Riley patient.

Some (like this writer) think there should be a journalistic mechanism in place to see that these kinds of things do not get lost in the shuffle. There is one that I can readily think of and that’s the blogosphere. Will they think it’s worthy enough to get out during the Presidential Campaign? Not sure on that one either.

Some things I do know are blatant and flashing like a warning sign. It takes a federal government days to admit a terror attack in a consulate in Libya, and still there is no confirmation in the face of overwhelming evidence. With this in mind, it is not surprising to think about the possibility of the Feds in this incident coming down into this case, and blowing it off before the national media gets involved. Nothing to see here, move along.

Other things are more readily accepted as a scientific objection, how can there be no traces of a substance if its likely source was a purse? If there were two chemicals that got mixed together (accidentally or purposely), there would be some residue of those chemicals in that purse.

This whole thing stinks. But what stinks even more is a local and national media that has not put any effort into exploring the possibilities of this situation, or even attempting to pose intelligent questions.


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2012: The Year Ahead

Some things to watch for this year can be found in some stories that have already come to light or are developing now.

Columbia To Offer Occupy 101

The class will be in the anthropology department and called “Occupy the Field: Global Finance, Inequality, Social Movement.” It will be divided between seminars at the Morningside Heights campus and fieldwork.

Like everything else they touch, the Left has taken what was once a reasonably valid science (for elective purposes) and turned it into a program that propagates Left Wing ideology and culture.

Anthropology by definition is the study of mankind. It seems that many of the topics they have absorbed into their discipline can be found in political science, sociology, and humanities courses. This kind of overlap seems to only create role confusion, rather that draw clearly identifiable distinctions.

But now that I think about it, maybe it always has been a useless science.

More Black Conservatives Making Their Voice Known

….we must ask ourselves whether black people’s lives have improved since Obama took office in January 2008. You know and I know the answer to that question: a resounding “no.”

This will be a tall order considering how many black voters truly believed that he was going to right every wrong and make sure that every black person in America had a job, a home, a car, and some spending money in his/her wallet. But we  know that black unemployment is far greater than the national average, while their brother in the White House sends his family on extremely extravagant vacations, allows his wife to buy $2000 dresses to lounge around in, and hits the links while demanding Congress do their jobs.

Obama carried almost the entire demographic back in 2008. Although a few more more black people are getting weary of the rhetoric and the empty promises and more are speaking out against “The One”, he may still carry the demo with a huge percentage again. But….there will be a catch to this one.

Knowing that many blacks will never vote Republican, I look to see many of them staying home in November. He will maintain a high percentage, but will lose a numbers of votes on the total.

High Ranking Taliban Leaders To Be Released From Gitmo

Despite this being the dumbest thing Obama will do up to this point (and he’s done some pretty dumb stuff), he can do worse. If he loses the General Election, I predict he will close Gitmo completely by executive order before the next president is sworn in. Then, he will ship them all back to the Middle East as revenge against the nation for (rightfully) rejecting his failed presidency.

Iran Saber Rattling Over Aircraft Carrier

Fifteen years ago I told people in my circle of friends that both China and Iran would rise to become serious obstacles to world peace and be a thorn in the United States’ side. Several people dismissed my prediction and a few even mocked it. I wish I had been wrong.

As the year goes on, we may see more deliberate provocations by both nations. especially Iran. With a weak President and foreign policy, the Iranians may get bolder  and if it appears Santorum will become the next President, they might become even more daring and bellicose.  He’s the only one who has made no bones about what he will do to Iran, if they attempt to get a nuke.

But no matter, any of the GOP candidates are multitudes stronger than the President. Frankly, I don’t think he has the ability to lead a group of starving pygmies to a buffet table.


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Libya–Trading Tyrannies

Just when the liberals thought it was safe to celebrate a new democratic Libya, we read this article.

The black flag of Al Qaeda was hoisted in Libya yesterday as Nato formally ended its military campaign.

The standard fluttered from the roof of the courthouse in Benghazi, where the country’s new rulers have imposed sharia law since seizing power.

Seen as the seat of the revolution, the judicial building was used by rebel forces to establish their provisional government and media centre.

That little bump in the polls Obama got must have been the jihadist vote.

The truth is becoming more plain. Here we have a new terrorist state that will have the capability to fire missiles into Europe across the Mediterranean. If I were in Spain, Italy, or France, I’d be a little concerned right now.


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9/11–Ten Years, Still Feels Like Yesterday

¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸ …¸.¤\
\ 9/11 AMERICA \
.\¸.¤*¨¨*¤ .¸¸.¸.¤*
/ \

It’s been ten years. For many of us, it changed our way of thinking. It made us more aware that we are not exempt from grievous and heinous acts. As we watched the whole thing unfold in horror and disbelief, we knew that our lives would be forever changed. We knew that our age of innocence had passed into a new reality.

For others, it didn’t mean a damned thing. They didn’t get it then, they don’t get it now, and it’s highly unlikely that they ever will.

I don’t do an annual memorial posting every year, because the wounds are still fresh, and most of my regular readers need no reminder. We all get it, it’s still real to us. But it’s been a decade now and some of our children who watched this are now adults.

