A Democrat Singing Praises For Paul Ryan

Erskine Bowles is a Democrat from North Carolina and was President Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff for almost two years. He also served on the bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, as co-chairman with Alan Simpson.

I don’t know what he would say today, now that Rep. Paul Ryan is the running mate of Mitt Romney. But here is what he had to say almost a year ago:

When Romney picked Ryan, he demonstrated the executive courage that many politicians do not have in this political climate. While the prognosticators spent time opining about Romney picking someone from a battleground state so it would give him more of an advantage on Election Day, Romney was looking past the vote and more toward the governing process that comes after the election.

Everyone that does not have a bias toward Obama is able to see the advantage. While the Obama backing media personalities were showing their blatant ignorance in their biased assessments of Mr Ryan being Romney’s choice, free thinking people with minds of their own found themselves impressed with it.

Ryan brings TEA Party support, which energizes the GOP base more than anyone wants to admit. He also comes from a blue district and wins election in it in the 60+% range. Someone who is a Democrat has voted for Ryan.

If I am a Romney campaign official, I am going to run two ads this year.

The first one will be a middle aged man or woman speaking about how concerned they are about Social Security and Medicare. Those who are 55 and older will say they are thankful that they will get what the government promised them under a Romney/Ryan plan. Those who are younger than the 55 year cut off know there will be nothing for them if everything remains as it is, so they will need to depend on private retirement funding. Private retirement funds cannot grow efficiently under this current Administration because there is no economic growth, and no confidence that there will be any in the near future, if Obama is re-elected.

The second ad that I am going to run is this video with Mr. Bowles. It shows that when politics are out of the conversation, common sense can prevail in private. And there is nothing more private than a voting booth.



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2 responses to “A Democrat Singing Praises For Paul Ryan

  1. I’ve said it before – the Dims are too stupid to remember they are being recorded.

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