The world has changed. We have changed.

I will never forget that day, will you?


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Is It Time To Rethink Afghanistan?

(Note–I wrote this essay knowing that some of my valued blog readers may fully disagree with me, and that’s okay. But I have been thinking about this subject matter for some time now and it is not without some careful thought, deliberation, and even a spot of trepidation that I came up with this post.)

As we absorb and mourn the loss of 31 of America’s finest individuals in Afghanistan, it appears it is time to do some deep soul searching about what we expect to get out of this war. Don’t get me wrong here, many who have read my writings over the years back at PYY know fully well that I have supported the U.S. efforts to defeat terrorists wherever they may hide. You also know that I do not make a practice of criticizing the efforts we are undertaking in military operations where troops are in harm’s way, due to the opportunity for enemies both at home and abroad to use these words as propaganda. But there always comes a point, when we must take a moral stand to do what is best for our country and for those who are taking the bullets for what we perceive to be the noble cause. They follow the orders, they have no voice but us.

In the beginning of the operation, not long after the WTC attack, we had a duty to go into Afghanistan to remove the Taliban from political power and make every effort to kill or capture the perpetrator of that heinous attack, Osama bin Ladin. Because of the sensitive nature of that mission, I limited my public online criticisms so as not to create the perception that Americans were not behind the effort. Most were, as was I. But privately I was concerned.

After the relative ease in which the cowards fled Kabul and slipped back into Pakistan, the objective was switched from removal from power to nation building. It was easy to slip into that mindset because we didn’t want a vacuum that would allow the bums back in, making our sacrifices there for nothing.

As we can recall from recent history, the Soviets unsuccessfully tried to build a socialist puppet nation there back in the 1980s with overwhelming brutal force. Now in hindsight, we realize the time to have built that nation was right after our aid to the Muhajadeen caused the Soviet forces to pack up and leave. As an analysis, we hailed it as the USSR’s Vietnam and called it even with them, from a military standpoint. But where we screwed up badly was by promising we would rebuild that country afterward and not doing it. They never forgot it and now we find ourselves in a bitter war for the hearts and minds of a nation that has never been accepting of western style culture or democracy. Iraq has been easier in a sense, because even though it is a Muslim country, Saddam was primarily a Stalinist secular leader. Only until he had quarrels with the U.S. did he employ the theological rationale as a cause to defend his regime.

Today, we have been forced to turn the focus back to Afghanistan because that is where the central fight has been moved after the Islamists failed to take over Iraq (up to this point). It is what Barack Obama said during the 2008 presidential campaign was the important war. And it is now the front where many of us who have been supportive of this effort from day one are now struggling, to see what the objective is. I have not condemned Obama for using drones in Pakistan, I am glad that Osama has been killed as a punishment for starting this war. But I now am struggling to find an objective and waiting for the Administration to outline one.

I am also waiting for Code Pink, who screamed bloody murder at the tops of their lungs during the Bush Administration, to come forward and do what they did then, to this Administration.  I am also waiting for the complicit Left Wing media to ask some tough questions of this President and lead the news with the same intensity and ferocity as they did when Bush was CIC.  Where is the principle in their ideology, if they do not do this?

If we do not ask these questions now and bring this up for reasonable debate, what will we expect to gain from continuing this fight? How many more soldiers can we expect to come home in bags, without a clear cut objective and the will to make every effort to meet it?

In June, the Administration foolishly announced to the world and the Taliban that we would be drawing down soon. We told them all and obviously didn’t expect that as a dangerous and capable enemy that they would capitalize on this. Common sense would usually dictate that if you want to draw down a force (for whatever reason), you would not announce it on the nightly news. If you had an ounce of brains at all, you would just do it quietly. methodically, and surely. But no one has ever been able to find any evidence of any brains in any part of Obama’s Administration, as is evidenced by the resumes of his cronies he hired.

Here we sit in the midst of a war that is draining the American coffers at a time when America already owes trillions of dollars and has been downgraded from AAA. We are eating up money that is yielding nothing in the way of resources that can help with our interests. There is nothing that says we cannot defend our nation from terror threats by winding this down.

Hell, the people there do not even appreciate what we are doing for them. Why should we keep draining the best people we could know and putting them into this position, when we have a Defense Department that has no plan to win and a President that will be more concerned with his own interests than that of the country.

So with all of this said now, I am prepared to look out for what I think is now best for my country. Time to stop sending our men and women into a meat grinder with no plane or strategy, or a will to win. And by saying these things, it means I am now saying openly that I think it is time to Rethink Afghanistan.

This does not mean that I am not supportive of killing terrorists before they kill us, this does not mean that I am against killing them where they live. This certainly does not mean that I support anti-military groups like Code Pink and the idiot Michael Moore. It means that either we rethink this thing to come up with a plan to get this thing on the right track where we have some real measurable results, or we get our asses back here and seal this nation up, defending it like it should be defended.

Rethinking does not necessarily mean withdraw now, it means to either defecate or get off of the pot. It means come up with something real and concrete…. it means making things happen, not just waiting for something to happen so we can act. It means win or come home.


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